Immortal In The Magic World

Chapter 580 - 580 The End
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580 The End

The negotiations began!

The location of the negotiation was Bloodline City!

On this day, endless seawater came from the sky. Poseidon, the powerful king of the Sea Tribe, came to the core area of the human race with a trident in his hand. Beside him were the Giant Octopus Emperor and the representatives of several races.

At this moment, Giant Octopus Emperor’s face was filled with fear.

He had never expected that Poseidon would actually be able to find Elo and make him agree to negotiate. Thinking of this, he could not help but look at Poseidon.

“Lord Poseidon, if we start the negotiations, our bottom line is actually very low. As long as we can stop Eli from killing, it will be fine!” Giant Octopus Emperor said worriedly.

He could not be blamed for saying that. It was mainly because they did not have any confidence in front of Eli.

“Don’t worry, I will protect the honor and interests of the Sea Tribe.” Poseidon patted him on the shoulder.

Giant Octopus Emperor was speechless.

Don’t, don’t be so stubborn!

However, before he could say anything more, many higher-ups of the Bloodline Tower had already appeared in the distance, including Alida, Jin Ji, Nikola, and others. Eli was flying at the front, looking at them calmly.

The Sea Tribes became even more nervous. Some of them even lowered their heads. Poseidon, on the other hand, remained calm. He looked at Eli without any fear. This made the Sea Tribes sigh at Poseidon’s courage.

“Not bad, you are very brave!” Eli had a look of admiration on his face.

“The Sea Tribe doesn’t lack courage,” Poseidon replied.

“Very good!” Eli nodded in satisfaction. “It looks like we need to talk. Alida, arrange a room. We need to have a good talk!”

“Yes, sir!”

Alida nodded.

Soon, under the gaze of countless Warlocks, everyone slowly descended toward the Tower.

Afterward, Eli and Poseidon left together and entered a room, leaving behind the Sea Tribe and the higher-ups of the Bloodline Tower.

“Everyone, the two lords may need some time. I’ve arranged a place for you to rest!”

“Good!” Giant Octopus Emperor nodded, but he couldn’t help but worry when he saw their gazes.

Sir, you must not be too tough!


Three hours later!

In the conference room.

The people of the Sea Tribes and the Bloodline Tower, who were called here in advance, looked at the two figures at the front.

They were Eli and Poseidon.

At this moment, Eli was sitting in the main seat, and Poseidon was sitting on the right.

Seeing this seat, everyone seemed to have understood something.

As expected, Eli said calmly, “From today onwards, the Sea Tribe will once again become the Bloodline Tower’s vassals. Both sides will uphold the principle of mutual benefit and non-aggression with the Bloodline Tower as the leader.

“Poseidon will be the Sea King that I acknowledge. The Mermaid Race will also be the highest royal family among the Sea Race. As for the war, it will no longer continue. I will give Poseidon the Ocean Crown to prove the friendship between the two races!”

After saying that, he took out the Ocean Crown and stood up.

Poseidon also stood up and lowered his head.

In the next second, the Ocean Crown was on his head.

Below, the Warlocks and the Seafolk applauded.

“That’s it!” Seeing this, Giant Octopus Emperor was stunned. They were made a vassal, but it did not come at any price. Moreover, they were even given the Ocean Crown, which was a top-notch sixth-circle mage tool!

The danger of the Sea Tribe was resolved just like that?

However, after hearing Eli’s approval, they also understood that Poseidon would be the future leader of the Sea Tribe. However, this was not a big deal. After all, they had already agreed before.

“Yes, that’s all. I’ll leave the rest of the details to you.” With that, Eli nodded and left.

A few seconds later, Poseidon sat down on the main seat. Looking at the sea race, he smiled faintly.

“Everyone from the Sea race, let us discuss the next matter.”


A week later.

Poseidon left with many members of the Sea Tribes.

Another week later, a huge Seafolk feast was held in the Mermaid Palace to celebrate Poseidon becoming the real Sea King. As for the Seafolk, they had already left the battlefield.

The war between the humans and the Sea Tribe had ended. From then on, the Sea Tribe had once again become the vassal of the humans.

However, the Sea Tribes didn’t feel much. Instead, they were very happy.

The high-level Sea Tribe had avoided the life-and-death crisis, and the low-level Sea Tribe would also benefit from the trade with the human race. Moreover, there would be no need for war, which meant that fewer people would die.

The feast lasted for a whole week before it stopped.

After the banquet ended, Eli returned to the palace.

“Congratulations, sir.”

Laura, who was already there, smiled at Eli.

Today, she was only wearing a thin muslin dress. Her private parts were only covered by a simple shell, which was faintly discernible. Her fair and tender skin flickered in the water.

“Laura!” Eli was stunned!

In the next second, her delicate body pounced on him.


“Wait for what?”

“Wait for me to switch to my main body!”


At night, the moon shone on the starry sky, and the fish danced at the bottom of the sea!


Ten days later.

Eli left the Sea Tribe and returned to the Wizard Tower.

“This is crazy!”

Eli thought about the crazy days he had been having these past few days and felt a rare passion.

“However, I’m also the Lord of the World now. Can’t I enjoy it?”

Eli stood by the window and smiled.

With Poseidon taking control of the Sea Tribe, it seemed that the world was still divided into two major races. However, Poseidon was Eli’s clone, so it could be said that the world was now completely in Eli’s hands.

“Who would have thought that the little librarian from back then would also reach this point?”

Eli sighed.

However, he was almost ten thousand years old already. The library was probably gone.

“Why don’t we go back and take a look?” Suddenly, this thought flashed through Eli’s mind.

This thought couldn’t help but spread.

After hesitating for a moment, Eli flew into the sky.

A few minutes later, Eli returned to the King’s Landing that he remembered.

However, looking at the desolate wilderness without any traces of a city, he shook his head and sighed. “Thousands of years have passed. The former Jun Lin has now become a wasteland.”

With that, he returned to the tower and left.

Jun Lin was just a beautiful place in his memory.

But he could never go back!


Three years later.

In the grassy land.

Looking at Eval, Liliana, and Laura playing in the distance, Eli couldn’t help but smile.

He was much more relaxed than before, so he brought Eval, Liliana, and Laura here to spend time with them!

As for the world, there was no need to worry.

The clone Poseidon controlled the Sea Tribe, and Alida was in charge of the continent. Everything was in order!

As for him, he stood behind the two of them and quietly watched all the changes.

“This is the life that an immortal should have!” Eli sighed.

But at this moment, Dylan’s voice entered his consciousness again.

“Sir, the external communication system has been repaired!”

Was another system repaired?

Eli stood up and decided to take a look.

The few people in the distance watched as Eli stood up and walked over.

“I’m going to the Gray Mage Tower.” Eli smiled and hugged them, then kissed them a few times before leaving.

Soon, he came to the familiar Central Wizard Tower again.

Dylan was already waiting.

“Sir, the external communication has been repaired. It is the connection between the Mage Tower and the other Mage Towers. I dare not open it rashly.” Dylan said respectfully.

Ely was stunned, but he did not hesitate and said directly, “Activate it.”

“Yes, sir!”

Dylan nodded and pressed a button.

Suddenly, their vision changed. The space in front of them gradually turned dark. Below the ground was an endless starry sky. As for the two of them, they were standing in this starry sky.

However, there was no response from the darkness.

“No response?” Eli muttered as he watched this scene.

However, in the next second, a spot of light suddenly lit up in the distant darkness.

This was just the beginning. As the light spots lit up, the light spots also lit up in an instant. Thousands of light spots instantly lit up the darkness.

“This is…” Eli opened his mouth wide.

Each dot of light represented a Mage Tower. How many Mage Towers were there?

At this moment, he suddenly remembered what he had been told a long time ago.

“The mages didn’t die. They just left.” Eli slowly read out these words.

Yes, they had always been there, always been there, but they were scattered all over the universe!

At the same time, the sounds of the dots of light reached Eli’s ears.

“This is the Crimson Dragon Galaxy, coordinates 306-646-4664/%6464. New Mage, we have conquered this mid-world. We need you. Come quickly!”

“This is the Puppet Star Domain. Coordinates: 64646 – 64646 -6464644334. Hahaha, come quickly. It’s a brand new major world.”

“This is the Endless Dragon World. New Mage, come and find us. We need your power. We are conquering this great world and plundering it.”

” We’re all here. We’re still looking for a solution to the Mother World’s problem. Join us.”

“Come quickly, start the journey of the Mages!”

The endless world, endless shouts, and countless Mage Towers were communicating with Gray Wizard Tower. They did not hesitate to send out their own signals, communicating with Eli.

It was as if they were saying that the Mages were still around and that they had not perished!

In fact, they were even more powerful than before.

Everything was there.

“The Mages didn’t die. They just left!”

Eli murmured again as if he was replying in deep space.

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