Hitman With A Badass System

Chapter 1182 A quest from the Beast Tamers
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Chapter 1182 A quest from the Beast Tamers

Back in the Ironfist Beast Tamers branch, the scene was one of recovery and repair. Amid the bustling activity, Michael and Gaya approached a tall, tattooed elven young man at the counter.

"Good day," the young man greeted with a polite nod. "How may I assist you?"

Michael glanced around at the remnants of chaos caused by the eagle bear, then back at the elf. "Pretty rough day you've had, huh?" he commented casually.

"Yes, indeed," the young man replied with a sigh. "An incident like today's is extremely rare. We're already taking steps to ensure it never happens again."

His eyes then shifted to Vedora perched on Gaya's shoulder. "That's a beautiful creature you have there," he remarked with genuine interest.

Gaya chuckled lightly, "They are as beautiful as they are troublesome."

Ayag hissed softly at Gaya's comment but remained quiet.

Michael offered a warm smile, "Thank you. We're actually here to meet Borgin Ironfist. Could you arrange that for us?"

The young elf's demeanor shifted slightly, betraying his surprise. "I'm afraid Borgin doesn't meet anyone without a prior appointment," he responded, maintaining his politeness.

"Is there any way to secure such an appointment with your guild leader?" Michael inquired about the process to secure an appointment with Borgin.

"Borgin Ironfist values strength and prowess. To gain his attention, you'll need to demonstrate these qualities." The young elf explained.

Then, he reached for a yellow parchment on the counter and unfolded it before them.

"Here's a request from Goddess Seshat's army," he began, pointing at the document. "They need help catching a rogue griffin terrorizing the forest outskirts. Completing this could certainly catch Borgin's interest."

As the elf spoke, his gaze lingered on Michael and Gaya, sensing there was more to them than meets the eye.

Gaya leaned in towards Michael, whispering, "This is a waste of time. Let's wait for nightfall, break into Borgin's chambers, and convince him our way if he refuses to cooperate."

Michael subtly shook his head, dismissing her suggestion, while the young elf, oblivious to their whispered strategy, waited expectantly for their response. "We'll take it," Michael nodded at the elf before taking the parchment from the elf's hand.

Walking away from the young elf, Michael voiced his decision to accept the quest. "Why are we playing these games? We could just confront Borgin directly." Gaya asked, clutching his hand.

Michael, with a light chuckle, appreciated her usual direct approach. "It's not just about meeting Borgin," he explained. "I noticed something earlier with the eagle bear. Your presence seemed to affect it. I want to explore this further, see if your influence extends to other creatures."

He continued, "This task gives us a chance to understand your powers as a goddess better. Plus, Borgin could be a valuable ally. Let's try diplomacy first."

Gaya let out a sigh, her features relaxing into a playful smirk. "Alright, your way first. But if it doesn't pan out, we're doing it my way," she said, cracking her knuckles with a mischievous glint in her eyes. Stepping out into the bustling street, Gaya suggested, "We can't fly there, so let's find some horses or something." They strolled down the busy avenue, their eyes scanning for a suitable mode of transport.

Suddenly, Michael spotted a carriage and a young boy calling out, "Travelers to Gorgon village, gather 'round!" Michael noted to Gaya, "The forest with the griffin is on the way to Gorgon."

They approached the carriage, a quaint vehicle loaded with hay and various goods, and paid the required fare to the boy. Climbing aboard, they settled atop the hay, surrounded by an assortment of items ranging from woven baskets to sealed crates, creating a rustic and snug atmosphere inside the carriage.

Eventually, the carriage creaked into motion, trundling out of the city walls. The landscape outside transformed into rolling grasslands, dotted with wildflowers and the occasional tree, the serenity a stark contrast to the city's hustle.

The carriage's driver, an old man with a weathered face, turned to them and asked curiously, "Where might you two be headed?" Beside him, his young helper listened intently.

"We're off to handle the griffin troubling the forest near your village." Michael replied casually.

The old man raised an eyebrow, a mix of surprise and respect in his eyes, while the boy's eyes widened in awe. "Brave souls," the driver mused, turning his attention back to the road ahead as the carriage continued its steady journey through the peaceful countryside.

The young boy, wide-eyed with fascination, asked, "Aren't you guys afraid?"

Gaya laughed heartily, "Trust me, kid, we've handled worse."

"You two are so cool," the boy remarked with genuine admiration.

Michael, joining in the laughter, advised, "Don't try to fight something just because it seems cool, kid."

The driver, an older man with a voice seasoned by experience, nodded in agreement. "That's right Franki. Folks like us shouldn't be resorting to violence." he said to the boy.

The boy, not easily dissuaded, retorted, "Tell that to the villagers killed by that griffin."

"Can you tell us more about the beast and its attacks?" Michael asked, seizing the opportunity to gather information. The driver and the boy exchanged a glance before the driver began recounting a particularly chilling encounter. "Well, there was this one time," he started, "a group of Seshat's soldiers were patrolling the forest at night..."

The boy chimed in, his voice tinged with both fear and excitement. "Yeah, they thought they were safe, but the griffin... it just swooped down from the darkness. It was so stealthy, they didn't even hear it coming."

The driver continued, "The beast was cunning, alright. It attacked from the shadows, picking off the soldiers one by one. It's not just strong; it's brutal and smart."

Michael listened intently, piecing together the griffin's capabilities from their story. Intrigued, Michael inquired, "Do you know anything about the griffin's cultivation stage?"

The boy's face lit up with excitement as he shared what he had heard. "Rumors from the beast tamers say it's in the Elemental Attunement Realm, and it can unleash icy breaths."

"So, it has chosen the water element," Michael deduced, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

Gaya, always quick to contribute, added, "Then we can counter it with fire."

The driver, wise from years of experience, offered a cautionary note. "Don't underestimate this creature. The only reason it's quiet today is because it attacked last night. It won't hunt again with a full belly."

The boy gave a nervous chuckle, "It's a bit sick, but it's the truth."

Gaya smirked, "Smart beast, but that's not foolproof." Her confidence was evident in her tone, hinting at the battle-readiness she felt.

As the carriage trundled along, the dense forest under the starlit sky enveloped them in its quiet embrace. Gaya, peering out at the darkening surroundings, turned to Michael, "Shouldn't we rest or camp for the night?"

The driver shook his head firmly, his eyes fixed on the path ahead. "We don't camp out here. Lighting a fire might draw the griffin's attention," he explained in a low voice.

"We need to reach the village while the griffin is still digesting its last meal. It's safer that way." Franki said..

Just then, Sarba tugged gently at Gaya's ear. "I'm hearing something," he whispered, his tone laced with urgency.

Gaya, understanding the seriousness of Sarba's enhanced senses, exchanged a quick, knowing glance with Michael, signaling him without alarming the driver and the boy.

Suddenly, a loud, echoing peal cut through the silence of the night. The driver's hands tightened on the reins, and the boy's face drained of color as he stuttered, "It can't be..."

Without hesitation, Michael instructed the driver to stop. Stepping out of the carriage, he approached the front and addressed the visibly shaken pair. "Go on without stopping," he said firmly. "We'll handle whatever comes our way."

As Michael and Gaya prepared to confront the unseen danger, the boy and driver hesitated, torn between fear and a sense of obligation. "Can't we help in some way?" the boy asked, his voice trembling slightly.

Gaya, with a mischievous glint in her eye, chuckled. "Yeah, we could use you as bait," she said, her tone darkly playful.

The boy's eyes widened in alarm. "What?" he exclaimed, taken aback.

"Just kidding," Gaya replied with a smirk, her laughter echoing in the quiet forest. Taking control of the situation, Michael turned to the driver. "Go as fast as you can," he instructed firmly. He then gave the horses a reassuring pat, sending them galloping down the path, away from the impending danger.

In his hand, Michael conjured a small orb of fire and used it to ignite a torch he had grabbed from the carriage. He held it aloft, its flickering light piercing the darkness around them, serving as a beacon to draw the griffin's attention.

The pealing sound grew louder and closer, resonating through the forest, signaling the imminent arrival of the griffin. Michael and Gaya stood ready, the torch's flame casting long, dancing shadows as they awaited the beast's approach.

Gaya, with a hint of annoyance in her voice, muttered about the inconvenience of hunting unprepared. "I hate going into a fight without knowing what I'm up against," she grumbled.

Ayag, always cautious, chimed in from her perch. "Remember, you need to stay safe and hidden since you haven't adapted to this world's cultivation or unlocked your godhood yet."

"I've faced off against worse in the Celestial Valley," she retorted, her voice laced with confidence.

Sarba, ever the voice of reason, interjected softly. "Those creatures held back, trying to figure out your power. This griffin might not be so considerate."

Acknowledging Sarba's wisdom, Gaya let out a resigned sigh. "Fine," she conceded, moving toward a nearby tree. "I'll provide some air support then," she declared, positioning herself strategically.

Meanwhile, Michael, ever ready for a challenge, stretched his neck from side to side, releasing the tension. A determined glint appeared in his eyes as he eyed the approaching shadow in the distance. "Come to papa," he murmured, a mixture of anticipation and readiness evident in his tone.


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