I Have Awakened The Deduction System

Chapter 800 - 800 Finally, Breaking the Reincarnation
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800 Finally, Breaking the Reincarnation

Finally, Breaking the Reincarnation

Only force could shut them up!

He stood on the stage with one hand behind his back, staring at the young Western Desert monk who was younger than him.

“Since Benefactor is so confident, I will do as you say.” The Western Desert monk lifted his hand to remove his monk robe, revealing his bronze skin.

“The Indestructible Diamond Divine Art has just been perfected, but it hasn’t been able to be freely released. My friend, you have to be careful when I attack to avoid being attacked with too much strength and suffering a backlash!”

“Little Monk, I’m afraid my divine weapon will hurt you if it’s unsheathed. How about I use my finger as a sword to prevent any accidents?” He Chuan raised his right hand and said.

The crowd that had just quieted down was in an uproar again.

Everyone looked at He Chuan in disbelief, as if they were looking at a fool.

Everyone had witnessed how powerful the Western Desert monk’s protective divine art was.

Not to mention ordinary divine weapons, even magic treasures had been used before, but they still could not break through in the end.

The white-robed youth who had yet to reach adulthood intended to use two fingers to break the little monk’s Indestructible Diamond Divine Art. Wasn’t this nonsense?

Wei Jianning’s face was filled with worry.

He Chuan was a little careless!

The small monk’s divine protective art was impenetrable and as hard as a rock. His fingers were made of flesh and blood. The collision of the two was no different from hitting a rock with an egg.

“Western Desert Breaking Technique!” He Chuan smiled faintly.

Western Desert Breaking Technique!

His indifferent words instantly suppressed all the doubts in the crowd.

Everyone looked at the white-robed youth on the stage, who was slightly extending his two fingers, and two words appeared in their hearts at the same time, “Arrogant!”

The small monk’s smiling face turned sullen.

His words were self-explanatory. His flesh and blood were more than enough to break through the Buddhist Kingdom’s cultivation technique.

The world quieted down at this moment. He Chuan’s long hair fluttered without wind.

It was as if the world was trembling in fear!

They were inexplicably frightened, and their bodies could not help but tremble.

The earth was shaking!

Not only the earth but even the void seemed to be trembling!

How could this be?

After a moment of silence, the crowd was terrified and helpless.

What a powerful sword intent!

“Everyone, don’t panic. This is caused by the sword intent disturbing the void.”

Sheng Kang put away his look of watching a show and stared solemnly at He Chuan, who had raised his right hand in the arena.

How was this possible?

He didn’t even pull out his weapon, but he was so terrifying when he raised his fingers and pointed it!

The crowd instantly came to a realization. Only this explanation could explain the strange movements around them.

Heaven and earth tremble!

The small monk, whose Buddhist heart was unstable, instantly sensed the changes in his surroundings.

The anger on his face instantly disappeared, and his brows were tightly knitted, revealing a solemn expression.

The martial artist in front of him, who was only a few years older than him, was more than a hundred times stronger than he had expected!

The small monk clasped his hands together and began to form a hand seal.

Although his body remained motionless, his bare brass upper body was slowly flickering with a golden halo.

The golden light was even brighter and denser than before.

Like the rising sun, it was filled with a dense energy that was enough to illuminate the entire earth!

Staring at the little monk’s transformation, Sheng Kang’s narrowed eyes met the dazzling golden light, and his expression turned ugly.

Indestructible Diamond Divine Art!

A true Indestructible Diamond Divine Art!

The surrounding crowd was stunned. They raised their heads and stared blankly at the little Western Desert monk who was like a small sun. It was as if they had forgotten to breathe.

Three days!

Countless martial arts experts from both inside and outside Great Zhao stepped onto the stage one after another, but not only did they fail to shake the little monk in the slightest.

He did not expect that he could not even force out his true ability.

On the other hand, the young man in white raised two fingers, causing the small monk to act as if he was facing a great enemy and not hold back.

It was simply inconceivable!

He Chuan’s expression was calm. He completely ignored the turbulent waves caused by his actions.

He waited quietly for the small monk to display the Indestructible Diamond Divine Art completely.

“My friend, please!” The small monk appeared sacred and solemn, bathed in the dazzling golden light. His hands that were constantly forming seals stopped, and he put his palms together again. He bowed slightly to He Chuan.

Before he finished speaking, He Chuan’s raised right hand landed.

There were no swords, sabers, or divine weapons wherever they looked.

Everyone heard the crisp sound of a sword being unsheathed. It was like a sudden clap of thunder on dry land, resounding through the world.

In their eyes, it was not the fingers but the most treasured sword in the world, the sharpest divine weapon in the world!

The slender jade-like finger slid down. Even though everyone’s gazes were focused on it in advance, they were unable to capture the trajectory of the sword finger.

Instead, he saw a dazzling golden light that was as bright as the morning sun. It instantly covered the entire area with turtle patterns.

It was as if the glowing ball had cracked open, and the light emitted from the ball illuminated the void.

As the fingers attacked, the void around the golden monk was filled with cracks and was on the verge of collapse!

When the fingers completely landed, a gentle breeze blew.

The cracked void around the small monk shattered.

The dazzling golden light scattered in all directions and gradually extinguished.

The small monk suddenly spat out blood and staggered backward. He fell to the ground, and his body dimmed.

Breaking through the golden body!

The three days and nights of invulnerability made countless warriors of the Central Plains gnash their teeth and hate the Buddhist Kingdom’s divine technique.

Finally, at this moment, he was completely defeated!

Some people cheered, while others raised their arms and shouted with tears in their eyes.

The martial arts of the Central Plains were the orthodox of the human race, the leader of all Daos!

“Young Master He’s martial arts are top-notch. He’s really a role model for us!”

Everyone was swept away by the haze and grievances of the past few days because of the scene before them.

They were excited and excited, and his blood was boiling.

However, He Chuan was very calm. He stared at the void fragments around the small monk.

He watched quietly from afar.

He recalled the time he spent in the various worlds, his emotions, and his experiences together.

Some people were lying in cold graves, while others didn’t even have bones left.

In the long river of time, his emotions were unreserved.

As expected, if he wanted to break through the restrictions of reincarnation, he had to enter reincarnation truly!

Previously, He Chuan had always been reborn, left, reborn, and left in the machine-made reincarnation…

He had never experienced death, and it was as if he was playing a game.

He knew that those were not his real self but purely role-playing!

Now, He Chuan could finally return to the real world with the power of this life.

He didn’t need to continue being bound by the so-called reincarnation!

And here, he could accompany the endless years and wander the river of time. It was as if he was walking with the people in the past reincarnation. There was joy and sadness.

But in the end, it was all in the past and could not be returned.

He Chuan slowly walked out of the river of time and returned to the real world.

He sat on the Divine Sword, and the Divine Sword carried him as it sped toward the depths of the world.

He Chuan disappeared in front of everyone.

No one knew where he went.

All that was left behind was a legend that seemed like a dream but not an illusion!

= End of the book =

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