Infinite Mana In The Apocalypse

Chapter 2719 Quintessential Apexification! I
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Chapter 2719 Quintessential Apexification! I

One of the tools to aid Noah in scaling an Unscalable Wall was the Plundered Half-Forged Armament of Extremity!

This was because after his first Vacuous Awakening, Noah had attained the {Hyperversal I Assimilation} authority that gave him a glimpse into the power of Vacuous Malignancies.

This feature was then elevated to Hyperversal II Assimilation as it allowed him to devour and assimilate treasures, existences, concepts…any Records laying before him as he could apply the authority of what he devoured towards the progression of his Realm, fortifying his foundation, or even towards the elevation of his concepts.

The reason for him to Plunder the Half-Forged Armament of Extremity even though he already had one…was to prepare the plundered one that he would devour and assimilate.

With all of these means, if he couldn't break through the Unscalable Wall of Extremity and forge a soul unlike any other across Recorded History…then nobody would ever be able to do such a thing!


Reality began to buzz as he threw out the Sporos III of Extremity in his hands, watching it land and become anchored near the plundered Half-Forged Armament of Extremity as it began to release waves of multicolored light- an ancient illusory tree beginning to emerge from it.

His main body then appeared beside the Half-Forged Armament of Extremity that he couldn't yet grasp as his visage then began to suffuse with a Quintessential light.

His breath was steady as he had brought himself to the precipice of a grand achievement.

The realm and progression of others were simple as they became Apex Aeonic Lifeforms and then sought and fought for Extremity.

Yet he had already grasped multiple parts of Extremity even before undergoing Apexification as he had Eyes of Extremity, and he could forge False Hyperversal Havenly Extremity Rune Scriptures en masse!

And on this day, after a great deal of preparations…

"It is time."


His words thundered out across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven as they meant many things.

First, an indomitable and breathtaking illusory tree appeared as its grandeur flashed across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven- the might of the Ash Tree III of Gradation making itself visible to as as streams of multicolored rivers of light made its branches that all began to flicker and surge towards Noah!

Second, his body began to give off an undeniable glow as Hyperversal II Assimilation was activated, a heavy pull surrounding the Half-Forged Armament of Extremity as it began to tremble!

And then….


Space flickered as beside Noah's main body, another figure came to be.

It was none other than the recalled figure of Alexander King.

It was time for the Vitalistic Clone to rerun to Noah, along with the stupendous gains that had been made as he would be even greater fuel for a shockingly Quintessential foundation.

It was most definitely time!

Without a delay, the body of Alexander King turned into radiant verdant light that thundered into Noah's Aspects of Existence.

And at the same time…Noah's Hyperversal Extremity Meridian Seeds flickered and boomed out as his voice reverberated commandingly.



A Refulgence of light exploded.

An array of prompts danced around Noah!

As the might of the Ash Tree III of Gradation descended, the chosen Havenly Authority was determined to be Penumbra- the mighty tree towering over the Infinite Hyperversal Haven bathed and radiating obsidian tendrils of light within their branches that all sank into Noah's as if he was an ancient singularity.

{The Seventh Aletheian Haven is continuing its forging.}

He had Seven Aletheian Havens already established as the last one had a small portion of it completed with the Havenly Authority of Oceanus, with the other portion of the Seventh Haven now beginning to burst forth with an obsidian light as Penumbra came forth.

{The First Havenly Boundary Layer of Penumbra has been attained.}

{The Second…}

Prompts came and went, but some were more important than others as Noah classified them into separate quadrants, his eyes focusing on the ones that would determine his future path with intensity.

{You have completed the cycle of life and death by returning your Vitalistic Clone into your existence.}

{Your Clone achieved stupendous feats and enacted reality sundering Meridians!}

{The accomplishments and Records of the Vitalistic Clone are being assimilated into your foundation.}

There were the prompts of his assimilation of Alexander that came first as thereafter, there were the wonders of the Ash Tree III of Gradation, Half-Forged Armament of Extremity, and Apexification.

{Your Quintessential Hyperversal Soul has reached the highest peak it can before scaling the Unscalable Wall of Extremity.}

{The authority of the Ash Tree III of Gradation seeks a pathway as it cannot strengthen your soul any longer.}

{You are the 9th Existence to reach the highest possible level of the Soul recorded throughout history before attaining Extremity!}

His soul had been refined and strengthened so much that it could not undergo any more strengthening.

It had arrived and was knocking on the door of the Unscalable Wall of Extremity as if he could not overcome it, his soul could not grow stronger.

And thus….came his other prepared means.

{Hyperversal II Assimilation is grasping at the authority of the Andromeda Cleaver!}

The dazzling Half-Forged Armament of Extremity plundered from a Recorded History before him seemed to come alive with flames of unwillingness, and yet parts of it began to flake off and merge into Noah's body that seemed to be the center of a heavy storm within the Infinite Hyperversal Haven currently.

His people watched from a far distance as they were gobsmacked at the variety of authorities surging around him, each one with more intensity than the others as even when Xiaomi and other Vassals attained Extremity, it wasn't this wild.

And yet they knew…the True Emperor of Quintessence before them was only undergoing his Apexification at this moment.

What if his enemies knew what was happening?

What if the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Hyperversal Extremities he had killed knew that they died even before he underwent Apexification?!

What if the Avernus Extremity Overlord and the few other Tier 4 Hyperversal Extremities under this behemoth of a Clan knew that their force was being systematically broken down by an existence that was only now undergoing Apexification?

Their eyes would roll back as their souls may just fracture from shock and disbelief alone!

But none of this mattered to the being himself as after flakes of the Half-Forged Armament of Extremity began to flow into his body, his will made the decision.

{The target of Hyperversal II Assimilation has been determined to be the soul.}

{The assimilated authority of a Half-Forged Armament of Extremity is being directed into your Quintessential Hyperversal Soul!}


A heavy thud emanated from Noah's body that emanated across the Infinite Hyperversal Haven, the souls of his people shuddering and resonating with this thud as they moved back in astonishment.

It was a heavy knock on the Unscalable Wall of Extremity that produced it as not too long after…


The explosive thud echoed out again as the True Emperor of Quintessence sought to break this wall entirely!

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