Dual Cultivation

Chapter 1062: Red Hook City
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After completing his first mission, Su Yang made his way to the teleportation device and transported himself several hundred thousand miles to his next destination—Red Hook City.

Red Hook City is a small yet renowned city within the Celestial Heaven. Its primary allure is centered around entertainment, similar to the City of Pleasure but on a smaller scale. Nevertheless, the quality of the women in Red Hook City is often considered superior when compared to those in the City of Pleasure.

Built only a few hundred thousand years ago, Red Hook City is also considerably more modern in comparison to the City of Pleasure, which has been in existence since ancient times.

In his previous life, Su Yang had been to Red Hook City several times, but, like the City of Pleasure, he did not visit for indulgence in pleasure.

'Just like the City of Pleasure, not much has changed since I last visited.' Su Yang thought to himself as he entered the streets.

"Handsome! Come over here! This sister would like to have a work with you!"

"My~ What brought such a handsome young lad to this sort of place? Perhaps this little sister could entertain you?"

Although it was uncommon for the women in Red Hook City to call out to others in the streets, Su Yang was simply too handsome for them to ignore, so they swallowed their pride and beckoned for him.

Sometime later, Su Yang arrived at a somewhat average-looking building and went inside.

This time, Su Yang walked to the front desk and placed a small, red token on the desk without uttering a word.

When the worker saw the token, he immediately understood the situation and Su Yang's identity.

The worker took his red token and gave him a key in return. "Third floor. Your room number is on the key."

"Thanks." Su Yang immediately made his way to the third floor and found his room.

While Su Yang waited for his next client, the worker of that hotel contacted his client.

"Miss Chen. Your 'friend' has arrived," he notified her through her communication jade slip.

"Thank you, I will be there as soon as possible."

A few hours later, Su Yang stopped cultivating and opened his eyes when he sensed the temperature in the room suddenly lowered in an unnatural manner.

He turned to look at the door right as someone knocked on it.

"Come inside," he calmly said.

Right as the door opened and a masked figure walked inside the room, the temperature dropped some more, and it felt as though winter had arrived.

'This woman has a Heavenly Constitution!' Su Yang immediately came to this conclusion as he sensed an abnormal amount of Yin Element being emitted by this masked figure.

'She's probably doing that unconsciously because there's so much Yin Qi built up in her body that it has nowhere to go but outside. It's a wonder that she's even able to walk around in such a condition.'

Su Yang recalled a specific detail for this mission that recommended the disciple to have strong Yang Qi.

'He doesn't seem surprised about my condition…' The masked woman thought to herself when she saw Su Yang's nonchalant expression.

When the other disciples first saw her, they were always either surprised or terrified. This is the first time that anyone has managed to remain calm.

"The Stellar Yin Constitution, huh? Quite the uncommon Heavenly Consitutition you have there," Su Yang said, breaking the silence in the room.

"You know about it?" she subconsciously asked him.

"Those blessed with a Stellar Yin Constitution are often seen as unparalleled geniuses, for they possess a natural affinity to absorb and harmonize with the Yin Qi around them. Their bodies are naturally imbued with the essence of Yin, enabling them to cultivate at an accelerated pace beyond the reach of most," Su Yang confirmed his knowledge regarding her Heavenly Constitution.

Continuing his explanation, Su Yang added, "Yet, there exists a potential drawback for those blessed with the Stellar Yin Constitution—a continuous need to expel excess Yin Qi due to their inability to cultivate at a pace that matches its accumulation."

"To be considered a genuine genius, one must have the innate talent to manage and control their Heavenly Constitution, a common characteristic among those with divine bodies."

He then silently pondered, 'Now, the question is whether she's a genuine genius who is struggling with her own Heavenly Constitution for some reason or an unfortunate individual who possesses only half of the divine gift.'

Most people who are born with a Heavenly Constitution are not born with the talent to match their divine body, so Su Yang wouldn't be surprised if his masked client was one of them.

"Thank you for the lecture, but I am here to fix my body. If you don't think you can handle my Yin Qi, you should leave now. I won't blame you, nor will I make any complaints against you." The masked woman said.

Su Yang smiled and reassured her, saying, "Don't worry, it's just a Stellar Yin Constitution. The most it'll do is make my hands a little chilly."

The masked woman's eyebrows twitched slightly at his words.

'He's treating my Stellar Yin Constitution like it's a joke!'

She then said, "Several of your fellow disciples have underestimated my Heavenly Constitution as well, and they ended up with nearly crippled hands."

"I think you've misunderstood my words. I'm not taking this matter lightly. It's just not a threat to me," Su Yang stood up and approached her until he was standing right in front of her. He then placed his right hand on her shoulder without any hesitation.

"See?" He revealed his palm afterward, and it appeared entirely unharmed.

The masked woman was appalled by Su Yang's recklessness, but she was relieved to see that he was unharmed, even a little hopeful.

'Perhaps he'll be able to help me…'

She then nodded, "Okay, I'll hire you."

She walked to the bed and sat on it.

"Before we begin, allow me to remind you of my rules."

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