Maximum Comprehension: Taking Care of Swords In A Sword Pavilion

Chapter 1520 Death of the Golden Crow True Spirit! (4)
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Chapter 1520 Death of the Golden Crow True Spirit! (4)

Shang Zhenyu said in a clear voice.

After all, the Golden Crow Tribe had a grasp of these things.

If it were only through the spread of information from various places, the small tribes millions of miles away would have no idea what happened in the Clear Sky Wasteland.

"The Clan Chief and the elders all said that the Han Mountain's Patriarch Han battle strategies are capable of defeating an army of tens of millions."

Shang Zhenyu's words left the surrounding powerful Golden Crow tribe members in awe.

They really didn't expect this Patriarch Han to receive such high praise from the Shang Tang Tribe.

Originally, they had some objections to Shang Zhenyu personally coming to welcome Han Muye. But now, looking at Han Muye, their gaze had changed.

Both were at the ninth level of the Essence Spirit, and the one in front of them was already well-known in the Shang Tang Tribe.

Han Muye cupped his hands at Shang Zhenyu and took out Qin Nanxun's battle spear.

Seeing the spear, Shang Zhenxu trembled all over.

"Let's go, let's talk in the big tent." Shang Zhenyu shouted, leading Han Muye into the middle of the square where the military tent was located.

It was called a military tent, but it was just a tent made of a large beast's skin.

On the golden animal skin, there was a faint halo.

"Qin Nanxun has died?" Stepping into the military tent, Shang Zhenyu looked at Han Muye and asked in a low voice.

Han Muye nodded.

He recounted how Qin Nanxun had detonated his True Spirit to lock the four True Spirits, and how Zhang Yu had disregarded the fact that he was at the next level of the clan.

Shang Zhenyu's expression changed. After a long time, he sighed.

"Brother Qin and I have known each other for 30,000 years. We fought side by side at the front line. Unfortunately…

"The purpose of our meeting was to find the true spirit bone in the secret ground so that our cultivation could advance another level.

"We made an appointment to fight, and whoever becomes the leader of the Sun-Seizing Event depends on our abilities, but I never expected…"

Hearing Shang Zhenyu's words, Han Muye fell silent.

Cultivation in the world was like this.

Who knew how far one could go?

Moreover, even if this Great Desolate was just a border realm, the creatures here still radiated endless brilliance.

Fighting an expert of the same level, this kind of agreement was really satisfying.

"Prince Shang, I can fulfill Qin Nanxun's promise on his behalf," Han Muye said in a low voice.

Shang Zhenyu was stunned.

Looking at Han Muye, he nodded. "Good."

As he spoke, his expression turned serious. "I didn't want you to tell me about Qin Nanxun's death because I was afraid that it would affect the morale of the army.

"Now that Zhang Yu has gone down to the next level, what should we do?

"Six True Spirits and an army of 100,000." Shang Zhenyu took a deep breath and shook his head, "We can't stop them."

The Human Race had been able to suppress various tribes in the Great Desolate for a reason.

The methods of the Human Race and the strength of their military formations were simply unmatched by the various tribes of the Great Desolate.

Six True Spirits and an army of 100,000 could wipe out these 40,000 Golden Crow elites.

Even if Shang Zhenyu was a True Spirit, he could at most guarantee that he could escape to the next level.

"Patriarch Han, do you have any ideas?"

Shang Zhenyu lowered his voice.

He knew that even a true spirit like him could not do anything. It was really difficult for him to throw the problem to Han Muye, who was only at the ninth level of the Origin Spirit Realm.

But he really was powerless.

"We have two options now." Han Muye's words made Shang Zhenyu's eyes light up.

"Defend this place and attract more Golden Crows over. Then, wait for outside reinforcements.

"Even the 100,000-strong human army and six True Spirits can't kill us all in a short period of time."


This option was probably not feasible.

Once those four true spirits break free, and all the Human Clan armies gather, and if outside reinforcements cannot arrive, everyone will truly be trapped here.

Even Shangzhenyu wouldn't dare to say that he could escape under the siege of so many human powerhouses.

Shang Zhenyu shook his head.

He didn't want to put his life in someone else's hands.

"The second option is to take the initiative to attack." Han Muye exuded a fighting spirit.

"While those four true spirits are sealed, we will go all out to kill them.

"The humans are still killing scattered members of the Golden Crow tribe everywhere, and we will head straight to where those four true spirits are sealed."

Han Muye's eyes emitted a faint golden light as he took a deep breath. "If I can kill a True Spirit, I'm confident that I can directly step into the True Spirit Realm."

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