Eternal Sacred King

Chapter 2737 - 2737 Dao Discussion
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2737 Dao Discussion

When she heard that answer, Beiming Xue was truly convinced that the scene before her was not an illusion.

Right in front of Wang Dong and the others, Beiming Xue leaped down from the limestone and sprinted towards Su Zimo, arriving before him in the blink of an eye.

The two of them were too close and Su Zimo was slightly stunned. Beiming Xue blushed slightly, seemingly realized that this might look a little inappropriate.

Beiming Xue took a deep breath of air and suppressed her excitement. She took two steps back and bowed respectfully to Su Zimo. “Greetings, Master.”

Wang Dong, Jian Chen and the other sword cultivators were dumbfounded.

All of them witnessed the excitement and joy in Beiming Xue’s reddened eyes as well as the restraint she exercised later on.

They could not understand at all.

Why would the calm Beiming Xue reveal such intense emotions when she saw this man?

Even if this person was Beiming Xue’s master, there was no need for her to behave as such, right?

Actually, in Beiming Xue’s heart, Su Zimo was not only her master who imparted the Dao to her.

Su Zimo was more like her family.

The path of cultivation was long. As her cultivation realm increased continuously, she grew further and further away from her old friends.

Her younger brother had been in Tianhuang Mainland the entire time and could not ascend.

After Beiming Xue ascended, she descended into the Sword World. Although she was valued by the Sword World and was taken care of by many senior brothers and sisters, she had always been alone in her heart.

She was focused on the Sword Dao and was already used to the loneliness.

However, occasionally, in the quiet and deserted night, she would recall her time in Beiming Town in Tianhuang Mainland.

It had only been three years, but it was the most unforgettable memory she had ever had since she started cultivating.

In the thousands of years in the Sword World, she often recalled that period of cultivation and missed the person back then.

It was only at this moment that she felt some warmth and no longer felt lonely.

That was the reason why she was so agitated and even lost her composure when she saw the person in her memories.

Wang Dong, Jian Chen and the others gradually reacted and the way they looked at Su Zimo changed.

Although Wang Dong did not have any hostility towards Su Zimo, there was a hint of scrutiny in his gaze.

Jian Chen, Chu Xuan and the others looked awkward.

Earlier on, they were discussing Beiming Xue’s master in front of Su Zimo. To think that the main character was right beside them!

“So Fellow Daoist Su is Junior Sister Beiming’s master in the lower worlds. I’ve heard a lot about you.”

Wang Dong smiled and cupped his fists towards Su Zimo. Thereafter, he changed the topic. “Fellow Daoist Su, you seem to have some complaints about my words earlier on and don’t agree?”

Wang Dong still remembered this.

He had just persuaded Beiming Xue to continue cultivating the Martial Dao. If she could not condense a Dao Fruit, she would never be able to defeat Perfected Immortals who condensed Dao Fruits.

A sharp glint appeared in Wang Dong’s eyes and he subconsciously exuded a dignified aura. He asked, “Fellow Daoist Su, do you think that cultivators without Dao Fruits can defeat Perfected Immortals who condense and produce Dao Fruits?”

“He wants to discuss the Dao with me.”

Su Zimo thought to himself.

In reality, with his current knowledge, even Immortal Kings might not be able to compare to him in terms of Dharmic Dao insights, let alone the few Perfected Immortals before him!

Over the years, the two true bodies had read a few Taboo Mystic Classic and countless sutras and secret skills.

The Martial Dao Prime Body established the Martial Dao and the Martial Domain realm, even traveling into the Hell World and the Netherworld.

Those experiences and memories allowed Su Zimo’s comprehension of the Dharmic Dao to far surpass his peers.

To the living beings of the ten thousand races of the upper world, Wang Dong was indeed right. This was almost irrefutable common sense.

It was not only the Dharmic Daos of the immortal, Buddhist and fiend sects. For Dharmic Daos of other races, almost all of them could condense Dao Fruits. It was just that their titles were different.

Even in the Hell World, some Nether Generals would condense Nether Crystals.

The Dao Fruit gathered the essence and profundities of the Dharmic Dao.

Once the Dao Fruit was condensed, one would obtain a qualitative transformation!

However, the Martial Dao was different from these Dharmic Daos.

From the beginning, the Martial Dao viewed the body as the greatest treasure and continuously developed its potential, tempering the body and bloodline.

That was why at the True Martial realm, Martial Dao practitioners would forge the True Martial Dao Body and fuse their Dharmic Dao into their bodies and bloodlines. That was comparable to the Dao Fruits of Perfected One realm living beings!

Su Zimo said indifferently, “If you cultivate the Martial Dao, you can defeat Perfected Immortals at the Perfected One realm even if you don’t condense a Dao Fruit.”


Wang Dong, Jian Chen and the other sword cultivators shook their heads and could not help but chuckle.

Su Zimo’s words sounded way too ridiculous to everyone—it was simply nonsense.

If not for the fact that Su Zimo was a guest and Beiming Xue’s master, Jian Chen and the others would have mocked him long ago.

Wang Dong said in a deep voice, “Fellow Daoist, you’re wrong. There are thousands of Dharmic formulations for the living beings of the ten thousand races. However, they all have to condense Dao Fruits to attain the Great Dao.”

“That’s right!”

The other sword cultivators agreed one after another and looked at Su Zimo with disdain.

Wang Dong shook his head slightly.

Junior Sister Beiming’s master was rather mediocre in his Dharmic Dao insights.

If Junior Sister Beiming cultivated with him in the future, how could she stand out?

Wang Dong looked at Su Zimo deeply and said earnestly, “Fellow Daoist, your cultivation realm is limited and you might not be able to see the future clearly.”

“Actually, the Dao Fruit is only the foundation of the Great Dao of cultivation. After the Perfected One realm is the Grotto-heaven realm. If I don’t condense the Dao Fruit, how can I nurture a Grotto-heaven in the future and become an Immortal King?”

When he said that, the sword cultivators immediately felt enlightened.

How could a Grotto-heaven be condensed without a Dao Fruit?

When he heard that, Jian Chen could not help but clap and praise.

From another perspective, those words confirmed the necessity and importance of condensing a Dao Fruit!

Chu Xuan was even more enamored towards Wang Dong.

Only Senior Brother Wang could casually explain Dharmic Dao insights with such ease.

Actually, the reason why Wang Dong was so patient and discussed the Dao with Su Zimo was because he wanted the latter to back off in the face of difficulties.

If even Su Zimo gave up on the Martial Dao, there was naturally no need for Beiming Xue to persist.

However, Su Zimo’s expression was calm after hearing his opinion. He was not shocked at all nor did he look enlightened.

Su Zimo was about to speak when Beiming Xue, who was at the side, was already impatient.

She had just reunited with Su Zimo and had countless things she wanted to confide in him. All she wanted was to find a place where no one would disturb her and chat with Su Zimo.

To think that these sword cultivators would be so tactless and spoke incessantly. Their endless talking was as annoying as mosquitoes and flies.

Beiming Xue took a step forward and came to Su Zimo’s side. “Master, let’s go. These sword cultivators of the upper world are ignorant and don’t know anything.”

Wang Dong: “???”

Jian Chen and Chu Xuan: “…”

As Beiming Xue spoke, she dragged Su Zimo out of the Sword Cleansing Pool and towards her cave abode.

The two of them disappeared before long, leaving the sword cultivators standing in the wind, stunned on the spot for a moment.

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