Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1569: Advancing to a God Emperor
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Chapter 1569: Advancing to a God Emperor

1569 – Advancing to a God Emperor

“God Kingdom Justice!”

With a cold look in his eyes, Shenzhi King pointed at Yang Feng.

In the god kingdom, countless gods and god kingdoms appeared.

Countless gods, holy martyrs, and petitioners prayed and absorbed the power of the god kingdoms.

A golden radiance emerged in the god kingdom, illuminated Yang Feng, and pressed on his as if a giant mountain.

“Purple Flame King, you guessed correctly. Unfortunately, you’re one step too slow!”

Yang Feng smiled flatly and took a step forward, and his body twisted. In an instant, the golden radiance crumbled. Yang Feng unleashed a punch barreling toward the giant shrouded in purple flames.

A torrent of time, spatial portals, power stars, a devour black hole, and a rive of fate appeared, fused into one, and slammed into the purple flame giant.

The purple flame giant collapsed and was devoured by Yang Feng’s fist in a flash.

In an instant, Yang Feng appeared in front of Purple Flame King, punched the other party, and blasted him into pieces.

A devour black hole appeared, swallowed the countless purple flames that Purple Flame King changed into, and frenziedly devoured his Eternal King origin.

Purple Flame King’s face distorted and surged with disbelief, and he bellowed, “How is this possible? How can you be so strong? This is impossible!”

Purple Flame King has advanced to an Eternal King more than 100 billion years and is one of the oldest Eternal Kings of the greater universe. He is ranked at the very top among Eternal Kings in terms of strength. He could never have imagined that he would be done for with a punch from Yang Feng.

“My foundation is sturdier than yours! Furthermore, I have devoured five Eternal Kings! I halve already fully refined their power. Purple Flame King, there’s no way you can be a match for me! You can rest in peace! I will advance to an Eternal God Emperor!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and spread the fingers of his hand, and Purple Flame King’s fire crumbled. He devoured Purple Flame King’s Eternal King origin.

“Now it’s your turn!”

Yang Feng’s eyes flickered with murderous intent, and he looked at Shenzhi King.

“Stop him!”

A chill welled up in Shenzhi King’s heart, and he waved his hand and roared.

The countless gods and Eternal angels in the god kingdom flew toward Yang Feng like a tide, cast various offensive divine spells, and hurled attacks at Yang Feng.

“It’s no use!”

Along with a flash of countless runes, Yang Feng turned into a devour black hole that swept toward the gods and Eternal angels and then swallowed them and turned them into dust in an instant.


With a frenzied gleam in his eyes, Shenzhi King bellowed thusly. The entire god kingdom surged with countless mysterious runes, glimmered with bright light, and exploded in an instant.

The divine force accumulating for hundreds of billions of years formed a terrifying storm that swallowed Yang Feng and crushed the void.

The terrifying energy storm wreaked havoc outside the God Emperor Garden.


In the terrifying energy storm, a giant hand extended and grabbed Shenzhi King. In an instant, the giant hand squashed the weakened Shenzhi King.

A devour black hole appeared and swallowed the squashed Shenzhi King.

A massive amount of Eternal King origin force poured into Yang Feng’s body.

“Purple Flame King and Shenzhi King are not a match for him!”

“Truly terrifying!”

“How terrible!”


When the spectating Eternal Kings saw this, their eyes flashed with fear, not daring to go near the God Emperor Garden.

In the center of the God Emperor Garden, there is a golden flower radiating dazzling light. In the golden flower, there is a golden pond.

Golden light flew out of the pond and shone on Yang Feng.

God Emperor bones emerged from Yang Feng’s body, allowing the golden light to shine on him.

When Yang Feng was illuminated by the golden light, gentle ripples surged and formed a golden flight of stairs.

Yang Feng stepped onto the golden flight of stairs, and the golden flight of stairs retracted and brought Yang Feng to the golden pond.

The God Emperor Garden glimmered and disappeared from this universe.

“It’s over!”

“Yang Feng was the one to obtain this era’s chance to advance to an Eternal God Emperor!”

“However, although he has obtained the opportunity, he may not be able to advance to an Eternal God Emperor.”


When the Eternal Kings saw Yang Feng enter the God Emperor Garden, their eyes flickered with envy, and they sighed lightly, turned into streams of light, and disappeared from this place.

In the golden pond, dim lights flickered, and a strange being emanating distorted light appeared, looked at Yang Feng, and uttered with a faint smile, “I didn’t expect that the victor this time would be you! Universe traveler from another great universe.”

Yang Feng was startled. His muscles stretched taut, his thoughts revolved, and he replied slowly, “You are his majesty God Emperor!”

The God Emperor said unhurriedly, “No need to be nervous! I’m already dead! This is just a remnant phenomenon! As you earthlings would say, this is just an obsession.”

“Yang Feng, your foundation is really solid and your body is perfect, even a little better than mine back in the day. You are fully capable of inheriting all my strength and becoming an Eternal God Emperor.”

“However, if you want to inherit my power, you must take revenge for me! And kill my mortal enemy! If you agree, then I will give you all my remnant power. If you don’t agree, then you can take three fruits in the God Emperor Garden and then leave.” The God Emperor said with a light smile.

Yang Feng contemplated for a moment and asked curiously, “At what level is your mortal enemy?”

“He is an Eternal God Emperor! Back in the day, he was a bit stronger than me! He took advantage of a mistake I made to deal me serious damage. As a result, I died and turned into this greater universe.”

“By the way! If you don’t inherit my power, you won’t be able to advance to an Eternal God Emperor in this greater universe! That’s because there aren’t enough resources! 95% of the resources of this greater universe are concentrated in the God Emperor Garden.” God Emperor spoke with a slight smile.

Yang Feng pondered for a while and finally said decisively, “Fine! I agree! When I’m stronger than your mortal enemy, I will take revenge for you!”

“Wise decision! Come! Accept my remaining power! Become a new God Emperor!”

Along with a flash of light, the water of the golden pond poured into Yang Feng’s body and nourished his body and soul.

Numerous mysterious runes appeared. As if he devoured beings that have surpassed the Eternal King realm at every moment, Yang Feng’s body and soul underwent incredible transformations.

Time elapsed and 100 years passed in a flash.

All of a sudden, a boundless aura rose and pervaded the entire Eternal World.

“Eternal God Emperor! Eternal God Emperor fluctuations! He succeeded! He advanced to an Eternal God Emperor!”

When he sensed the boundless aura, Azure Sacred Lord trembled and knelt involuntarily, unable to control his power.

“Eternal God Emperor!”

“Yang Feng advanced to an Eternal God Emperor!”


When the intelligent life forms in Eternal World sensed the boundless aura, they trembled and knelt.

Eternal God Emperor is the supreme being of a greater universe. Even if it’s Eternal Kings, they can’t resist an Eternal God Emperor.

In the God Emperor Garden, Yang Feng slowly opened his eyes, and a terrifying aura diffused from him.

“So this is Eternal God Emperor power! In this greater universe, there’s nothing I can’t do!”

Yang Feng’s thoughts revolved, and he easily grasped all information in the greater universe, including information about Eternal Kings.

Eternal God Emperor is an omniscient and omnipotent being in their greater universe. So long as a trace of their true spirit remains, they can resurrect. They can create a small universe with a thought.

“Evolution is limitless. But after I entered the Eternal God Emperor realm, there aren’t many things that can endanger my life. I can finally slow down and enjoy the wonderful things in the universe!”

Yang Feng’s thoughts revolved. His figure blurred, and he crossed millions upon millions of light-years and arrived in the harem of Cangzhi Plane’s Devour Imperial Court.

“Your majesty, you’re back!”

Wu Meiying, Shi Yu, Michaelia, Ling, Eunice, Regina, Zhou Ruoling, Zhou Ruoyu, Romulaj, Glicedar, Faldina, Carolina, Esramia, Xingji, Ziji, Ying, and other gorgeous women who followed Yang Feng welcomed him, and their pretty eyes filled with joy.

“I’m back! I will accompany you guys for eternity!”

Yang Feng looked at the elegant and refined Shi Xue, who has already advanced to a 7th layer Eternal, standing not far away and Ling standing beside her, smiled gently, and stepped forward. He embraced the beautiful women of different styles and enjoyed them.

Time elapsed and 100,000 years passed in a flash.

In the void, aboard a spherical level-9 stronghold.

“Are you ready? Let’s start a new journey!”

While sitting in the seat of honor, Yang Feng looked at gorgeous women coming from all over the greater universe and dressed in beautiful military uniforms sitting in a control room.

“We’re ready!”

Pleasant voices rose in the stronghold.

“Then set off!”

The spherical level-9 stronghold glimmered, and a black beam ejected out and ripped open the greater universe wall. The level-9 stronghold turned into a stream of light and flew into the rift in the greater universe wall.

This is the last chapter of Mechanical God Emperor


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