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Chapter 1444 The Final Strike, Killing the Black Emperor (2)
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Chapter 1444 The Final Strike, Killing the Black Emperor (2)

"I know the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception too," the Black Emperor said coldly. "Your temporary increase in strength is inferior to mine. What right do you have to fight me?

"If not for the fact that I think you're a promising talent, I wouldn't be wasting my breath on you!

"Kid, I rarely show mercy. Don't miss this opportunity!"

"Is that so?" Zhou Shu said coldly. "Coincidentally, I rarely beg for mercy.

"So, please, die."

Before he finished speaking, Zhou Shu's eyes lit up. The Celestial Thearch Sword transformed into a shocking sword beam that headed straight for the Black Emperor.

"It seems like you want to do this the hard way. Then, die with Wu Gang. I want to see if those people can continue hiding without you!" The Black Emperor snorted and brandished the heavy water sword in his hand.

His move was exactly the same as Zhou Shu's, and it was even more powerful.

The Seven Swords of Heaven Interception versus the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception. Their attainments in the Sword Dao were almost the same, but the cultivation of the Black Emperor was higher, so it seemed that he had the upper hand.

But Zhou Shu was not a pushover.

His Seven Swords of Heaven Interception had reached greater mastery, and his strength had even surpassed the Nomological realm with the help of the Yin Yang Tiger Talisman. Even though he was weaker than the Black Emperor, this difference was not irreparable.

Relying on his twenty-four-heaven divine weapon, the Celestial Thearch Sword, Zhou Shu barely lasted.

The Black Emperor sneered. "Kid, let's see how long you can last! Borrowed power is ultimately borrowed power. How can it compare to me?

"In another ten minutes, you'll probably use up all the strength you borrowed, right? At that time, I can easily kill you with a finger."

The Black Emperor spoke while attacking.

Zhou Shu's expression didn't change at all. He continued to use the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception.

The Black Emperor was not a talkative person. He was simply shaking Zhou Shu's will.

He was indeed more powerful than Zhou Shu, but in order to kill Wu Gang, his injuries had already relapsed. If he forcefully used his full strength now, his injuries would definitely worsen.

Most importantly, the Black Emperor didn't want to kill Zhou Shu now.

He wanted to use Zhou Shu as bait to lure some people out!

If those people were really still alive as he thought…

"Kid, submit to me. Not only can I spare your life, but I can also guide you to the Great Dao and make you immortal." The Black Emperor was still bewitching Zhou Shu.

He could already sense that Zhou Shu's moves were getting weaker.

Since it wasn't his own strength, it couldn't last forever.

The Black Emperor sneered in his heart. This damn brat. When I no longer have any use for him, I will definitely torture him and let him know the outcome of going against me, the Black Emperor!


A sword beam slashed out from the heavy water sword.

Zhou Shu swung the Celestial Thearch Sword horizontally, and his body was sent flying uncontrollably.

His remaining strength was finally no longer able to resist the power of the Black Emperor.

After retreating thousands of feet, Zhou Shu arched his body and barely stopped.

The Black Emperor pointed the heavy water sword in his hand at Zhou Shu and laughed loudly. "Kid, do you know the difference between us now? If I hadn't shown mercy, you would have already died like Wu Gang.

"I'll give you one last chance. Kneel and submit to me!"

"Black Emperor, do you really think you're going to win?" Zhou Shu wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth, his expression calm. He slowly stood up and looked at the Black Emperor.

"Do you think my trump card is only the Seven Swords of Heaven Interception?" Zhou Shu straightened his back, and his aura slowly rose again.

The Black Emperor frowned slightly. He's already thrown the Tiger Talisman back to the ancestral land. Why is his aura still increasing?

Does he still have a divine artifact that can borrow external strength?

That's impossible.

Even the Ancient Heavenly Court didn't have many divine artifacts that could borrow external strength.

And almost all of them were destroyed back then.

He's already lucky to obtain the Tiger Talisman. How can there be a second one?

Besides, even if he has a second one, who can let him borrow their strength?

"Hmph, finally can't take it anymore? Are you going to call out the people behind you?" The Black Emperor snorted.

Even now, he still believed that there were big shots of the Ancient Heavenly Court behind Zhou Shu.

The Black Emperor had done so much in order to lure them out!

What he didn't know was that Zhou Shu had never come into contact with anyone from the Ancient Heavenly Court. He had never thought that there was anyone from the Ancient Heavenly Court behind him.

Zhou Shu had relied on his own hard work to get to where he was today!

"Black Emperor, I have one last move." Zhou Shu slowly raised the Celestial Thearch Sword in his hand. "If you can withstand this move, I admit defeat."

"Haha…" The Black Emperor's aura soared as he laughed. "If you want to find a way out for yourself, I'll fulfill your wish.

"Kid, I've tolerated you long enough."

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