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Chapter 820: A New World

[ Successful infusion. Reward: Martial Arts Proficiency. ]

A month later, Lin Mo broke through to the Emperor-to-be realm and consumed a lot of luck.

During this period of time, Qin Ya sent countless Supreme-grade spiritual stones and news from outside the Demon State.

The battle of the World Tree had already reached the outer realm, and both sides were in a stalemate.


There were also powerful beings within the Spirit Devouring Bug clan, and their clansmen were not afraid of death. They attacked the World Tree in a frenzy.

Fortunately, there were many Emperor-to-be masters on their side. They even borrowed Lin Mo’s Four Immortal Slaying Swords to help the World Tree relieve a lot of pressure.

[ Successful injection. Reward: a super-large Supreme-grade Spiritual Stone Mine. ]

“Inject it directly into the Inner World,” Lin Mo murmured.

It had been half a month since he had broken through to the Emperor-to-be realm. He was now in the Third Heavenly Layer of the Emperor-to-be realm.

In the blink of an eye, another half a year had passed. Lin MO had broken through to the sixth level of Emperor-to-be and his aura continued to rise.

Soon, the World Tree controlled by the Spirit Devouring Bug clan attacked because it was also a World Tree that controlled the Law of Fate.

During the battle, it had seen a corner of the future and knew that Lin MO was a variable.

If his seclusion was disrupted, the World Tree’s power would definitely be comparable to a Great Emperor, or even surpass it.

The sky battlefield had been destroyed. If Lin MO had not had the twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus to protect him, he would have died.

He immediately recalled the Four Immortal Slaying Swords and set up the sword formation.

Terrifying sword qi surged, and all the Quasi-Emperors present were shocked and excited.

As the sword formation was set up, Lin Mo’s aura actually rose to the Martial Monarch Realm.

That’s right, it had to be an Imperial Emporer Realm master. They couldn’t be mistaken. There was a feeling of everything being suppressed with just a raise of a hand.

Even though they were peak Emperors-to-be, they were still not capable enough to face a Great Emperor. They wouldn’t even be able to take a single blow from him.

After escaping danger, Lin Mo’s cultivation came to a halt.

Because the remaining luck of the Demon State had been destroyed, and the luck of the other states was not obvious, they were not able to cultivate quickly.

At this moment, he was at the seventh level of the Emperor-to-be realm.

[ Successful injection. Reward: Seed of the World Tree. ]

Just as everyone was at their wits’ end, the system’s voice rang out. Lin MO was slightly surprised by it.

As expected, the formation of the Inner World was completed perfectly. The seed of the World Tree had also appeared.

As long as it was planted, it would give birth to new life. At that time, the first batch of living beings in the Inner World would be born together with the new World Tree.

However, Lin MO did not choose to plant it. Instead, he took it out and swallowed it.

Boundless world qi filled his body, and the power contained in the World Tree

Seed even exceeded the luck of a state.

Many Emperors-to-be were guarding him. Some of them were proficient in formations and were controlling the Immortal Slaying Sword Formation to prevent any accidents.

This time, Lin MO went into seclusion for three whole years.

When he opened his eyes again, a trace of an emperor aura radiated from his body. By cultivating the seed of the World Tree, he had taken the step that countless people dreamed of.

“Great Emperor, how did you make your breakthrough?” An Emperor-to-be exclaimed.

Wasn’t it said that because this world was heading towards destruction, no one would be able to break through to the Great Emperor realm? It had nothing to do with talent. It was because the World Tree was flawed.

“Seniors, I’m going to the outer realm. Please wait for my good news,” said Lin MO as he stood up.

After three years of closed-door cultivation, he had not expected to directly break through to the Great Emperor realm.

Perhaps it was because the seed of the World Tree contained a complete Dao

Law, which was equivalent to him making a breakthrough in a perfect world.

“We have fought for so long. It is time to end it…”

In the chaos of outer space, the endless void surged, and the World Tree fought within it.

At this moment, it was riddled with injuries. There was an obvious crack on the thick tree trunk that almost broke it.

“You’ve worked hard. Leave the rest to me.”

Lin MO waved his hand, and a gentle power spread out from his palm. It brought with it a complete Dao law and healed the World Tree.


Countless pitch-black chains emerged from the chaos. The Spirit Devouring Bugs then controlled the original body of the World Tree to begin an attack.

They let out roars that were filled with anger and ruthlessness.

“Every living creature has its reason for existing, but I can’t find a reason for you to continue to exist,” said Lin MO coldly.

What he got in response was the frenzied attacks of the Spirit Devouring Bugs. It was controlling the World Tree’s original body as it attacked without any regard for its life.

“Chi chi!”

The twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus appeared, and the scarlet Four Immortal Slaying Swords circled around his body.

The flames were mixed with sword qi. At this moment, Lin MO finally erupted with the power of the twelfth-grade Red Karmic Fire Lotus.

There were also the Four Immortal Slaying Swords and the Broken Moon Sword that had just broken through.

The combined attacks of those few genuine treasures were almost enough to crush the Spirit Devouring Bugs.

Even though they were controlling the original body of the World Tree, they were still unable to break through the seal of the sea of fire.


Along with the sword light, the World Tree that connected the sky and the earth finally collapsed and was cut in half by the Broken Moon Sword.

The karmic fire swarmed up and began to burn.

The fire lit everything in the chaos up and burned everything. The Spirit

Devouring Bug clan, the original body of the World Tree, nothing was left..

The sea of fire lasted for three months before it finally burned the World Tree’s huge body completely.

After checking repeatedly, Lin MO returned to the mainland.

With a wave of his hand, the space behind him split open, and a brand new world appeared. At the center of the world was the Nine Elements Celestial-grade Dragon Vein.

A new World Tree took root and flourished. Its injuries were completely healed, and at the same time, a complete Dao Law was derived.

Many Emperors-to-be on the continent cheered. When they saw Lin MO nod, they swarmed forward and flew into the brand new world.

This was the continent where they originally occupied, so naturally, they wouldn’t just let it go.

After all, this was the place where they lived. They would ask the World Tree to help them connect the two worlds.


The five continents were drawn into Lin Mo t s Inner World.

The living beings on the continent did not feel much about this. All they felt was that the spiritual qi between heaven and earth had suddenly become a little denser.

Their cultivation speeds became even faster, and they had a new understanding of their comprehension of the laws.

Some people even thought that they had an epiphany and were still complacent.

Only the Emperor-to-be was qualified to know what had happened. The cultivation environment had changed. This was a more perfect world.

The nomological laws were perfect, and the World Tree had no flaws. Their stagnant realms actually loosened up a little…

[ The Inner World has been completely perfected. The level of the realm has increased. A new realm has appeared above the Great Emperor realm. It is the

Conferred Great Emperor realm! ]

[ Congratulations to the host for becoming the lord of the realm and the new Heavenly Dao! ]

The system’s voice sounded. It was possible that this might be the last time.

Lin MO sat quietly on a branch at the top of the World Tree, admiring the beautiful scenery of this world.

Countless years later, the divine beast Qilin’s true spirit condensed, and its soul was revived by the faith of all living beings. This was a long process.

The Qilin replaced her mother and walked into the new world with the identity of the auspicious beast, the White Qilin. It blessed all souls and spread faith …

Bai Luo made a breakthrough to the Great Emperor Realm and led the Bai family to become the number one Great Emperor Realm clan in the world. His status was so extraordinary that no one dared to provoke him..

The Molin Chamber of Commerce was the largest merchant association in the world, and also the strongest force…


Jiang Xiyue walked over in a white dress with a faint smile on her face.

She walked to Lin Mo’s side and sat down before resting her head on his shoulder.

“What are you thinking about?”

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