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Chapter 374 Red 2

Even though the game didn't show every student inside the Academy, there were several figures from senior classes that showed their presence.

One of them was Dorothy Hull, the Dual Embera.

She is a girl with a good and bad reputation all around the world thanks to her unique fire magic and her unique personality.

The Dual Embera. As the name suggests, she has two different types of personality, one gentle and one ruthless.

Sometimes, when she was wandering around, she would help people regardless of their past, but sometimes, she would turn into a complete murderer who would spare no one in her way.

This duality of hers gained the title of Dual Embera in the game. However, this world right now has no idea about what kind of person she is.

The way the world knows her is simply [Saint of Hull Family: The Gentle Fire]. Even though in this world there is a church, there are also people who use the word Saint for not only religious reasons but also to simply admire someone.

Dorothy was such a girl from the outside, and that was the reason why I revealed that I knew her beforehand.

Of course, aside from her reputation as a good person, she was also one of the most talented people in the second-year students.

Her talent is second to none after Princess Jasmine.

Of course, while I was pondering about the game and what kind of girl she was, Dorothy led the way, showing me around the club facilities with an enthusiasm that reflected her genuine love for the art of fire magic.

She introduced me to several club members, each of them showing a distinct level of mastery and grace in their control of flames.

Almost every one of them had their own specialized talent fields. Some of them basically created paintings with their fire affinity, while others created simple plays of light.

However, one thing was certain— even though the ambiance was vibrant, a testament to their dedication and the sense of camaraderie among them, almost every student inside this place gave a vibe different from other clubs I had encountered.

Every one of them had their own fighting experience, and they were seasoned warriors and nobles.

None of them were brats, nor were they clowns.

"This is Alexander, one of our top fire mages in the club," Dorothy introduced a young man who was carefully shaping a fiery serpent in the air.

'What a dense mana.'

His control and finesse were admirable, showcasing his years of practice, but even then, he had a distinct difference from others.

His mana was so dense that it was as if his core was compressing it inside.

"Ho? Is he a newcomer?"

The man named Alexander turned his attention to me as he played with the fire. Even while he was looking at me, he didn't even lose his control for a second.

He had a good physique and black hair, just like me, and blue eyes with a slightly darker shade of color.

'He is quite handsome.'

His skin and jawline were good, his skin was almost flawlessly white, and even though he was trying to give the impression of someone easygoing, he was paying attention to how he looked. His clothes were neat, and there weren't even a tiny bit of traces of fire magic on his clothes, showing that he constantly paid attention to his attire.

The clothes he was wearing were slightly baggy for him, but even then, from his posture alone, I could easily say that he also had advanced in the ranks of Knighthood. Even though it was hard to see his muscles, I could see from his forearms alone he had a good grip strength, which meant he was also a close combatant, probably a sword user.

"Hmm….Certainly good-looking. You passed."

With a nod, he slowly approached me, touching my clothes. "Any student entering here must always look good no matter what." He was slightly close, and I was almost about to punch him in the face.

"Hey….Alexander….Cease your antics." Dorothy immediately chimed in as she pulled the guy back.

"Fine, fine….It has just been a while since I had seen a good piece like this."

"What do you mean by piece? He is the first-ranked freshman, you know?"

"Hmm…..So, you are that rumored Callius Augustride."


"…..Okay, Callius. However, you want." He said as he made the expression of understanding.

"But…. It seemed you noticed something." However, soon following my eyes, he turned his attention to his own magic first and then returned with a smile.

"I guess you are really talented. To see the difference just in a second."

"I am sure most people would see it as well."

"I wouldn't say that. You know, many people can't see the difference between normal and this."


Following those words, Alexander focused, and suddenly, his mana surged like a coiled serpent, dense and pulsating with power. It was like comparing a river to a raging waterfall, the difference in intensity unmistakable.

"This is what I meant," he continued a confident grin on his face. "Most would never notice the difference, but you immediately noticed it, haven't you?"

"Indeed. Your mana density is different, and it is not about the spell at all. If it was, your magic circuit-"

"My magic circuit would show the difference, exactly. But it hadn't done that. You have a keen eye. I like this guy, Dorothy. Should I take him?"

"Tch….You madman, what are you even saying?"

"What? I am just saying I want him on my team. What did you even understand?"

"Nothing…..Anyway, we need to test him first, you know. Not everyone can enter your team easily."

"What do you mean? Wasn't this guy the first rank? He should have the skills."

Of course," Dorothy said, giving Alexander an exasperated look. "First, let me show Callius around the club. It's not just about finding a talented mage; we want someone who fits in with the club dynamic."

Alexander nodded in agreement. "Kay, kay. Dorothy. I get it."

As we proceeded with the tour, Dorothy introduced me to various members of the [Red] club.

Each had its unique style of handling fire magic, and I found myself increasingly impressed by the variety of techniques they employed. And most importantly, the environment was just as I expected.

It reminded me of the times in college when people would simply meet up and discuss things without schemes or anything.

"These will be your senior members," she said, pointing to a group of students. "They've been with the club for a while and have honed their skills impressively. Some of them even participate in inter-academy magic contests, national contests, and most importantly, special debates that are constantly arranged by the Magic Council."

The atmosphere in the club was focused and passionate.

Students were engrossed in their practice, perfecting their techniques with dedication. It was clear that their love for fire magic was not just a passing interest but a true passion.

It reminded me of the times in college when people would simply meet up and discuss things without schemes or anything.

Once the tour concluded, Dorothy addressed me, her gaze serious. "Now, for the test. We would like to see your skills firsthand. Would you be willing to demonstrate your proficiency in fire magic?"

"Of course. What should I do?"

"Heh….You don't need to do something complex…." She said as she gestured for me to come into a room.

It was a room filled with various wards and defensive enchantments.

"Now…..Come at me."

It seemed no matter how beautiful the purpose of a club was, in the end, the fiery nature of fire still flowed through their veins.


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