Global Game: AFK In The Zombie Apocalypse Game

Chapter 1921 - 1921 Mock’s Secret Engraving
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1921 Mock’s Secret Engraving

So, if they could find the exact route that the Holy Court would take to invade the Enkama Empire and give chase in advance, they might be able to resolve the problem completely.

After repairing and reactivating the space-tearing device, the vampires descended onto the battlefield to establish dominance in the air!

At that time, every move of the Holy Court would be exposed to him!

While waiting, Fang Heng checked the game information to see if the Holy Court would play any tricks in the Jones Kingdom.

Following Dani’s advice, Fang Heng was more cautious.

Previously, the cooperation between the Jones Kingdom and the Holy Court had been single-handedly promoted by the imperial uncle.

Anthea had just learned a lot of information from the imperial uncle’s trusted subordinates and was still sorting it out.

“World Lord Fang Heng, we’ve followed your hint and gathered the information left behind by the imperial uncle. As you expected, the imperial uncle was already influenced by the Holy Court before the war between the Enkama Empire and the Holy Court. He has started a close cooperation with the Holy Court, and most of this cooperation is private.”

Anthea pushed the door open and entered. The two guards behind her each carried a thick pile of documents.

During the inspection, Anthea found a large part of the problematic information. After sorting out the information, she handed it to Fang Heng.

It was now certain that the imperial uncle’s spirit was being guided by the Holy Court.

It couldn’t be said that he was completely controlled, but many of his actions were subtly influenced.

Anthea gestured for her guards to place two thick stacks of documents on Fang Heng’s desk. Finally, she took out the top stack of documents and handed it to Fang Heng. “This document is related to the recent actions of the Holy Court. You might be interested.”

Fang Heng looked through the information and found something interesting. He looked confused and asked, “Mock’s secret engravings? Do you know what this is?”

“The Enkama Empire’s land of gifts, the Mork Temple. There, you will receive additional bonuses if you cultivate necromancy. There are additional bonuses if you practice necromancy in the Enkama Empire. It is said that there is a mysterious undead power that constantly surges out from the ground on this continent.”

“The Enkama Empire is the source of this mysterious energy, and the Mork Temple can gather this energy.”

“As for Mock’s secret engraving.” Anthea continued to explain, “It’s a secret engraving that was born a long time ago. It also has a special power that can guide the power of the undead.”

“We spent a lot of effort to find this rune some time ago. The Holy Court has been urging the imperial uncle to find similar runes. It seems that the secret runes are very useful to them.”

Anthea said as she placed a secret engraving on the desk and pushed it toward Fang Heng.

“This is the secret engraving we obtained from the imperial uncle.”

From the outside, Mock’s secret engravings were just a coin-shaped metal object.

The patterns were different from all the alchemy magic arrays he had found before.

The game hint flashed quickly on his retina.

[Hint: Player has obtained an item, Mock’s secret engraving]

[Item: Mock’s secret engravings]

[Level: Unknown]

[Description: A coin of unknown quality with special engravings engraved on it. It seems to have some special power.]

[Description: When the player is in the game world of Ciboreya, the player will receive an additional 10% experience points from practicing necromancy. When the player is in the Mork Temple, the player will receive an additional 20% experience points from practicing necromancy. (All effects can only be triggered when the player is below the master level of necromancy.)]

[Description: ???]

[Description: This item is a special quest item. It cannot be destroyed or brought out of the Ciboreya game world. It will drop upon death.]

[Hint: This item is a special item and cannot be appraised by the player.]

[Hint: Player’s current special mission has been triggered, Mock’s secret engraving]

[Mission name: Mock’s secret engraving]

[Mission difficulty: None]

[Mission Description: You have unintentionally obtained Mock’s secret engraving. Legend has it that the secret engraving may be associated to the game world of Ciboreya. You can further explore it.]

[Mission Additional Description: You heard that the Holy Court is also investigating information related to secret engravings. You might be able to use this as a breakthrough point to explore.]

[Mission Additional Description: You have heard that there is far more than one secret engraving. Perhaps you can try to obtain more secret engravings and discover the connection between them. Use this as a progress to explore.]

Fang Heng glanced at the game hint that appeared on his retina, and the confusion in his eyes deepened.

“Mock’s secret engravings…”

He recalled the recent mention by Feudal Lord Dani regarding the secrets of the Ciboreya game world.

Was the Holy Court looking for this thing?

“Alright, I understand. You can depart first.”


Fang Heng examined the survival radio again and decided to go offline for the time being. He would figure out a way to contact Feudal Lord Dani and inquire about the situation.

“What? The frontline of the Ciboreya game world? Doing something significant? Facing the Holy Court head-on? Brother Fang has already gone there?”

Upon hearing this, Ji Xiaobo was shocked and he immediately jumped up and took swift action.

He had recently heard some rumors about the Ciboreya game world.

Upon learning the news that Fang Heng had requested his support for the exploration of the Ciboreya game world, he was pleasantly surprised and hurriedly went to join.

Ji Xiaobo thought to himself that Brother Fang was quite decisive.

On the surface, he maintained a calm demeanor, saying one step at a time.

But when it came to dealing with the Holy Court, he showed no mercy.

It seemed like he preferred to silently accomplish significant tasks.

Sure enough, when the war broke out between the Ciboreya game world and the Holy Court, Brother Fang hurriedly rushed over to help.

Heh, quite a hypocritical guy…

Ji Xiaobo felt exceptionally excited. After entering the game, he headed straight for the royal family of the Enkama Empire.

Considering the information they had interpreted from various historical records with Sandy, the great holy sword was likely connected to some ancient legends of the Empire.

There was a high probability that the relevant information could be discovered in the records of the royal family of the Enkama Empire.

Given his ‘noble’ status in the Necromancer Association, finding a way to enter the royal family and search for information wouldn’t be a problem.

On the other side, Li Qingran had just led a team to resist a wave of Holy Court attacks.

After catching her breath, several pieces of unpleasant news arrived in succession.

Four towns in the Enkama Empire had fallen into the hands of the Holy Court.

Regrettably, the difference in strength between the two sides was too great for her to bridge alone.

Li Qingran had gone without sleep for over 20 hours. Coupled with the extended period of high-intensity mental focus, her body was unusually fatigued.

She needed some time to rest.

Before logging off, Li Qingran took a moment to check the mission hint.

She knew the situation wasn’t favorable.

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