I'm Not Going to Be Bullied By a Girl

Chapter 897: Vicious Criminal
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Chapter 897: Vicious Criminal

The reason the ‘Seven Heroes of Dong Shan’ broke into class 3-3 and took hostages was to compete with Fang Xin for fans at the mental hospital. The reason didn’t really matter, but it was a headache for the police as there were gas tanks involved and it wasn’t illegal for the mentally ill to kill people.

After receiving the alarm call, the nearby police station immediately dispatched officers to the scene. The municipal government also paid a lot of attention to it. They felt that the stop the cars to save the dogs incident a few days ago had both positive and negative responses. If the gas tanks ended up being detonated today, then they wouldn’t be able to get away from the event unscathed.

The root of the matter lied with Fang Xin. Anyway, my phone was now in backdoor mode. I knew that Professor Bai was eavesdropping on my call with Xiong YaoYue and Officer Ma, so I said during the call, “I’ll ask Professor Bai to investigate it.”

Xiong YaoYue didn’t know Professor Bai. She thought I was referring to the white suit, the boss of the mental patients, and asked me how I knew he was a professor.

Professor Bai, the actual professor, responded quickly and sent the data he found through the ‘Heartbeat Q&A’ app. I glanced at it a few times during the call and read about the general situation of the ‘Seven Heroes of Dong Shan’.

“The Seven Heroes of Dong Shan: They are seven people from Dong Shan Mental Hospital who are seriously ill and they all gave themselves a title. The eldest among them was known as the ‘Hawaiian Official’ in a white suit who was particularly good at playing Morra. The other six don’t really have a hierarchical order, their names in the hospital are:

“Thousand-Armed King Kong, Xiao Li.”

“Overwhelming strength, sideburns.”

“I control my own fate, the one on the left side of the performance.”

“Tanghulu is ¥2 a skewer (the title will change along with market price changes). The one on the right of the performance who considers a day as a year.”

“Lolicon No. 3, a 40-year-old fat man standing at the front during his performance. His performance included a lot of lying down positions. I don’t know if it was originally designed like this or because he was being lazy because he was too fat. He claimed to be a senior member of the lolicon organization who believes in the Loli Goddess. The organization’s ultimate wish was to capture all loli on earth and put them on an artificial island naked to create their own paradise on earth.”

Damn, ‘Lolicon No. 3’ is somewhat similar to Director Cao who bought the underwear of a 10-year-old girl. Fortunately, he was mentally ill, and that lolicon organization doesn’t really exist, otherwise Director Cao would definitely betray the HHH club and join that organization. Moreover, my sister Ai Mi would be in serious danger based on that organization’s goals.

I asked Professor Bai in the midst of his busy schedule: He boasted so much about the calculation program, so why didn’t he predict that seven mentally ill people will take hostages in advance?

“Well…” Professor Bai said, “If we could calculate it, then they wouldn’t be mentally ill.”

That’s true, since the calculation program was designed by the mental patient Fang Xin, it’s understandable that it can’t predict the behavior of other mental patients who are of the ‘same kind’ as its creator.

Since the police was involved this time, Professor Bai, as the leader of a cult, couldn’t be too ostentatious in sending people out to help me. He could only provide me with information as he did now.

I didn’t really place much hope on Professor Bai. The entire Dong Shan City was paying attention to the kidnapping incident. Police, firefighters, and other necessary personnel have been transferred to 28 Middle. However, since the other party was a group of mental patients with gas tanks, plus class 3-3 was close to the science laboratory, they didn’t want to act rashly and was trying to ‘negotiate’.

After the fire alarm bell rang, 99% of the students evacuated the building and left the school under the guidance of teachers. A lot of nosy people wanted to get a closer view, but they were all blocked out by the police.

“How did they get in?” Officer Ma asked the young security guard on duty at 28 Middle.

The young security guard was sweating profusely and said: “I think they came in through the back door. The back door was clearly locked, but it seems that one of them pried it open…”

Due to the shortage of funds, 28 Middle always only had two security guards. One old man, one young man, and they had an uncle and nephew relationship. Usually, one would stand guard at the front entrance while the others patrols the campus. It was inevitable that there would be times where things gets missed.

At this moment, it was meaningless to hold someone responsible. The current goal was to prevent the mental patients from detonating the gas tanks and to ensure the safety of the hostages.

Xiong YaoYue, who was one of the hostages, told me that after Sun Yu was half strangled to death, the class leader immediately asked them to let some of the hostages go.

“Listen, there are only seven of you, and you have no other weapons except the gas tanks. It would be difficult to watch the nine of us and prevent us from making any wrong moves… At least the number of hostages should be fewer than your numbers to make it easier to manage, right?”

“Who says we don’t have other weapons?” Xiao Li took out an extremely short fruit knife from his pocket, then waved it around a bit and put it back.

“Boss, although this girl isn’t my type, what she said makes sense.” Lolicon No. 3 looked at the class leader’s developed breasts with disdain, and immediately excluded the class leader from the group of loli that he wants to catch.

Next, Lolicon No. 3 pointed at the class leader, Gong CaiCai, and Xiong YaoYue. They happened to be the three girls in our class with the most developed breasts.

“How about we let these three girls go. Just looking at their swollen breasts makes me so sad. It’s such a waste for their age.”

Then he stared at Xiao Qin with a wretched smile: ‘The ‘girl’ sitting in the back has pretty good qualifications. I’ll leave a place for you on the artificial island.”

Although she didn’t know what the Lolicon No. 3 meant by ‘artificial island’, Xiong YaoYue could figure out that he had a special liking for Xiao Qin because she had small breasts.

“There will be a place for you on Babao Mountain.” Xiong Yaoyue seemed to hear Xiao Qin whisper angrily.

‘You idiot.’ White Suit punched Lolicon No. 3 on the head. ‘You have lowered the IQ of the entire mental hospital. To release the hostages, you need to open the door. Open the door.’ If we open the door, the police may rush in. Do you hope that our operation will fail and Fang Xin will laugh at us?’

“I’ll also leave a place for you in hell.” Xiong YaoYue seemed to hear Xiao Qin whisper angrily.

“You idiot.” White suit punched Lolicon No. 3 on the head. “You just lowered the IQ of the entire mental hospital. In order to release the hostages, you have to open the door. If you open the door, the police may come inside. Do you want our operation to fail and for Fang Xin to laugh at us?”

“Ouch.” Lolicon No. 3 rubbed his head and said: “I didn’t say I would open the door and let them go. We could just let them out from the window.”

“Wow, they’re going to kill us.” Xiong YaoYue was shocked. “We’ll die if we fall from the third floor. If they don’t let us live, then we’ll fight them to the death.”

As Xiong YaoYue spoke, she grabbed a nearby chair and wanted to rush forward to fight for her life, but was stopped by Xiao Qin.

“Let’s wait a bit and see how it goes.” Xiao Qin’s eyes were frightening and she was in a half-blackout state because it was pointed out that she had small breasts, which made Xiong YaoYue calm down for a while.

“That’s right.” Xiao Li got up from the fainted Sun Yu and said to Lolicon No. 3, “Throwing them downstairs would a dishonorable kill and will cause me to lose honor. It will be your fault if my rank falls below Grand Marshal and I can’t wear my gear anymore.”

“Which year of World of Warcraft are you on now?” Lolicon No. 3 complained, “And these three girls all have obscenely large breasts, especially this one.”

Lolicon No. 3 pointed at the petrified Gong CaiCai.

“Her breasts are so large that they can be used as cushions, so even if we throw her downstairs, she will be fine.”

“Air… cushion.” Gong CaiCai felt ashamed even if she turned into a stone statue. She repeated those two words a couple times.

There were too many beauties in the class. Loud Mouth and Little Smart, who were used to being ignored, didn’t pay too much attention to them. One was still focused on updating her Weibo, and the other was writing down inspiration for her BL novel.

“The criminal was extremely cruel. He claimed that he would throw a beautiful and rich girl of our class down from the third floor. He also mocked her for being able to use her breasts as a cushion…”

Although it wasn’t a lie, Loud Mouth wrote it in the style of an entertainment news-piece to instantly attract people’s attention at a quick glance.

At this time, Mu ZhongMing had to sweep the floor under the feet of the Seven Heroes of Dong Shan, so he asked politely: “Can you please move, I need to sweep over here.”

“That’s good, it’s very philosophical.” Sideburns said suddenly, “He’s not afraid in the face of danger. It reminds me of a Buddhist scripture I heard when I was a child, which said: Mountains, rivers, and the earth are originally just specks of dust, and we are simply dust within dust. We should put down our butcher knives, become Buddha and stop doing bad things.”

Sideburns was emotional and sincere when he said this, even though he looked like the most dangerous one as he held a lit cigarette and a gas tank in his hands.

“Which Buddhist scriptures did that come from?” Xiao Li curled his lips and said, “Isn’t that from the song Jacky Cheung sang? Also, you don’t even have a butcher knife in your hand, right?”

“That’s right.” Sideburns glanced at his hand, and immediately had another epiphany: “I don’t have a butcher knife in my hand, so I can’t put it down and become Buddha… Okay, then I won’t become Buddha. I’m going to continue to do bad things, so you guys have to accept your fate, ahahaha~~”

The class leader couldn’t really think of how to handle them as he could detonate the gas tanks at any time.

“Don’t you want to ask Ye Lin for the weakness of that Fang Xin person? I… I can help you get through to him on the phone. Will you be satisfied if you ask him on the phone?”

“Theoretically, that’s correct.” The white suit held his chin, “However, this involves the fight for the throne of Dong Shan Mental Hospital. I’m afraid Ye Lin won’t believe it until he sees it and he won’t spill the beans over the phone. I have to make sure that he comes in person.”

“It doesn’t matter if Ye Lin doesn’t come right away.” Lolicon No. 3 looked at Xiao Qin lewdly, “There’s a cute flat-chested loli here. I can give her a massage that’s good for her body and mind while waiting for Ye Lin.”

“You idiots.” Xiao Qin took a deep breath and suddenly shouted, “Don’t you know you’re going to get Ye Lin classmate killed?”

White suit paused, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Qin acted angrier than anyone else and continued to shout: “You’ve already caused a huge commotion. If Fang Xin finds out that you want to pry out his secrets from Ye Lin classmate, then he might kill him to silence him. So you should send someone to protect Ye Lin classmate immediately.”

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