Madam's Identities Shocks the Entire City Again

Chapter 2578 - 2578 Slim Waist Control Is Here
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2578 Slim Waist Control Is Here

Large amounts of blood spurted out from Curly Hair’s neck. His eyes were wide open, and his eyeballs seemed about to fall out. Just like that, he fell to the ground in shock and unwillingness.

In the dark night, the sound of a big man falling to the ground was like a thunderclap.

The sniper talking to him just now witnessed everything. Sweat drenched his back, and he momentarily forgot that he was a sniper.

Then, he picked up his gun and pointed it at the assailant. He stammered as he warned him, “Don’t come… Don’t come… I’m going to shoot, I’m going to shoot!”

Due to his extreme panic, his finger had already touched the trigger and could pull it at any moment.

The man was not afraid. He spread his arms and continued walking towards him. He was faintly smiling as if saying, “Shoot.”

Who the f*ck was this!

The sniper could no longer control his panic. He closed his eyes and prepared to fire.

At this moment.

A bullet tore through the silence of the night outside the Pharmacy Association. The bullet pierced through the back of the sniper’s head and bloomed on his forehead with a bang.

A large amount of blood splattered on the man’s clothes.

The young man with a head full of bird feathers frowned. Disgusted, he took out a handkerchief to wipe the blood and muttered, “Daji is a dog. He always pushes such dirty and tiring work to me! F*ck, it’s so dirty. If this happens again, I might as well sell shares in the red-light district!”

Although he said that, he moved very quickly. He lowered his head and ordered with the invisible communication device on his collar, “What are you all waiting for? Don’t lower the efficiency of our Red Alliance. Hurry up and settle the rest!

“SUN is still waiting for my reply!

“Hurry up.”

* * *

The Yu Family.

The butler came in after answering a call. “Elder Yu, our people have already sent the things safely to Dark Fort.”

“What about the money?” Yu Qingliu placed his hand on his forehead. “Have you transferred the money they asked for?”

This time, the butler ignored Ji Ziyin’s presence and replied respectfully, “The five billion yuan was successfully transferred through an overseas bank ten minutes ago.”

Yu Qingliu did not speak for a long time. His heart was bleeding.

So much money + firearms.

The Yu family could only start all over again in Continent F.

However, in a place like Continent F where there were all kinds of people, it was easier said than done!

“Did Dark Fort say when they will take action?” Yu Qingliu adjusted his mood. The only thing that could comfort him now was that Dark Fort would immediately teach Qiao Nian a lesson. The Yu family could also improve their status among the reclusive families.

The butler lowered his eyes and remained silent.

Yu Qingliu frowned and looked at him unhappily. “I asked you a question.”

The butler could only bite the bullet. “The people from Dark Fort took our money and things and hung up. They didn’t say when they would take action.”


Yu Qingliu thought he was joking with him.

However, soon, somebody ran in and interrupted his dream.

“Elder Yu, bad news!”

“Why are you so flustered?!” Yu Qingliu stood up and scolded the person.

However, that person’s face was filled with panic and he could not calm down. He said, “O-Our people outside the Pharmacy Association are all gone!”


Yu Qingliu lost his balance this time. He swayed and fell back onto the sofa.

Ji Ziyin was also shocked. She looked at the Yu family members who rushed in and saw that their pupils were huge. They were not lying.

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