Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2967 Many women experience mental disorders
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Chapter 2967 Many women experience mental disorders

They took advantage of Yin Xizu to open the way for them.

They were quite shameless, what they did was embarrassing to see.

"So cunning people" Jia Li saw that they were so cunning.

"They are like that, so don't be too surprised to see this," Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

Ye Chen was used to seeing this, so he wasn't surprised when he saw what happened.

"we follow them" Ye Chen said to Jia Li and Shen Xinyue.

The three of them followed behind, Ye Chen sometimes helped Yin Xizu, and he cleared the way for them by using Clone.

With Ye Chen's help, they could easily enter the interior without any problems.

"You two" Ye Chen said to Jia Li and Shen Xinyue.

"What is it?" Jia Li and Shen Xinyue asked Ye Chen.

"In front there are several prisoners who look so listless and helpless" Ye Chen said to Jia Li and Shen Xinyue.

"Do you want to save them?" Shen Xinyue asked Ye Chen.

"Of course, I want to save them," Ye Chen said.

"I will help" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.

"Then I will take care of the people around you, you guys just focus on saving them" Shen Xinyue said to Ye Chen and Jia Li.

Shen Xinyue went to knock everyone out, she went to overcome them.

"let's save everyone first" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

It could be said that Ye Chen believed in what Shen Xinyue was doing, he entrusted everything to Shen Xinyue.

"um" Jia Li understood, she and Ye Chen started to free female prisoners.

"Are you okay?" Ye Chen asked, they seemed so down and couldn't answer Ye Chen.

"Their mentality is destroyed" Ye Chen saw that this was trauma, their mentality was destroyed.

To break their mentality, they must have experienced something so terrible.

Ye Chen is sure they experienced something bad that put them in this condition.

Ye Chen tried to help them, he used several methods to make them regain consciousness.

This took time, so Ye Chen had to be patient in treating them one-on-one.

Jia Li helps release those who have consciousness, she tells them to line up immediately because they will get them out.

They were all so happy, finally this bad situation was over, many of them had died, so they were so scared and wanted to get out of this place.

"How are things there?" Jia Li asked Ye Chen, Jia Li asked Ye Chen about the situation.

"I need time to make them aware" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

Ye Chen needed time to make them all aware.

Ye Chen knew that it wouldn't be easy to make them aware, so Ye Chen needed time.

"the guards will probably come" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.

"Don't worry, that won't happen, you have to know who is the person guarding the door for us" Ye Chen said to Jia Li.

The person guarding the door was Shen Xinyue, she would be able to solve the problem so easily and without any problems.

So Ye Chen still had quite a lot of time, and there was no need to be too hasty.



Outside the prison, Shen Xinyue was guarding this place, several people appeared and surrounded her.

"We got such a beautiful intruder, master will definitely like her" They surrounded Shen Xinyue.

The demon god commander would like Shen Xinyue.

This woman was beautiful and had pure and ample Yin Qi, it could help the demon god commander to become stronger.

"You'd better leave this place." Shen Xinyue gave them all a chance to leave.

"Hahahahaha" they laughed when they heard what Shen Xinyue said.

They laughed at what Shen Xinyue said, the threat would be useless to them because this was their place.

Here they felt they could win easily and no longer needed to be afraid of fighting Shen Xinyue.

"arrogance is not a good," Shen Xinyue said that they were too arrogant.

"Be quiet and obey us," they stretched their hands towards Shen Xinyue.

All the Demons want to catch Shen Xinyue, whoever can do this, can get a reward.

When they wanted to catch Shen Xinyue, their hands were suddenly cut off, this made them all feel shocked, they were all shocked when they saw their hands were cut off.

Shen Xinyue created a thread that was so thin around her it was so hard to see, that the enemy would have trouble dealing with Shen Xinyue.

After seeing what happened, they immediately stepped back and kept their distance from Shen Xinyue.

They recovered and began to strategize to deal with Shen Xinyue.

Demons' recovery strength is indeed fast, in just a short time, their hands grow again.

"They can't be killed using normal methods." Shen Xinyue understands this, they can't be killed using normal methods.

"It turns out you have the ability, it's not strange that you are so confident in facing us alone" They finally realized that Shen Xinyue had great strength, so it was not strange that Shen Xinyue dared to face them alone without anyone to help.

"Do you think that I am a stupid woman who came to this place without any preparation?" Shen Xinyue asked them all.

They were all silent, if Shen Xinyue did that, it would be the same as committing suicide for them.

"You all understand now." Shen Xinyue said that they all understood what happened.

"You are still stupid for entering this place, we will still arrest you" They will still arrest Shen Xinyue.

"Just try if you can and are able to do this, I will give you a warning, you must be prepared to lose your head if you dare to come forward" Shen Xinyue gave a warning, Shen Xinyue's words were very cold, and she was not playing around with what she said.

Even though she looked cold and scary, Shen Xinyue was still beautiful, like a goddess.

"Arrest, ignore what she said, this woman is so brave to challenge us" They were so angry.

"You are stupid people" Shen Xinyue said they were stupid people.

Shen Xinyue flicked her finger, and immediately, the ice threads around her moved and immediately cut all the demons present.

The attack was so fast, and all the demons didn't see what happened when they realized, their heads were spinning.

"impossible" they all couldn't believe what was happening.

After being hit by the thread, their bodies froze into pieces of ice.

"Clank . ." their bodies shattered into pieces.

And swept away by the wind.

Shen Xinyue stood alone, she spared no enemies and destroyed them all.

"well done" Shen Xinyue was done here, she had defeated all the enemies present.

No enemy dared to approach, all enemies would no longer dare to fight against Shen Xinyue.

"They've been around for quite a while, what are they doing?" Shen Xinyue didn't understand, Ye Chen and Jia Li took so long, what made them take so long.

Ye Chen and Jia Li were helping injured people, so it wasn't strange that they needed time.

Ye Chen helped everyone, using pills and a little therapy, and they began to regain consciousness.

"Please help those who can't survive, we will take you out" Ye Chen said to everyone, they will take everyone out.

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