I Can Accumulate Proficiency, Starting from Alchemy

Chapter 37 - 37: Nine Dragons Store
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Chapter 37: Chapter 37: Nine Dragons Store

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Little Lingxu Peak.

In the courtyard, inside the quiet room.

A young man in his thirties was sitting cross-legged on a cushion. Ln front of him was an octagonal golden pill furnace.

The pill furnace was large, taking up an area of about two meters and standing taller than a person.

From the eight corners of the furnace, each corner was inlaid with two Spirit Stones.

The young man’s hands were pressed on the mana input port of the pill furnace, his eyes closed, sensing the state of the pill within the furnace.

Fine beads of sweat oozed from his face. Apparently, this batch of pills wasn’t easy for him to create.

At some moment.

The young man, with his eyes closed, suddenly opened them, a glimpse of joy flashing through his pupils.


The crucial moment of pill fusion had passed, but it still required careful work to fully form the pill.

The young man didn’t take it lightly; instead, he continued to keep it steady. This was a detailed approach formed through his years of rich alchemy experience.

One incense stickworth time passed.

The young man retracted his hands from the pili furnace and let out a slow breath.


He opened the lid of the pill furnace. Inside, there was a single pill quietly placed.

The pill was half gold and half silver, about the thickness of a finger. It was naturally round and contained a sense of ‘perfection.1

The young man squinted at the perfect pill in the furnace, slightly infatuated.

“Finally, I’ve successfully refined the Gold and Silver Pill.”

“It wasn’t easy.”

“Just the spiritual medicines and grasses used for making this pill cost about ten Spirit Stones. The refining process required at least five pounds of Spirit Sand and eight Spirit Stones. So, just the material cost was twenty-three Spirit Stones, which is incredibly expensive.”

“But, once refined successfully, the profits are also huge?’

“This pill is highly esteemed even by those at the ninth level of Qi Refining. It has miraculous effects in tempering mana.”

“The market price is two medium-grade Spirit Stones, equivalent to around 200 low-grade Spirit Stones.”

The young man was, of course, Han Yi.

This time, he spent a thousand low-grade Spirit Stones to obtain a special Pill Formula, the Gold and Silver Pill Formula.

Before this successful refinement, he had already spoiled three furnaces of Gold and Silver Pill.

Even with his current “Fire is Purely Green’’ Alchemy Skill, to waste three furnace attempts demonstrated the difficulty in refining such a pill. Furthermore, each furnace only produced one pill, indicating the pill’s low success rate.

Han Yi took out a jade bottle, carefully placed the half gold and half silver pill into it, and carefully stored it in the storage bag.


He put away the octagonal golden pill furnace as well.

He purchased this pill furnace with a significant amount of money, specifically to refine more valuable pills.

The Gold and Silver Pill was just his first step; his next plan was to try obtaining a Foundation Establishment Pill Formula and attempt to refine the Foundation Establishment Pill.

However, the price of the Foundation Establishment Pill Formula far exceeded that of the Gold and Silver Pill, and the raw materials were even more expensive. It wasn’t something he could afford at the moment, so he put it aside for now.

“So far, 1 can refine seven types of pills: Nurturing Qi Pill, Exorcise Evil Spirits Pill, Breaking Stage Pill, Focus Pill, Fusion Qi Pill, Spirit-sensing Pill, and Gold and Silver Pill.”

“The next step is to find the Foundation Establishment Pill Formula.”

“But over the years, no Foundation Establishment Pill Formula has ever appeared in the sect’s inner Peak market. It may be very difficult.”

“Forget it, things will work out naturally. Right now, even if I could refine a Foundation Establishment Pill, the success rate would be very low.”

“Moreover, even if I successfully refine the Foundation Establishment Pili, 1 wouldn’t dare to sell it.”

“There’s no need to rush.”

If the inner disciples were to hear Han Yi’s words, they’d probably vomit blood.

It’s extremely difficult to refine a Foundation Establishment Pill, and only the true disciples, deacons, or elders who were at the Foundation Establishment Stage could do so even within the inner sect. Yet, a disciple at the sixth level of Qi Refining from the outer sect like him dared to mention a success rate.

After preparing the materials for refining pills in his quiet room, Han Yi left the courtyard and headed directly to the Inner Peak of Red Sun Peak.

His purpose for this trip was to visit one of the three markets located in the Inner Peak of Red Sun Peak, the Red Sun Fang Market.

In the northwest corner of Red Sun Peak, there was an isolated and enclosed group of buildings, which was the Red Sun Fang Market.

As Han Yi entered, he took a mask out of his storage bag and put it on his face.

This kind of mask could be used in the market to shield one’s aura, making it difficult for others to discern one’s cultivation level. It was available for sale in the market.

Of course.

You could also trade openly without wearing a mask. According to Han Yi’s observation, those sect Foundation Establishment stage powerhouses rarely wore masks; they were confident in their own strength.

Furthermore, there were only so many Foundation Establishment stage cultivators in the sect. Even with a mask, people could still recognize you by the details, so it was better not to wear it at all.

Han Yi had two purposes for this visit.

One was to sell the pills and the other was to purchase a magic treasure.

Moreover, the way he sold pills this time was different from before.

Nine Dragons Shop.

Han Yi took out the pills he had accumulated during this period of refining and placed them in front of the shopkeeper.

The shopkeeper was a stooped old man in his seventies, surnamed He.

However, Han Yi did not dare to underestimate this He-surnamed shopkeeper even though he was old; He was a cultivator at the ninth level of Qi Refining and appeared harmless on the surface, but Han Yi had witnessed his swift and decisive side.

“Eh, Gold and Silver Pills?”

The He-surnamed shopkeeper fixated on one of rhe jade bottles.

Han Yi only saw a blur, the jade bottle containing the Gold and Silver Pills had already reached the hands of the He-surnamed shopkeeper. His quick movement left Han Yi with no time to react, but Han Yi did not show any change in his demeanor.

After pouringout the pills and inspecting them, the He-surnamed shopkeeper looked satisfied.

“Not bad, really not bad.”

“To be able to refine Gold and Silver Pills, Fellow Daoist is indeed remarkable.”

The He-surnamed shopkeeper set aside the Gold and Silver Pills and went on to appraise the other types of pills.

A moment later.

“The Gold and Silver Pills are worth two hundred spirit stones in the market. As you know, the discounted price here is 8o%, but considering the decent quality of the pill and the increasing demand recently, you may get a slightly better bargain at 175 spirit stones.”

“Spirit Merging Pills are worth eight spirit stones in the market, Spirit Sensing Pills are worth six spirit stones, Focus Pills…’1

“The standard quality Exorcise Evil Spirits Pills have had their market price adjusted slightly higher, reaching 32 spirit stones…”

Calculations moved rapidly through the He-surnamed shopkeeper’s mind, and he quickly quoted the price for all the pills.

Han Yi listened quietly without any objections.

This shop, located in the Inner Peak Market, was named ‘Nine Dragons’ and was rumored to be related to the Fu-surnamed Golden Core stage cultivator from the Inner Peak. Its reputation was quite good.

Han Yi thought back to the Golden Core stage cultivator he had encountered several years ago on Little Lingxu Peak, who had exterminated the True Body of the Heavenly Demon.

That cultivator’s surname was Fu, and he also used the Nine Dragons Divine Fire Cover as a magic treasure.

The information matched, and Han Yi guessed it was him.

It was only over four months ago that he had considered following this path.

That was because his channels for selling pills were becoming more and more limited.

As his alchemy skills grew stronger, the pills he produced increased in both quantity and quality.

Meanwhile, his own cultivation needs, such as spirit stones, were also in increasingly high demand.

Reliance on female cultivators from the Small Guanhai Peak for purchase and setting up stalls in the Inner Peak Market was time-consuming and labor-intensive, and the risk was spread thin.

In the end, after making various inquiries, Han Yi decided to sell most of his pills at a discounted price to the Nine Dragons Shop.

This was his third visit.

Although the Nine Dragons Shop significantly lowered the prices, they did not have any underhanded practices, which met Han Yi’s requirements..

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