I Become Karna With a Million Times Crit System In Mahabharata.

Chapter 190 188. The Curiosity To Know The Unknown
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Chapter 190 188. The Curiosity To Know The Unknown

'That was…easy!?'

Ganesha who was seated in the tree branch not far away spoke up seeing everything was settling down.

He was indeed surprised by the feat of Karna as he was able to incapacitate 3 of the strongest warriors this Yuga known of as toddler.

Dave given that warriors were not prepared for the attack nor they did not expect threat from the boy they jumped up to protect but fact remain that a child who not even learn how to use spiritual power was able to make them unconscious.

This made the Ganesha who was also considered the god of wisdom the one who was supposed to learn all knowledge and secrets of the universe excited because now there is something new to learn.

For someone like him who also loves to search and know about everything to degree that he at this point knows pretty much everything, This is like a dream coming true.

He now gets to search and know about the previously unknown power and so he can add that knowledge in his already vast understanding and wisdom.

"Huh!? There is something new?"

He wanted to leave and follow Karna when he saw him leave to learn more about him when he sensed the another presence in the miasma which hated his moment.

Others did not see it inside but he saw it. He saw how that little thing just opened her mouth and started devouring the deadly miasma around her, not only that he also saw a strange thing.

He could not able to identify which species this beast belonged to, showing him that there is another new thing he does not know about that he could learn, And so he sat back and started to observe the action of the fox.

When she ate pretty much everything she raise her head high and howled towards the sky.

'That…What kinda beast is that?'

Ganesha saw it all, making him frown and even question what kind of strange beast he was seeing. It's not only a beast he has never seen before but a beast that is not following any rules that were all other beasts follow no matter which faction they belong to.

He saw what that fox did, Unlike what other thought that that's was going through the breakthrough and that us why there was such a surge in power before it was closed down, Ganesha totally different thing.

He saw as that fox raised her head high, The stars in the cosmos moved under her will and the to the astonishment of his, That power of stars that said to mystery to even himself was poured in her mouth.

That surge of power they felt before was caused by the sudden arrival of the power of stars which make it more terrifying than it already was.

This fox ate the power of stars as it was nothing, This is a thing that even stunned Ganesha. Before he was curious because of his nature but now he was hooked. He now really desperately wanted to study them.

Because if this off can ate star power without any worry then she somehow has to relate to the stars making her the most knowable person who can tell him about the secret of stars.

So of course when Narada suggested to kill the beast when it was in it's weak state, Even though knowing what Narada said is betterment for the world Ganesha who supposedly had the most understanding about this god felt angry.

It was first time he felt this way, He agree to the principles of Narada. Equilibrium in the powers is the key to a stable and peaceful world but for some reason he just couldn't accept his idea of doing what he was saying to do.

Because they already destroyed that equilibrium, All the strong Asura who can able to stand against Deva toe-to-tel are either killed or locked deep in the netherworld.

There is no equilibrium in power, No there is illusion of it, Deva almost controls everything, All actual power is in the hands of Deva including most of the luxury world has to offer.

So there is no way Narada was actually thinking about peace, No his motive was definitely something else trying to cover it with the greater good facade.

Before he didn't care about that as a normal innocent people and beings were not involved in their politics but this time he felt like Narada was not right..

He for the first time had a strong urge to oppose Narada even though he believe what Narada preached. It's a weird feeling of state but this was what most mattered to him.

And for that even if he had opposed the man he respected and agreed with, He was ready to do it.

Thankfully they saw it was a small fox and even thought that that fox failed the breakthrough so they did not take seriously to the threat seriously.

Though Ganesha knows that he should go there and reveal what he saw so they can make fine decisions knowing all the data but he doesn't feel like doing so.

He just stands on the tree branch once again eating the sweets that no one knows where he got them. It's just that he was eating sweets looking at the fox and what she was doing.

Normally seeing a beast eating the power like that was surprising to him but seeing what this fox was capable of, He was least bit surprised by her capability to eat that many volatile powers.


"Bhrata, What was happening out there?"

Little Shushala tugged her brother's cloth and asked in her cute sweet voice, being both curious and worried.

She is not dumb, When she heard that blast and then wave after wave of terrible feeling they felt, She will not be satisfied by simple explanation of her brother saying there was mock fighting going on out there between Mahamahim and Kripachrya.

After all she saw them do mock fighting, It was strong and powerful but never to this degree, This did not feel like mock fighting at all, It was real fighting and not on the small scale at all.

Someone as strong if not stronger than Mahamahim were fighting out there and they were just a few distance away from the centre of it.

"*Sigh* Don't worry Shushala, We are safe here, This whole place of purs are protected by the chanting and incarnation, Even if battle out there takes a worse turn, We will be fine."

Duryodhana, seeing he can't fool his sister, decided to tell the truth. He really doesn't know what is happening out there, Who is fighting who or why they are even fighting in the first place.

Yeah, there is speculation of his that they are fighting out there or getting Karna who jawakenedaken some super stronger power or talent but that is just speculation.

He still thinks that Mahamhim and Kripacharya are just letting themselves go all out to stretch their muscles, Though he thinks this is highly unlikely but that is the thing happening right now that he thinks is happening outside.

And he didn't lie, This place is indeed safe. After all this whole palace is made for the Princes and Princess to live. They did not spare anything for their protection of their.

The walls here and chanted and then inscribed with many protection spells and arrays to keep them safe here, This place can even take one full-blown attack from Mahamahim Bhishma himself.

So the protection factor of this place can't be questioned. It's just he didn't know the one who fighting out there are way stronger than Bhishma, If not for them keeping together making sure others do not get harmed and having protection of others.

This place have been collapsed long ago, turning into nothing more than dust clouds.

"Okay, But what about others?"

Sushsla heard the words of her elder brother but other than being relaxed she panicked even more, Could not able to help but ask out this question.

"Who else? All our brothers are here inside this place safe and sound and for others it ais also the same case."

Duryodhana is as smart as he is. When it comes to thoughts like this he becomes the slowest of the bunch to get the hint.

Sushala hearing the words of her elder brother could not help but be annoyed by him. How can her brother not understand who she was talking about? Didn't his words just answer him who she was asking about?

She was torrid about Karna since she felt the first wave of the power, Last time she saw him he had collapsed because of exhaustion, Which means he should still be in the royal chamber.

It's just that place is as if not even more secured then this place, And yet for some reason she was not convinced that Karna is safe. It's a weird type of dual emotion.

On one hand she knows he will be fine, after all he has to be he is Karna but on other hand she is worried that he is in trouble because he has to be, He is Karna, trouble and he go hand in hand.

'Hope he is alright, He still owes me a dress.'

Sushala looked out of the window , not answering the question of a brother praying in her heart for his safety.

Which is a good thing because he is going to need it. There was another storm waiting for him at home.

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