Global Dungeon: My Support Is Too Strong

Chapter 776 - 776 Finale (Part 2)
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Chapter 776 - 776 Finale (Part 2)

The aura of life was everywhere.

Lu Benwei sniffed the intoxicating air and felt extremely comfortable. His pores opened and closed, breathing in and out the essence of the sun, moon, and plants.

“What a dense life aura!” Lu Benwei sighed.

At this moment, Lu Benwei suddenly realized that the life under his feet had all withered.

“What’s going on?”

He frowned and soon, he realized that wherever he passed by, the life essence would be taken away by him.

“What’s going on?” Lu Benwei could not help but shiver.


A loud sound exploded beside his ears, like the beating of a drum in the divine court, deafening the ear.

The life essence of all living beings was drained away because of him, like a world-destroying plague that swept across the earth.


Lu Benwei continued to retreat, wanting to avoid this tragedy.

However, the mountains, rivers, sun, moon, and plants all seemed to come alive and moved with Lu Benwei. At the same time, they were also losing their life essence.


The deafening sound that sounded like the beating of a drum in the divine court rang out again. The world collapsed, and Lu Benwei was exiled to eternal darkness!

In the boundless darkness, there was only eternal coldness and loneliness. Lu Benwei seemed to have been exiled to the wilderness of the universe, and not a single star could be seen.

He kept groping in this eternal darkness, trying to find the way back. However, Lu Benwei could not feel the passage of time.

A second ago, it was like a white colt passing through a crack, a glance of ten thousand years.

At this moment, it was as if he was dreaming of a butterfly. It was a big dream. After an endless sleep, it was all in vain.

“How could this be?”

Lu Benwei began to think about the reason.

“I have the Death Stigma in my body, and it has destructive power. It’s also because of it that my level and battle prowess have skyrocketed.”

After a pause, Lu Benwei thought of something.

“I heard from Wang Yiruo that the house I stayed in before I was exiled hid the secrets of the Holy Angel Family. They have existed since before the disaster, and they have been living for years.

“The previous heads of state of the Dragon Kingdom seem to have survived in this world through some kind of secret technique. This is beyond human understanding. No medicine or formations can do it. The only thing that can do it is the power of the stigma!”

Lu Benwei deduced the cause and effect and came to a conclusion – Life Stigma!

There was a Life Stigma hidden underground! It was also because of the collision between the Life Stigma and the Death Stigma that Lu Benwei was exiled to this chaotic area.

A second ago, it was like a white colt passing through a crack, a glance of ten thousand years.

Desolation, boundless, this was chaos, without any hope!

This was chaos! It was as if he was lost in an ancient universe!


Lu Benwei muttered to himself as he continued to deduce. He was extremely calm.

“It’s not like I don’t have the power of chaos.”

His body contained the powers of light and darkness, representing destruction and rebirth respectively.

In the end, Lu Benwei sat down cross-legged. His dark and light bloodlines circulated together and fused in his body. They sang at the same time, producing a brilliant Chaos Divine Light that played a gorgeous movement in the eternal darkness.

His body was transparent like a glass, and the Chaos Divine Light that bloomed was like a lamp in this desolate universe, guiding the way forward.

Lu Benwei followed this direction and began to move forward. Finally, he found a river. It was the river of time.

The only difference was that this river of time was his!

Lu Benwei started from the source and looked at the path he had taken. At first, he thought that he was lonely. No one could accompany Lu Benwei on his path to becoming stronger.

However, the reality was different. Every step that Lu Benwei left behind was followed by someone – Chu Yan!

Lu Benwei traced back to the river of time and realized that Chu Yan was following behind him at every step, slowly pursuing him.

At first, she was like an observer, observing Lu Benwei’s every move. Later, she followed Lu Benwei’s footsteps step by step.

Chu Yan had followed in Lu Benwei’s footsteps. She had been to the Dark Moon Secret Realm and the Icy Plains. Every step she took was behind Lu Benwei.

“Chu Yan…” Lu Benwei murmured, softly calling Chu Yan’s name.

The river of time continued to move forward. Not long after, the monsters broke through Dragon City and descended to the earth, taking the girl’s life.

He knew that it was fake, but the pain in his heart was real.

“Monsters, I’ll expel you! I want to protect everything! Protect my lover!”

Lu Benwei made up his mind and went against the current, tempering himself at every time.

After a dazzling light, Lu Benwei returned to reality! The first thing he did was grab the girl’s hand.


It was as if the world had collapsed and exploded in the sky.

“Lu Benwei, come and die!”

Two voices rolled down from the sky like thunder.

The ancestors of the monsters, the Dark Monster Progenitor and the Light Monster Progenitor had attacked the Dragon Kingdom!

Lu Benwei’s expression immediately turned cold as he soared into the sky!

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!”

At this moment, Lu Benwei’s faith was already invincible. Facing these two unbelievably powerful monster progenitors, Lu Benwei held the determination to win and launched an earth-shattering decisive battle with them!


The birth of the Bronze Temple triggered the power of the world’s laws.

In the next second, the ground cracked. All kinds of nomological powers surged over from all directions.

The Death Stigma appeared at the same time, and the power of death that it emitted was like an ocean that covered the sky and earth.

At the same time, the Life Stigma buried here also appeared. The life essence was as dazzling as the sun.

When the two combined, an invincible power erupted.

The Light Monster Progenitor and the Dark Monster Progenitor attacked at the same time. The monstrous fluctuations swept across the area! Their casual attacks created a very violent scene as if they were splitting the sky and earth.

Lu Benwei first stabilized this place before using his killer move to take the heads of the two progenitors.

“Ant-like humans dare to dream of becoming enemies with us! We’re already invincible in the world!”

“Die!” the Light Monster Progenitor’s eyes were about to pop out of their sockets as he roared.

“It’s because of us humans working together that you can be trapped in the star field forever!” Lu Benwei replied coldly, his aura suppressing the universe.

“Since you claim to be invincible, then I’ll kill until no one in the world dares to claim to be supreme!”

“Kill them!”

“Kill them!”

Both sides roared at the same time, and the nine heavens and ten lands trembled.

The thousand-year war between humans and monsters would come to an end after this battle. There were still too many unsolved mysteries in the world waiting for Lu Benwei to resolve.

Now, only by dealing with the two progenitors in front of him could he unlock his future path.

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