Legend of Swordsman

Chapter 5213 - 5213: Evil Existence
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Chapter 5213: Evil Existence

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He was none other than the father of God-Emperor MO Long, a tier 4 Emperor, incredibly powerful.

Seeing his son at the bottom of the rankings didn’t sit well with him, especially with all the Emperors present.

Initially indifferent to the rankings, many Emperors soon began to compare notes.

“Brother MO, I heard you gave many precious treasures to your beloved son.

Why can’t I find him on this ranking list?”

“Haha, my disciple’s ranking is decent. He made it to the top 3 on his Original

Planet and the top 100 overall.”

“Humph, focus on more important matters!”

Joy and sorrow coexisted in the crowd.

Both the father of God-Emperor MO Long and the Dao Ancestor of the Great Dream Realm wore dark expressions.

One saw his son ranked at the bottom, the other witnessed most of his disciples and grandchildren annihilated.

People only paid brief attention to the rankings before they fell under the shadow of the towering mountain.

The Demon Sound Mountain, true to its name, was surrounded by a demonic sound that even Emperors found resistant, constantly eroding their willpower.

“Is this the so-called great opportunity?”

“Look up there!”

Everyone raised their heads and saw a majestic origin source Great Dao standing upright at the top of the Demon Sound Mountain, emanating a powerful aura.

“This… the power of this origin source is too strong. It can rival the origin source of our Original Universe. Such a potent origin source was abandoned on this mountain.” A top-tier Emperor couldn’t help but sigh.

The origin source of the Original Universe had always been devoured by the Forbidden Demon Lord. What remained was no longer complete. Yet, the origin source Great Dao on the mountain, although incomplete, was still a Universal origin source Great Dao, and it existed in such a small space.

Know that the origin source of the Original Universe covers the entire cosmos!

Unbeknownst to the group, they gradually moved forward into the demonic mountain. The moment they stepped into the mountain, a being bound by iron chains suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes were crimson, exuding a malevolent aura. If Jian Wushuang had seen it, he would have been utterly shocked!

The aura it emitted was remarkably similar to the evil aura surrounding Jian Wushuang. However, the aura emanating from this being was incomplete, much like the incomplete origin source—a mere fragment.

“Hehe… tasty cultivators!” The beings eyes flickered as it sensed their presence, and the malevolence in its body surged.

“The puppets of the Vermillion Bird Temple dared to send cultivators to the Demon Mountain?”

It was puzzled!

This being had been suppressed in the Demon Mountain for countless cycles. When its original form dissipated, the last trace of its essence, which had absorbed the origin source, fell into the Qishen Temple. Its nascent consciousness was then suppressed in the Demon Mountain.

Since ancient times, it hadn’t sensed the aura of cultivators.

Within the Qishen Temple, apart from a few old guardians, there were only puppets and indigenous cultivators left.

Even though it had been suppressed, it was well aware that the indigenous cultivators of the Qishen Temple rarely ventured beyond their boundaries, let alone come to the Demon Mountain.

“Could it be?” The beings eye sockets contracted. Deep within its memories, there was a fragment of memory from its original self.

It also had some understanding of the Qishen Temple’s secrets; it was meant to select inheritors. However, after countless cycles and epochs, it had never seen any inheritors emerge. Could it be that the cultivator aura it had just sensed was from an inheritor of the Qishen Temple?

But the aura it sensed was numerous, at least tens of thousands of divine-level experts!

Such a group of divine beings suddenly appearing in the Demon Mountain undoubtedly harbored some intentions. Although it was bound to the mountain peak, its malevolent aura could condense into avatars. However, its avatars could only reach the mountain’s waist; any further and they would dissipate.

“Delicious cultivators, I hope you can reach the mountainside!” The malevolent entity closed its eyes, but outside its body, numerous ferocious avatars appeared, totaling over a hundred.

These avatars on the mountaintop possessed the strength of tier 5 Emperors. However, the farther they were from their main body, the weaker their power became. Their strength was entirely derived from the main body’s ability to Devour the origin source. Although they had tier 5 power, there was still a gap compared to regular tier 5 Emperors. They could only be considered as reaching the threshold of tier 5 Emperors.

Relying solely on their origin source, they could rival tier 5 Emperors. However, tier 5 Emperors were not only strong because of their origin source; their divine bodies, supreme treasures, secret techniques, and profound knowledge could enhance their strength. Some ordinary tier 5 Emperors with top-tier Eternal Treasures could double their combat power, becoming peak-level tier 5 Emperors directly.

However, among the tens of thousands of Emperors at the foot of the mountain, only one possessed an Eternal Treasure, and they were a tier 4 Emperor.

When these avatars reached the mountainside, they could only maintain the peak strength of tier 4. Nevertheless, it was sufficient to deal with these Emperors.

Unfortunately, the strength of these Emperors disappointed the malevolent entity. There were probably only a few who could reach the mountainside.

At the foot of the Demon Mountain.

The Eternal Tower had been put away. Demon Lord Fengyu and other peak Emperors revealed their true forms, struggling to walk on the winding path at the foot of the mountain.

Naturally, the foremost were those peak experts, followed closely by Zhen Wuyang and Tongtian Buddha, the top tier 4 Emperors.

“So miraculous! With every step I take, it feels like I’ve cultivated for billions of years!” Wuliang Buddha suppressed his inner joy in the middle of the group.

Since they entered the Demon Mountain, those in the front stopped talking. They silently walked on the path. Though the tier 3 Emperors in the middle found it extremely difficult, they gritted their teeth and persevered.

The engulfing power assailed their origin source. Yet, in their strong will, every step they took compressed their origin source. This compression caused them great pain, but the clear enlightenment it returned to them enhanced their understanding of the Dao by countless times.

Beams of enlightenment streaked through their minds, deepening their comprehension of their own Dao…

Following at the tail end of the tier 4 Emperors, Liu Ya felt incredibly vast in his heart.

Ever since being suppressed by the Eternal Tower, he had secretly made a deal with Demon Lord Fengyu, following in the footsteps of Zhen Wuyang to align with the side of the Eternal Tower.

Upon entering the Qishen Temple, he was naturally released. Only after truly entering its depths did he understand how foolish it had been to cultivate in that outer hall all those years ago.

The outer hall they were in was interspersed with countless fragmented origin sources. The strongest among them was probably only a tier 6 Emperor. However, it was incredibly difficult to cultivate into a tier 6 Emperor with the damaged Great Dao, even more so than becoming a Universe Master.

The true overflow of that hall was nurturing more Emperors and Grand Yan Immortals. To become the pinnacle powerhouse in the universe, the treasures in the inner hall were necessary.

Like the Demon Mountain before them.

Other Emperors might not sense it, but he had practiced the Great Devouring Dao. He could tell that the origin source on the mountaintop was the Devouring origin source.

However, this origin source was much stronger than the one in that subsidiary hall. This Demon Sound Mountain was simply a Dao Arena for cultivating the Dao of Devouring..

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