Fey Evolution Merchant

Chapter 2800 - 2800 Sacred Golden Wind Nest!
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2800 Sacred Golden Wind Nest!

Listen was Lin Yuan’s manager when it came to resources. He knew better than anyone how Lin Yuan’s resources were allocated.

If Lin Yuan had given him these resources, he would have been able to turn them into unimaginable riches.

Listen asked himself if he could do the same if he were in Lin Yuan’s position, and he knew that he could not.

His fate was changed when he swore to Lin Yuan on his Willpower Rune.

At that time, he had been blindly trying to keep the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce afloat.

At that time, the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce had not even been a rising faction and had been under the thumb of the Zheng family’s third lineage.

His life had even been endangered.

It was all because his ancestors had bought a large piece of land near the shallow sea that hindered the Zheng family’s third lineage’s development.

After Listen joined Lin Yuan’s camp and watched Lin Yuan’s growth, he became fully aware of how Sky City had grown step by step into such a gargantuah entity under Lin Yuan’s management.

Back then, Lin Yuan had been hiding the fact that he was the Moon Empress’ disciple and hat single-handedly helped him to take on the Zheng family.

During that process, Lin Yuan had done a lot for him.

This was because the Zheng family had also been connected to the top faction Connected Beast Park.

Listen did not believe that he was valuable enough to warrant taking on a top faction.

All that he had today came from Lin Yuan.

Listen never denied his talent.

But without the opportunities that came from Lin Yuan, he would never be able to accomplish such training with his own abilities.

Listen was genuinely grateful to Lin Yuan. Because of Lin Yuan, Listen’s horizons were continuously expanded, and his dreams were continuously broadened.

At first, he wanted to continue developing the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce. Then, he wanted to develop the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce from a veteran to a top faction. Now, he wanted to expand the Listening Heron Chamber of Commerce beyond the Radiance Federation’s borders.

He started by helping Lin Yuan organize the Startling Lines Continent’s resources. Eventually, he began allocating the resources of the entire main world. Now, Lin Yuan was setting his sights on the Sky Beyond the Clouds.

Listen was very willing to help Lin Yuan overcome obstacles in the Sky Beyond the Clouds and be the best subordinate he could be.

“There are some federations with very problematic internal affairs. These problems are the real reasons for their terrible conditions. Some of these issues are linked to the foundations of these federations and can’t be fixed manually. These federations will eventually disappear into history. The Green Island Federation that you asked me to look after is also experiencing such problems.”

Lin Yuan had indeed asked Listen to look after the Green Continent Federation. However, Lin Yuan did not understand its true condition.

Lin Yuan was busy every day and did not have the energy to spend on other matters.

Lin Yuan nodded at Listen to signal to him to continue talking.

The Astronomical Parliament parliamentary meeting was going to be held tomorrow.

Listen did not have a good impression of Peace. He saw her as a classic black sheep.

At first, Wen Yu had helped Peace a few times. Then, he helped her several times too. However, she did not improve in the slightest. Peace also participated in the Major Federation Union meetings of recent years.

The Moon Empress had given the federations advice during the Major Federation Meetings, but it was clear that Peace had not taken the Moon Empress’ words to heart.

At first, the Green Continent Federation had encountered geographic issues that restricted their development.

Later, the Green Continent Federation moved into a better area and started relying on a federation with a Class 5 Creation Master.

Peace intentionally revealed her relationship with Lin Yuan.

Regardless of whether she did it to protect the Green Continent Federation, this crossed the line in Listen’s mind.

If Peace had not done this, the Green Continent Federation’s land would already have been taken over by the surrounding federations.

All of the main world’s federations had offered themselves to Lin Yuan. The same went for the Green Continent Federation.

However, the Green Continent Federation not only worshipped Lin Yuan but also Peace.

Peace was still the self-proclaimed Green Continent Goddess.

Listen knew a significant amount about the Broiling Rock Continent’s situation.

In a location where water was scarce, water sources were linked to survival.

Peace could use her own abilities to create water.

But now, the area where the Green Continent Federation was located experienced rain frequently.

It was a joke that Peace was continuing to call herself the Green Continent Goddess!

Listen always felt that Peace let Lin Yuan down.

Lin Yuan sighed in regret to himself when he heard Listen describe the situation.

As someone who had experience, Lin Yuan felt that Peace’s problems were linked to a lack of proper education. Lin Yuan chatted idly with Listen for a while. Liu Jie prepared lunch specially for Listen.

Liu Jie and Wen Yu had become increasingly impressed with Listen over the years. They had a very good relationship with each other.

Listen immediately began distributing the resources while Lin Yuan took the dragon lungs and phoenix blood with him back to the breeding room to continue nurturing Shiny.

It was only with dragon lungs, phoenix blood, and wind-elemental energy that Shiny’s absorption of spirit qi quickened.

With the support from Lin Yuan’s body composition, Shiny’s power grew quickly.

At first, Lin Yuan only intended to evolve Shiny to a certain extent and continue evolving it after the Astronomical Parliament parliamentary meeting.

During the nurturing process, Lin Yuan suddenly realized that Shiny’s bloodline had changed.

This meant that Shiny’s bloodline could be evolved.

The lower a fey’s grade, the easier it would be for its bloodline to mutate.

It was difficult for a fey’s bloodline to continue mutating once its power reached Suzerain/Creation.

Once such an opportunity appeared, it had to be grabbed. Otherwise, it would slip away extremely easily.

Hence, Lin Yuan decided to push back the Astronomical Parliament parliamentary meeting and focus on Shiny’s evolution first!

During Shiny’s evolution, its appetite was not affected because of the evolution. Instead, the evolution of its bloodline required a large amount of energy, and its consumption of food increased.

Lin Yuan saw that every single one of Shiny’s feathers had turned translucent.

Lin Yuan had conducted experiments and found out that the feathers that were enveloped by rapidly moving winds not only did not lower Shiny’s defensive abilities but raised its defensive and attacking abilities.

Shiny’s size had not changed significantly, but its claws had become sharper.

The golden gusts of wind around the claws were a form of extremely high-level wind elements. It was a technique that came from Shiny’s transformation of its bloodline.

Lin Yuan evolved Shiny to World Emperor/Divine Kingdom.

Spring helped Lin Yuan to complete Shiny’s evolution.

Lin Yuan looked at Shiny that was enveloped in wind and used True Data to check on it.

Morbius had already reached the Startling Lines Continent and was helping Lin Yuan to collect spirit qi crystals.

Although Morbius was not by his side, Lin Yuan could still use its abilities.

[Fey Name]: Golden Wings

[Fey Species]: Barren-species/feather-winged-species

[Fey Grade]: Sovereign (10/10)

[Fey Type]: Wind

[Fey Quality]: Elementary Divine Kingdom

[Divine Kingdom Grade]: Miniature


[Snapped Neck Falling Death]: When its sharp claws make contact with a target, the target’s neck will be snapped. Simultaneously, the Golden Wings will extract the target’s soul and absorb it into its feathers. The soul will imbue the storm patterns on the feathers with intelligence.

[Flowing Wind Claws]: When the wind elements in the Golden Wings’ feathers are released into the environment, it will be able to control the surrounding winds and manipulate them to attack its opponent. The attacked target will feel as if it is being slashed by claws. After attacking a target, the Golden Wings will also inject wind element into its target through explosions, causing double the amount of damage.

[Rapid Wind Whistle]: By flapping its wings to activate wind-elemental energy, it will simultaneously emit a roar that inflicts both physical and elemental damage on a designated target. A headwind will also lower the target’s speed. Each time a headwind is released, its own speed will increase.

[Hurricane Added Protection]: A vicious hurricane shield will be added to its own body. Every time elemental damage is inflicted on it, the hurricane shield will absorb the damage before reflecting it. The hurricane shield can also absorb wind-elemental energy from the surroundings to replenish the wind-elemental energy in its body.

[Folded Wings Wind Valley]: With the Golden Wings at the center, an environment charged with wind-elemental energy will be formed. Wind-elemental energy will be continuously produced in this environment. When it makes a sacrifice to this territory, the wind-elemental energy will be absorbed into its bloodline and trigger a one-time explosion.

[Disappearing Wind Attack]: Its body will be combined with wind elements. Even a slight breeze will be enough for it to hide within. While it is hiding in the wind, it will be immune to damage as long as the wind remains.

[Revived Seasonal Winds]: The wind elements’ state will change. The wind elements will gain powerful healing abilities. Targets will be healed wherever the winds exist. They will continue to heal as long as the wind does not stop moving.

[Swift Wind Death]: The sharpness of wind elements will be activated. The wind elements will change into wild winds that will continuously attack the target until the target has been ground to pieces. The sharpness of the wind elements will have Flowing Wind Claws’ tearing effects and Snapped Neck Falling Death’s bone-breaking effects.

[Elemental Sword Feathers]: All the feathers will be elementalized. The pure elemental traits in the feathers will be activated. When the feathers are attacked and damaged, the wind flowing in the environment will naturally replenish the feathers. The feathers can be shot into the outside world and will have penetrating effects.

[Sacred Golden Wind]: All the wind elements under its control will be transformed into sacred gold wind. The sacred gold wind will go beyond the regular elemental state. The lowest elemental state will have damaging and immunity effects.

Exclusive Skill:

[Unset State]: When interacting with another fey, the Golden Wings can copy the fey’s exclusive skill and triggered abilities. Unset State will then turn into the copied exclusive skill and triggered ability. The abilities can only be switched out once every lunar cycle.

[Wind’s Descendant]: By placing itself as the heart of all wind elements, it will become the eye of a hurricane and control all of the surrounding wind elements. It will become the master, while all other winds will become its disciples.

[Summoning Wind Changing Spirit]: Use wind elements to accommodate other elemental energy and turn them into vassals of the wind elements. In extreme environments, the accommodated elemental energy can change its own attributes and allow it to become better affiliated with the environment as well as use elemental attacks of different elemental types.

[Whirling Wind Compression]: Use the energy in its body to compress and coordinate wind-elemental energy. The wind elements will be tightly locked together and will resonate. Its ability to control wind elements will be stronger than that of the natural environment, and it will become stronger at controlling wind elements in different elements. The power of its abilities and exclusive skills related to wind will also be strengthened.

[Golden Wind Enters Body]: The sacred golden wind will be absorbed into the body and be used to change the body. The sacred wind will transform into commanding wind elements and will be able to suppress all inferior wind elements. In the transformed state, it will be able to comprehensively increase its energy and the characteristics it controls.

[Wind Territory Release]: The sacred golden energy will be released into the surrounding environment. The environment filled with the sacred golden wind will be under its control, and the wind territory under its control will suppress lifeforms of other types. Each suppressed target will lead to an increase in the wind speed of the sacred golden wind in the wind territory.

Divine Kingdom Abilities:

[Sacred Golden Wind Nest]: A large nest of faith power will be created in the divine kingdom. The sacred golden wind can be released from the body in the nest and condensed into sacred golden wind crystals.

Lin Yuan frowned slightly when he saw Shiny’s data.

The description of Shiny’s divine kingdom ability, Sacred Golden Wind Nest, was far too simple.

Although Sacred Golden Wind Nest was a production-type divine kingdom ability and was considered a highly treasured divine kingdom ability, Lin Yuan was uncertain of the value of the sacred golden wind crystals.

When Spring was done helping Shiny to fend off the world wills, she said to Lin Yuan in amazement, “Lord Saint, I never expected your Barren beast to be given such an opportunity! Sacred Golden Wind is an extremely rare element of utmost purity.

“Absolutely pure elements won’t be eroded and can nourish any wind-type lifeform. It is considered a treasure of the highest form. It will do wonders for the bloodline evolutions of wind-type bird-species lifeforms.

“If you are willing to use your fey to create a large number of sacred golden wind crystals, you will definitely be able to create a thriving bird species in the Sky Beyond the Clouds. The bird species might not be able to make it into the top 100 of the Species Ranking immediately, but it will definitely enter the top 1,000!”

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