I Secretly Develop Myself In The Demon World

Chapter 46 - 46: Changing the Atmosphere
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Chapter 46: Chapter 46: Changing the Atmosphere

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The prison corridor was eerily quiet.

However, the sound of Su Nan’s footsteps approached from the direction of the prison exit.

The Wolf Demon is here again!

With no hesitation, Su Nan quickly dashed towards Cell No. 24.

“Rat! YOU can’t run!” An angry voice echoed through the corridor. The Wolf Demon was much faster than Su Nan.

Fortunately, a new day had begun, and Su Nan’s wounds from yesterday had vanished. His strength was fully displayed, making it not so easy for the Wolf Demon to catch up to him.

Moreover, the cell where he was hiding was not far from Cell No. 24. After only

a few breaths, Su Nan arrived at the door.

He took out the Kun Tian Key, opened the cell door, entered, and closed the door behind him—all in one fluid motion.

“Bang! Bang!”

“Roar! Damn rat, open the door!”

The furious Wolf Demon roared, pounding on the door, but there was no sign

of damage.

“It seems like there’s only one key to Cell No. 24, and now it’s in my possession.

The Wolf Demon doesn’t have a key,” said Su Nan with a smile.

Without a key, even if the Wolf Demon was the prison guard, he would not be able to enter the cell.

“It seems you have already acquired the relic from the senior,” Zhou Lingyin’s voice rang out from within the cell.

Su Nan no longer paid attention to the Wolf Demon, turned around, and said, “I have, thanks to your guidance.”

Without hiding anything, he recounted the events that took place in Cell No.


Of course, he didn’t mention the power of the Life Wheel Scripture to steal fate.

That was his secret, and he wasn’t going to tell anyone.

He had a feeling that Zhou Lingyin had directed him to find the old man because she had already detected the Technique Seeds within him and believed that he could obtain the old man’s legacy.

If that were the case, it meant Zhou Lingyin had known what lay in store with the old man, and hiding anything from her would serve no purpose.

As expected, when she heard that the old man had given him the Life Wheel

Scripture, Zhou Lingyin was not surprised.

Instead, when he mentioned the old man’s self-sealing, a thoughtful expression appeared in her eyes.

“Senior, now that a million Outsiders like me have descended…”

Su Nan recounted the public beta test of the game once again.

Finally, he asked, “Starting yesterday, as soon as we enter this world, the demons can detect us. Do you have any solution, senior?

Upon hearing that a million players had arrived, Zhou Lingyin’s face showed shock, but she quickly regained her composure.

When Su Nan finished, she seemed to think of something, saying, “It is rumored that there is a treasure called the Sky-Scanning Mirror within the demon clan, which can explore the life energy of everything in heaven and earth.”

“Once the life energy is captured, the target can be found no matter where it is.

Also, the Sky-Scanning Mirror can connect with the life energy of countless other demons, sharing the location of the target’s life energy.

Sky-Scanning Mirror?

Sharing the target’s life energy location with countless demons?

Su Nan gasped at the thought of such a powerful and influential treasure. It was unimaginable.

“The Sky-Scanning Mirror targets life energy. If you can change your life energy, naturally, you can avoid the demons,” Zhou Lingyin explained.

“So how can I change my life energy?”

He thought of the Life Wheel Scripture, which should have changed his life energy when it changed his fate, but he had already tried it and found that it didn’t work.

Zhou Lingyin thought for a moment before saying, “Didn’t you say your technique was a transformation technique?”

“That’s right!” Su Nan was puzzled, not understanding why Zhou Lingyin was asking that.

Suddenly, he realized something and asked, “Do you mean to say that my technique can change my life energy?”

Zhou Lingyin shook her head, “I don’t know much about techniques. I need you to use it once for me to confirm.”


With no intention of hiding anything, Su Nan focused his mind and used his technique to transform his appearance into that of the Wolf Demon.

Zhou Lingyin looked up and down at Su Nan and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Incredible! It’s truly an ancient technique!”

“What do you think, senior?” Su Nan asked eagerly.

Zhou Lingyin nodded, “Of course. Players like you Outsiders are the ones being hunted by demons. Just transform into an ordinary martial artist or a demon like you are now, and naturally, you can get rid of being hunted.


Excitement filled Su Nan’s eyes, he did not expect Boneshifting to have such an effect.

Just as he was about to transform back to his original appearance, he thought of something and asked:

“Senior, I plan to use the appearance of the Wolf Demon to leave the prison, but I still lack the Wolf Demon’s identity token…”

He shared his plan for escaping the prison.

The power of the Wolf Demon was too strong. Before, he had no idea how to obtain the Wolf Demon’s identity token.

Perhaps now he could borrow Zhou Lingyin’s strength.

Zhou Lingyin saw through his thoughts, her expression turned cold: “I can’t help you.”

Feeling disappointed, Su Nan realized that as long as it involved Zhou Lingyin taking action, she would basically never agree.

However, he still persisted, “Senior, this is currently the fastest way for me to leave the prison. As long as I can get the identity token, I can leave immediately. This will save a lot of time and naturally allow me to steal the Bronze Bell for you sooner.”

Just like last time, he mentioned the Bronze Bell that Zhou Lingyin needed.

It must be said that this trick worked well.

Obviously persuaded, Zhou Lingyin fell silent for a while before saying, “I can only help you get the Wolf Demon’s identity token.”

Did she agree?

Thrilled, Su Nan knew that as long as Zhou Lingyin was willing to help, everything would become easier.

“Senior, what should I do?”

“Open the door and let the Wolf Demon in.”


Su Nan nodded, transformed back to his original appearance, and without a word, opened the prison door.

“Damn rat, you finally came out!”

As the prison door opened, the Wolf Demon roared and directly rushed into the cell.

However, as soon as he entered the cell, he stood still and his eyes gradually lost their luster.

Zhou Lingyin said, “I have temporarily trapped his mind in an illusion.” “Illusion?” Su Nan realized, and his eyes lit up again.

If he struck the Wolf Demon’s weak spot now, could he kill him in one hit? Seemingly realizing Su Nan’s thoughts, Zhou Lingyin said solemnly, “Don’t attempt to attack. Your strike will not only fail to kill him but will also wake him up from the illusion.”

“Alright.” Su Nan abandoned his previous thought.

As Zhou Lingyin’s condition was clearly not good and she couldn’t attack directly, he would have loved to deal with the Wolf Demon himself for the time being.

Without time to think further, he started searching the Wolf Demon’s body. However, after searching for a while, he couldn’t find the identity token. “It should be in the Storage Ring he’s wearing on his hand.” Zhou Lingyin said. “Storage Ring?” Su Nan’s gaze fell on the Wolf Demon’s claw and he noticed an ancient-looking ring.

After quickly taking it off, he asked curiously, “How do I use this thing?

“Give it to me.” Zhou Lingyin said.

Su Nan had no choice but to hand the ring to Zhou Lingyin.

Without any visible action on Zhou Lingyin’s part, she just stroked the surface of the ring and tossed it back to Su Nan, “Now, this ring is considered unowned. You just need to drip your blood on it to claim it.”

Su Nan did as she instructed.

Indeed, as soon as the blood dripped onto the ring, he felt a connection between himself and the ring, and he seemed to have grown a pair of eyes that could see the disorganized objects within the ring’s space.

With a thought, a metal plate the size of his palm appeared in his hand.

This was the Wolf Demon’s identity token.

After obtaining the item, Su Nan finally relaxed.. With this, he could leave the prison!-

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