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Chapter 1751 Ice Energy
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Chapter 1751 Ice Energy

"How did you do that, father?" Xiao Tian had met several martial artists at the seventh stage, like Silver Fox, Wan Shun, Yukina, and Lian Xun.

However, he had never seen them use fire like Zhao Sheng did.

Sure, he saw Wan Shun splitting the earth with his right foot, but he did not use fire like his father, so he wanted to know how to do that.

"You know there is energy of heaven and earth in every inch of this world, right?" Zhao Sheng uttered.

"Yes." Xiao Tian knew about this because Wan Shun had explained it before.

Zhao Sheng dispelled the fireball and said, "When you want to release your energy, you first need to channel the energy from your martial arts points to your sword before finally releasing it, right?"

"Yes." Xiao Tian nodded his head.

"That action is called energy control." Zhao Sheng uttered, "What I did just now was an advanced form of energy control. It's called Energy Transformation."

"Energy transformation?" Xiao Tian had never heard it before.

"Yes." Zhao Sheng continued explaining everything.

He said the energy of heaven and earth was divided based "Yes." Zhao Sheng continued explaining everything.

He said the energy of heaven and earth was divided based on their attributes, like fire, wind, ice, and so forth.

And every candidate to be the Ruler had one affinity. The type of affinity was usually obtained from the bloodline or based on their bodies.

"I can manipulate fire energy because of my bloodline." Zhao Sheng told his son that all the Zhao family members would obtain fire affinity.

"Then how do we know what type of energy we have?" Xiao Tian asked curiously. "Using this ball stone." After saying that, Zhao Sheng took out a blue stone ball. "This ball is not an ordinary ball because it is made from a meteoroid."

"So, I can check my affinity with the help of this stone ball?" Xiao Tian uttered.

"Yes." Zhao Sheng gave the stone ball to his son. "Just infuse your energy into this stone ball."

He then continued, "If the stone ball gets hot, that means your affinity is fire. If the ball is wet, your affinity is water."

After hearing his father's explanation, Xiao Tian immediately infused his energy into the stone ball.


A layer of ice suddenly appeared and slowly covered the stone ball.

Zhao Sheng, who saw it, immediately uttered, "Your affinity is ice."

Xiao Tian stopped infusing his energy into the stone ball. "Ice, huh?"

"Yes." Zhao Sheng uttered, "That means you can only manipulate ice energy."

"Is this the reason why I always failed to manipulate energy before?" Xiao Tian suddenly remembered the time when he always failed to manipulate the energy. "There are two reasons why martial artists fail to manipulate the energy." Zhao Sheng uttered, "First, they try to manipulate general energy, and last, they try to manipulate different energy from their affinity."

Zhao Sheng told his son that general energy had many attributes inside it, so it would be impossible for martial artists to manipulate it.

"I see." Xiao Tian was sure the reason he failed to manipulate energy was that he tried to control general energy. "By the way, do all martial artists only have one affinity?" "Yes." Zhao Sheng responded, "The only one who can manipulate more than one energy is the Ruler."

He then continued, "From a book in my family library, the Ruler can manipulate all types of energy. Other than the Ruler, everyone can only manipulate one type of energy."

"Then how can I differentiate ice energy from other energies?" Xiao Tian threw another question at his father. "By sensing it." Zhao Sheng answered, "This is the reason why you need to learn how to become one with the energy at the sixth stage because you need to feel the energy at the seventh stage."

He then continued, "Fire energy contains heat in it. Since your energy is ice, you need to feel the cold energy in nature."

Xiao Tian immediately sat in a lotus position and shut his eyes.

'I need to feel it.'

He tried to feel the cold energy in nature. As his son was trying to sense ice energy, Zhao Sheng continued explaining everything. "After you feel the cold energy in nature, gather it and think what you want to create with it."

Xiao Tian felt like he was surrounded by many types of energy.

He could feel many types of energy in nature, like lightning, dark, light, earth, and many other types of energy.

Among these many types of energy, he could feel ice energy. He felt his body suddenly freeze when it touched the cold energy.

The energy was so cold to the point that he felt like it could freeze the entire world.

'Gather it and imagine what I want to create with this ice energy.'

Xiao Tian always wanted to fly in the blue sky, so he tried to make a pair of wings because, with this, he could fly in the sky.

The ice energy slowly gathered behind his back.

Shortly after that, a beautiful pair of wings slowly formed on his back.

The wings were so beautiful to the point that it made Xiao Tian look like an angel.

"So, you want to fly in the sky, huh?" Zhao Sheng smiled softly when his son tried to create a pair of ice wings.

Xiao Tian, who was closing his eyes, could feel a pair of ice wings slowly forming on his back.

'I did it!'

He opened his eyes and looked at the ice wings on his back.

"Father, I did it." Xiao Tian said happily.

"Haha. As expected of my son, you are indeed as genius as me." Zhao Sheng did not forget to praise himself.

Xiao Tian rose to his feet and tried to fly.

'Let me try it.' With the help of ice wings, he could fly in the sky like a bird.

"Haha." Due to how happy he was, he forgot to control himself.

'I finally can manipulate the energy. I have mastered the seventh stage!'

He was thrilled because this meant he was stronger than before.

After landing on the ground, his ice wings slowly melted into water. "With this, I can destroy the Xiao family!"

"Not yet!" Zhao Sheng responded, "You need to learn how to control ice energy perfectly. Try creating other things like an ice wall or a ball of ice."

"Alright." Xiao Tian agreed instantly.

Xiao Tian was a genius martial artist.

Even though it took him some time to create an ice wall and ice ball, he could do that on his first try.

"Haha. Good!" Zhao Sheng said happily. "Now, you only need to focus on your creation speed because your speed is still slow."

"Alright." Xiao Tian knew about it because creating an ice wall took him several seconds.

In the fight, one second could change the result of the battle, so the speed of creation was really important.

As Xiao Tian was training, Mu Ai rushed toward them. "Big brother…" like usual, she ran with a happy smile on her cute face.

Zhao Sheng, who saw Mu Ai, immediately dashed toward her. "Little Ai, come here and play with grandpa."

Xiao Tian almost coughed up blood after hearing his words. 'Father, what are you saying?'

He shouted in his head.

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