I Really Didn't Mean To Be The Saviour Of The World

Chapter 38 - 37: Go Ahead and Call the Pohce_l
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Chapter 38: Chapter 37: Go Ahead and Call the Pohce_l

Translator: 549690339

“What…what did you say!”

Linden Brown became even angrier.

Harrison Clark shrugged, tilted his head, and sneered, “Are you deaf?”


Linden Brown was already furious.

With his usual temper, he would have exploded on the spot if someone had hit


It wasn’t that he could tolerate it this time, but rather that the incident happened so suddenly that he couldn’t react in time.

It happened in his own company, and he was just teasing an unknown celebrity. Was there any need for this?

Although Harrison Clark usually had a sharp tongue, their relationship, no matter how bad, had never reached the point of fighting over words.

What the hell was going on?

What was even more infuriating was that after Harrison Clark hit him, he didn’t apologize at all. Instead, his attitude became even more arrogant.

At this time, the other coworkers finally reacted and hurriedly came over to restrain Harrison Clark.

“Don’t, don’t do this.”

“Yeah, it’s not that serious. Mr. Brown was just joking.

“And besides, he wasn’t talking about you! What are you doing!”

Everyone was trying to “persuade” Harrison Clark.

On the other hand, Sophia Camp didn’t think so.

She never expected that being a fan of a celebrity could be so manly.

She considered herself a new hardcore fan of Carrie Thomas. But look at

Harrison, now that’s a hardcore fan!

You dare to slander my idol, and I’ll dare to fight you!

Sophia envied Harrison’s courage to do and dare.

Even if she hated someone to the point of grinding her teeth, she would only

dare to argue.

But arguing is always futile, and fists are the hard truth. Didn’t you see how

Linden Brown finally shut up?

But how to end this situation?

Wait… something seems wrong. All the people trying to break up the fight are holding Harrison Clark back, but no one is stopping Linden Brown!

At this point, Harrison Clark also noticed this and wanted to give these hypocrites a thumbs up for their realistic behavior.

If this were the old him, he would have definitely taken a beating today.

But he didn’t regret it.

in many cases, there was no way to question the reasons for one’s actions.

He and Carrie Thomas were just ordinary friends.

Now that Carrie Thomas was a public figure, it was inevitable that people would talk about her.

It shouldn’t matter that he overheard Linden Brown, who had no real connection to Carrie Thomas, gossiping about her in a semi-public situation. But the sudden surge of anger in his heart at that moment was uncontrollable. Perhaps Linden Brown’s foul language about Carrie Thomas was just a fuse. What really ignited the fuse was the long-standing resentment towards Linden Brown’s repeated targeting and the fact that he had finally made a fortune today, opening up another path to change his life by writing songs, and suddenly throwing off his shackles.

So, since he was provoked, he might as well just fight!

On the other side, after coming to his senses, Linden Brown’s anger began to burn even more, sending his blood boiling to his head.

“I’m gonna kill you!”

Linden Brown lunged at him.

He raised his fist high, his face twisted in rage, his anger uncontrollable.

Sophia Camp opened her mouth to scream, No…!

Linden Brown was almost six feet tall, and with his hefty weight, he looked like he could throw quite a punch.

Not to mention that Harrison Clark was held back by four people in all directions, leaving him powerless against the sudden attack of Linden Brown. If he was punched in the face, Harrison Clark might be disfigured.The sudden change caught even those who were trying to break up the fight off guard. They had been helping Linden in secret, but none of them had expected things to escalate like this.

They wanted to step back, but it was already too late.


Linden’s fist failed to connect with Harrison’s face, instead, Linden let out a muffled groan and fell backward, landing on an office chair. He slid several meters away before crashing into a wall and stopping.

Linden started to cover his stomach and retch.

His eyes were now filled with a lingering fear when looking at Harrison. Harrison used to be a military elite when living in the bunker a thousand years later.

He had worked especially hard on physical training and close combat. Even after leaving the military, he had never let up on his personal fitness training.

After a year of hard work, he had naturally improved.

Though he couldn’t compare to a professional athlete, he could be considered a skilled combat enthusiast.

Linden may have been bulky, but he was no match for Harrison.

Those trying to break up the fight had loosened their grip slightly when they sensed trouble earlier. Plus, Harrison had managed to break free with military-like strength from these seemingly non-athletic people. “He’S attacking! How can you just stand there watching? Everyone get him!” After a while of retching, Linden finally recovered a bit and pointed at Harrison hysterically.

However, no one responded.

Everyone was just here to work and make a living. They didn’t need to get involved in such a big fight.

If they got involved, it would become a group brawl.

What’s more, they had seen how efficient Harrison’s kick had been.

Harrison’s strength when he shook them off surprised the men who were holding his shoulders and arms. His muscles felt as hard as stone when they clenched.

No matter how many of them there were, they might not be able to take him down.

“Harrison, let’s just forget it. We’re all colleagues here. Even if Mr. Brown did you wrong, it’s not that serious. Let it go when you can.”

“That’s right, Mr. Brown, you should also hold your tongue.

Only then did the crowd begin to sincerely mediate. Linden was bewildered, pointing at his own face, “I’m the one who got punched, and you’re asking me to keep quiet?” Sophia, however, spoke up for him, “So, what else can you do? You want to go back and hit him again?”

Linden glanced fearfully at Harrison, “I… I’m calling the police!” Harrison didn’t care, “Go ahead and call them. I’ll wait here for the police to come and arrest me. When it’s time to pay the medical expenses, I won’t miss a cent. But let’s not just go to the station, we should also make the headlines. ■High-level Internet Company Executive Insults Popular Female Singer, Gets Beaten by Furious Fan’.”

“I’ll just downgrade myself a bit and be a crazy fan. What do you think, Linden? Don’t worry, I’ll tell the reporters everything you said, word for word. It’ll definitely be a great news story.”

Linden fell silent.

Harrison’s mention of the possible consequences was too much for him to bear. It was acceptable to gossip in the office, but if it made the news, Linden couldn’t imagine the impact.

It might affect the company’s reputation, but that wasn’t the most important thing.

If there were more Harrison-level fans who came to protest at the company and start an online boycott of Chesterton Apartment, the consequences would be unimaginable.

He couldn’t avoid demotion and pay cuts.

Seeing Linden’s silence, Harrison smiled again, “See, you don’t even dare to call the police? If there’s nothing else, I’ll leave now. Oh right, I just used up a few cents of the company’s electricity.”

“Here, give this to the finance department, or you can use it to buy yourself a lollipop. I’ll come back tomorrow to clean up my stuff. You don’t have to kick me out, I have legs and can walk on my own.”

Harrison took out a fifty-cent coin from his pocket, slammed it onto the table in front of Linden and left with a carefree stride.

He left swiftly, without any hesitation.

He was really leaving this time.

The only regret was that he had spent so much effort preparing for it, but in the end, he only managed to beat up Linden and didn’t seriously injure him before leaving. It was a bit of a pity..

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