Emperor's Domination

Chapter 5590: Protected By The Immortal Weapon
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Chapter 5590: Protected By The Immortal Weapon

“Boom!” The integration finished flawlessly. Now, the runes scattered across Momentous Frontier had a new light.

It resembled the glow of the throwing star instead of the light stemming from the previous Momentous Dao. These immortal rays were shiner and brighter like the reflection of jades, capable of illuminating the heart.

Upon closer inspection, the runes have undergone monumental changes. They didn’t seem to be from this world any longer. The frontier was now protected by a supreme power, one that could only come from an immortal.

Living entities touched by the light immediately blossomed in full force. Mortals were enveloped by the light and gained an ethereal appearance.

None expected Li Qiye to give up the immortal weapon in this manner. Now, Momentous Frontier possessed a supreme dao on top of this unbeatable weapon.

“Isn’t this a second Immortal Dao City, or Celestial Court?” A big shot murmured.

“Maybe just a tiny bit inferior to Immortal Dao City. It doesn’t matter though, this is for the mortal world.” A monarch responded.

There existed a similarity between Momentous Frontier and Immortal Dao City. The latter was meant to protect Dao Domain and The People, albeit with a high focus on cultivators. Momentous Frontier was meant for mortals alone; its blessing and protection extended to its inhabitants, not visiting cultivators.

“Rumble!” The runes and the supreme chapter eventually sank into the ground and permeated underneath. Li Qiye also disappeared.

Momentous Frontier became the same as before - a paradise for mortals without beings capable of overturning oceans and incinerating the sky.

Despite possessing a short lifespan, the mortals here possessed health and prosperity due to their faith. They considered this sufficient and didn’t yearn for cultivation. They lived their lives in abundance and freedom.

“Looks like being a mortal isn’t too bad in that place.” A cultivator commented.

From a cultivator’s perspective, mortals had no control over their destiny. They could be wiped out from mere shockwaves of a battle between average cultivators. A fight between emperors would have devastating consequences.

Thus, who would want to stay as a mortal if given the choice? Mortals were weak and insignificant, always at risk of being killed.

These cons were mitigated by the nature of Momentous Frontier. A lifetime without worries seemed pleasant and worth living.

“This paradise is the result of the sages’ blood and effort.” An emperor commented.

Top cultivators had fought for The People and protected territories in the past. However, did they truly protect the mortals? Not necessarily.

Eventually, Luminous and everyone else started leaving, no longer wanting to disturb the peace. Of course, it was suicidal to even try.


The immortal weapon floated in a forbidden zone, pulsing wondrous rays. Momentous Dao had fused with it, forming connecting channels to the land.

“Sacred Teacher.” The deities within the radiance knelt upon seeing Li Qiye.

“Young Master, I can’t believe I’m looking at you right now.” Space Dragon Emperor approached with snot and tears, looking like a supreme pioneer of the dao no longer.

“Okay, don’t get all emotional on me now.” Li Qiye patted his head and smiled.

Space Dragon Emperor laughed and wiped his nose with Li Qiye’s sleeve, naturally disgusting Li Qiye.

“Looks like you’re doing well.” Li Qiye ignored the mess and smiled at the fella.

Space Dragon Emperor resumed his dignified pose, no longer crying. He wore golden armor and looked as majestic as could be. If he wanted to, his aura could spread along with echoing hymns. Any living being would instantly prostrate before the golden god.

“I’m not worth mentioning at all, unable to learn anything from you, Young Master.” His smug expression betrayed his words of humility.

“Pop!” Li Qiye playfully slapped the back of his head and said: “Don’t be so pleased with yourself after a little achievement.”

Only Li Qiye could disciple a dao pioneer such as Space Dragon.

“Nonetheless, I did carve out a new path.” Space Dragon complained.

“It’s not solely your achievement.” Li Qiye glared at him.

Ox-dragon Ancestor, on the other hand, was much more honest. He came over in his ox form and rubbed against Li Qiye’s pants instead of boasting.

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