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Chapter 1755: Original Blend ④

With the help of Illness-san and Nebula, I prepared my original tea blend and finished preparations for wrapping it individually for my acquaintances, which I will be sending out along with a letter.

After talking to Anima and Caraway, it was decided that my original blend would be marketed under the name “MK Blend”. The name comes from the initials of my name, and the reason I used the initial of my family name first is because MK sounds better than KM.

Although it’s too straightforward…… In the first place, the use of the alphabet itself is a relatively good name that could easily attract the interest of others from its rarity, as it’s a language that isn’t from Trinia.

I also had Lilia-san and Sieg-san try the tea blend, and it received quite positive feedback from them. While it may not become extremely popular, I hope it gains a decent level of popularity.

As I talked about such a thing with Lilia-san while she had a taste of my tea blend, looking like she had some thoughts in mind, Lilia-san spoke.

[……No, if we don’t put a limit on purchases, I think there’s a high possibility that it will cause a scramble.]

[Eh? But I’m already providing a separate portion for the people of authority that I know like Kuro……]

[That certainly is a very good response. As for me, I really appreciate such an action because it diminishes the stomachache I would have received from that. However, be that as it may, it doesn’t change the fact that Kaito-san’s name is well known among the nobility, and of course, it’s also known that you’re an Otherworlder.]

[Ahh, I see…… The fact that the tea blend uses otherworld characters is a clue already.]

Now that she mentioned it, even without directly stating it, using characters from another world would naturally lead people to think that an Otherworlder is involved with this tea blend. If that happens, they might realize that this is my original blend.

No, of course I want it to sell to some extent and be able to help out with our sales, so I’ve already assumed that they will realize it but……

[Yes, and since it’s Kaito-san’s original blend, it will lead to the idea that the Six Kings and the Supreme Gods are drinking this tea blend too, and since nobles are all about appearances and foils, I think that original tea blend will become a kind of status symbol. That especially goes when it’s just released, as with its high novelty factor and being easily accessible for nobility, it would likely gain considerable popularity.]

[Speaking of which, Anima did say she was going to put a limit to the amount that can be purchased at first, or even draw lots for the right to buy them.]

[Yes, I believe that’s the best approach. Given that it’s under Kaito-san’s brand, it would be challenging for the nobility to exert pressure and negotiate, so adopting a somewhat assertive strategy should be acceptable. As for Kaito-san’s original blend, I think the idea to make the purchasing rights lottery-based to ensure a certain level of fairness is good.]

[I see, I understand. I’ll talk to Anima about it.]

Well, Anima may actually have already factored in what Lilia-san would say, which is why she recommended that the product be sold by lottery right from the start……

[Are you not going to build a dedicated shop for your items?]

[That was also suggested before, but there’s the question of where to build it, and since we don’t have the land available, it’s been put on hold.]

[I see, well, it’s true that if you build a shop…… you’ll definitely get the Rulers of each country moving. They’d definitely want you to build your shop in their country, so if you decide to build them, I’m sure they’d visit you with the land ready……]

[Yes, Anima and Caraway also said that if we’re going to build a shop, it would be better to make them for all three countries at the same time…… Well, that would require more work, so it would have to be done later on.]

In fact, as Lilia-san said, there was talk of building shops, but it would be difficult to set up three shops right from the start, and since Anima had basically focused on investment and not so much on shop development, it was temporarily put on hold, with the thought that if we’re going to build shops, they would only be done after thorough preparation.

[And so, it seems like we’ll be placing our products in several trading companies and specialty tea shops.]

[I see. Dabbling in everything can lead to failure. I also own several stores and invest in brands, so I believe I can offer advice. And so, please feel free to ask me if you need anything.]

[Thank you. I will consult with you if we have any problems then.]

After Lilia-san told me this with an affectionate smile, I returned the smile and thanked her. At that point, we temporarily concluded the tea brand discussion and went on with a pleasant chat for a while.


Serious-senpai : [Thanks to the Absolute breaking the Stomachache Flag, Lilia seems to be at peace for the first time in a long time…… It doesn’t seem like she’s being optimistic either, so I guess there’s no worry about the flag popping up huh. Well, she did go through a lot of stomachaches from the two consecutive Founding Festivals……]

? ? ? : [Well, maybe for once the Stomachache Warriors can take a short break.]

Serious-senpai : [Saying they’ll only have a “short break” is just too pitiful……]

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