Martial Peak

Chapter 5416 - 5416, Targeted by a Royal Lord
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Chapter 5416, Targeted by a Royal Lord

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys

A Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master who happened to be available activated his World Force and transformed into a giant.

However, this giant still looked like a child in front of this Black Ink Giant Spirit God; there was that huge of a difference between their sizes. Even as the giant rained attacks on this Black Ink Giant Spirit God, he was unable to harm the other party at all. On the other hand, the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master trembled after he was struck by the Black Ink Giant Spirit God.

In the far ancient past, a single Black Ink Giant Spirit God had wreaked havoc on the Divine Spirits in Ancestral Land. In the end, it was the Dragon Emperor and Phoenix Empress of that generation who made use of the Sacred Treasures of the different Clans, along with burning their entire Blood Essence and vitality to finally suppress and seal the rampaging Black Ink Giant Spirit God.

This resulted in the Dragon Emperor and the Phoenix Empress passing away, and as the Void itself collapsed, the Dragon Emperor Source and the Phoenix Empress Source were lost for millions of years, eventually being acquired by Yang Kai and Su Yan.

Since they were both Black Ink Giant Spirit Gods, they were supposedly equally powerful; however, the one before their eyes only had half of his body left after the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction sliced him in two. As such, he wasn’t nearly as powerful as the one who had kicked up a storm in Ancestral Land in the past.

Even so, a single Ninth-Order Master still wasn’t a match for him.

Although the Black Ink Giant Spirit God didn’t have a lower body, he was still pretty agile. Soon, he left the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction and barged into the battlefield to begin a slaughter.

In his eyes, there were no friends or foes. Be it the Humans or the Black Ink Clansmen, as long as they were in his way, they were targets to be destroyed.

Within moments, many from both Races lost their lives while the flesh and blood of the dead Humans and Black Ink Clansmen, as well as the Black Ink Strength on the battlefield all seemed to be drawn to his figure. As he absorbed more and more, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s lower body showed signs of taking shape again.

He was already so overwhelmed with just his upper body, so if he managed to form a complete lower body, the situation would only become more dire.

More Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters charged towards him, but it wasn’t until the 13 Old Ancestors joined in that they managed to pin down the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, an almost inconceivable reality.

For a very long time, the Ninth-Order Masters were thought to be the most powerful beings in the world that only the Royal Lords were a match for. Now, it required 13 of them to stop a Black Ink Giant Spirit God who was missing half a body. It was unimaginable how powerful he would be if his body was whole.

The Humans had initially gained the upper hand in the battles between the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters and the Royal Lords; however, with 13 Old Ancestors needed to restrain the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, the momentum of the battle had shifted again.

Many Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had to deal with two Royal Lords on their own while some of them even had to fight three at once. Only by doing so could they stop the Royal Lords from slaughtering the Human soldiers.

The appearance of a Black Ink Giant Spirit God with only half a body destroyed the advantage that the Humans had accumulated. Even though the Humans were still in an advantageous position in the battles below the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm, their edge would disappear if this dragged on.

The turn of events at the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction happened too suddenly. Cang wanted to seal the restriction, but his actions triggered Mo’s trump card in the process. Then, Mu, who passed away eons ago, appeared and sang an unknown lullaby as she stimulated the restriction’s power.

Now, Cang’s figure was nowhere to be found, and the auras of Mu and Mo had disappeared. The Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had become as flawless as it used to be.

Yang Kai knew that Cang had passed away, Mu was gone for good, and Mo had fallen into a state of deep sleep. Now, the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction had been resealed, which meant that there would be no more Black Ink Clansmen leaving it.

The ones left on the battlefield were all the soldiers that the Black Ink Clan had. As long as the Humans could wipe out these Black Ink Clansmen, they would win the war.

However, that was an extremely difficult task. Besides the Black Ink Giant Spirit God that was able to go against 13 Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters at the same time, it was also hard to kill the remaining Royal Lords.

In fact, quite a number of Royal Lords had been killed so far. Since Mo had deliberately tried to sustain the balance on the battlefield, the Humans managed to destroy a lot of Royal Lords. Before the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s appearance, at least a dozen Royal Lords had lost their lives.

On the other hand, the Humans had also paid a huge price as several Old Ancestors had fallen in battle.

When everyone on the battlefield was affected by Mu’s Soul Secret Technique earlier, several Royal Lords were suppressed by Yang Kai and subsequently killed by the Old Ancestors, leading to there being more Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters than Royal Lords.

Nevertheless, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s appearance negated that advantage and even reversed it.

With that said, none of the Human soldiers backed down as they still fearlessly clashed with the enemy. All of them knew that if they couldn’t win this war, there wouldn’t be another chance for them.

All the Ninth-Order, Eighth-Order, Seventh-Order, Sixth-Order, and Fifth-Order Masters were going all out. They didn’t care if their Warships were shattered as they could summon their spare Warships and continue fighting. Even if all their Warships were destroyed, they would clash with the enemies and kill as many as they could before their death.

There was no time for rest or recuperation. If they held back any of their powers, they would fall into the abyss.

Yang Kai darted around and killed all the enemies he could with his Azure Dragon Spear, sending black blood splattering everywhere. He was looking for Dawn; however, the battlefield was chaotic, so it was hard to find anyone.

A while later, Yang Kai finally spotted Dawn as a large, swirling Blood Sea was a clear sign of Blood Crow’s presence.

Before he could even get near them though, Yang Kai felt alarmed all of a sudden. The next instant, he detected a violent force coming at him from the side. Before he knew what was happening, Yang Kai coughed up a mouthful of blood and was sent flying away.

He still hadn’t gotten out of danger though. As he extended his spear to the back, a Golden Crow cawed and a Great Sun leaped into the air before it shone brightly.

Then, a hand gently gripped the Great Sun and extinguished it. The next instant, a fist came at Yang Kai.

Flabbergasted, Yang Kai lifted his spear to parry the attack. The next moment, he shook as if struck by lightning before he was sent flying again. While tumbling, he sprayed out more blood.

It wasn’t until this moment that he made out the person who was attacking him. It was a Royal Lord with a sheep head and Human body. Just like Mo Zhao from Great Evolution Theatre, this Royal Lord had a pair of dark wings extending from his back.

As their eyes met, a hint of surprise flashed across the Royal Lord’s eyes. He hadn’t expected that he wouldn’t be able to kill Yang Kai after striking him twice. Although he hadn’t used his full power, he was certain Yang Kai wouldn’t stand a chance to survive given the fact that the latter was just a Seventh-Order Junior. Regardless, that was indeed what had happened.

On the other hand, Yang Kai felt a metallic taste in his mouth as he choked down the blood in his throat. While bearing the pain, he kept his guard up. He had just escaped from death’s door! The moment he detected danger earlier, he drew upon his Dragon Source madly and covered himself with Dragon Scales. If not for that, he would have exploded upon impact.

Even though his Dragon Scales were sturdy though, they were still smashed through after being struck twice.

What he had been most worried about eventually happened. Since 13 Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had to deal with the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, the Humans, who were in a favourable position earlier, had completely lost the advantage.

Some of the Royal Lords were now available to deal with the weaker Human soldiers, and this particular Royal Lord had set his eyes on Yang Kai.

Having said that, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised that he was being targeted. Cang had told him to be careful because he had been charging around the battlefield without worrying about getting corrupted by Black Ink Strength, perhaps drawing Mo’s attention.

What’s more, in his last moments, Cang had cast a ray of light which then penetrated Yang Kai’s body. The Black Ink Clansmen all saw this and were certainly concerned about what that ray of light was. Since this Royal Lord was unrestrained, he naturally had to hunt Yang Kai down and find out what the ray of light was.

Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and scanned his surroundings. He realised that all the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were already locked in intense battles with the Royal Lords and the Eighth-Order Masters were occupied with the Territory Lords. All the Warships were dilapidated, and the Fifth-Order and Sixth-Order Masters on the vessels were in danger of dying at any moment while the Seventh-Order Masters around the Warships were soaked in blood.

Meanwhile, the Black Ink Giant Spirit God’s aura seemed to be growing with each moment. His lower body continued to absorb the Black Ink Strength from the battlefield and showed signs of taking shape.

Suddenly, Yang Kai let out a long sigh. He gave up on the idea of seeking help from the Ninth-Order Masters or the other Humans. As he wielded his spear, he bolted towards the Royal Lord.

A hint of contempt and mockery flashed across the Royal Lord’s eyes as he extended his hand towards Yang Kai. His nonchalant manner made it look as though he was trying to swat dead an insect.

As a Royal Lord, he indeed didn’t have to exert himself to deal with a Seventh-Order Human. Even though he didn’t manage to achieve his goal earlier, he had severely injured the other party. This time, he had the confidence to kill Yang Kai.

All of a sudden, he was dazzled by a pure white light, which expanded and dispelled the Black Ink Strength around them before it engulfed the Royal Lord.

The sheep-headed Royal Lord was enraged. He was certainly aware of the Purifying Light, which was the archnemesis of Black Ink Strength, but all else aside, he was still a Royal Lord. Even though the Purifying Light could harm him, it couldn’t kill him.

Therefore, the instant he realised Yang Kai’s intention, he didn’t dodge the attack and instead directly extended his hand into the Purifying Light.

Yang Kai skirted past the Royal Lord whose black blood spattered from a wound on his face. The Royal Lord turned around and saw the battered Yang Kai running away. Without hesitation, he raced after him.

While coughing up blood, Yang Kai felt that he had never been so severely injured before. After he was struck by the Royal Lord three times, half of his bones were broken, and his five viscera and six organs were a mess. If not for the fact that he had a potent Dragon Vein, he would have already been killed.

On a nearby battlefield, when a Ninth-Order Master saw that Yang Kai was in danger, he intended to lend him a hand; however, his opponent suddenly flared up and held him down. Left with no choice, the Ninth-Order Master could only watch as Yang Kai fled.

Along the way, several Ninth-Order Masters wanted to save him, but the Royal Lords turned even more ferocious and refused to allow them to do so.

All the same, Yang Kai never intended to seek the Ninth-Order Masters’ help. He had seen the big picture after scanning the battlefield and knew if he lured the Royal Lord behind him to any Old Ancestor, the latter would be at risk of losing their life. It wasn’t fun dealing with two equally powerful opponents on your own.

Yang Kai couldn’t pin his hopes on the Eighth-Order Masters either. Perhaps they couldn’t even persevere as long as he did; therefore, he could only find a way to save himself.

He had no idea if he could escape from a Royal Lord, but Yang Kai knew that the Humans were now in a disadvantageous position on the battlefield. As such, he couldn’t bring trouble to the top Masters.

Furthermore, if he could lure a Royal Lord away, he could lift some pressure off the Ninth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters despite not being able to influence the war in any way.

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