Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3383 Long Shot
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Chapter 3383 Long Shot


In the mountain range, an arrow pierced through the skies. It had a pale green hue to it as it streaked across the sky like a comet, rushing past innumerable mountain ranges. It was so fast that it had the ability to break space resistance and cause spatial tears to appear, but it didn't.

In fact, it didn't even make a sound as it traversed like a wind demon, hurling towards its target with extreme silence.


The arrow found its mark, striking a towering magical beast with unerring accuracy despite traveling thirty thousand kilometers in a second.

Time itself seemed to slow down as of this moment as a cascade of emerald lights erupted in a spiral manner from the magical beast. It was struck right at the center of its body, but it was shredded to pieces by the arrow as it seemed to have turned into a sieve inside the magical beast.

At this point, one would not even need to check if the magical beast was dead as it was sliced into pieces from the inside.

"Holy shit!"

On a mountain peak thirty thousand kilometers away, a crimson-emerald robe woman yelled out in shock as she hit the target with her bow, clearly looking excited. Her black hair swayed gently in the breeze, along with her robe that was adorned with patterns of windy clouds.

"Sophie, did you see that? I successfully hunted down a magical beast elder who had gone rogue after becoming a savage beast."

"Mhm~" Sophie nodded with wide eyes, looking shocked, "You killed the Level Three Immortal Emperor as an Immortal King, Fiora~"

"No, it's all because of you!"

Fiora trembled as she turned to look at the bow.

In her hand was the bow she shot the target with, killing a Level Three Immortal Emperor Savage Beast with a single arrow. The bow's riser, crafted from the high-quality Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Wood, curved gently as it allowed her to hold it with a fine and comfortable grip.

The limbs extended gracefully from the ends of the riser and appeared to be crimson in color. They arced outward, their tips adorned with elegantly carved runes that seemed to pulse with a faint ethereal emerald glow when it was held and energy was poured in.

The bowstring was like a string from the moon, woven from another high-quality Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Grade material. Just pulling on it would be difficult for an average Mid Stage Immortal Emperor, but even while being an Immortal King, Fiora managed to do it.

She looked at the bow, admiring it was like her own child.

It was crimson-green in color due to the nature of the wood but also better suited her own annihilative heavenly wind attribute and accommodated her power like it was absorbing its own nature, making her already feel attached to it.

"From now on, it's yours."

Sophie smiled gently once her shock receded, "You must practice your newly gained eye arts. After all, this bow could even help you hit longer."

"Indeed. This ocular art allows me to see a million kilometers ahead with utter clarity, but I was just able to master it to the fourth level, allowing me to see up to a hundred thousand kilometers. I must work hard…"

Fiora uttered solemnly and nodded at the end, causing Sophie to giggle.

"Don't be so humble. You're mastering an Immortal Emperor Grade Ocular Art, so it would take some time."

"Hehe~ Thanks…"

Fiora kept her hands close and bowed lightly, "I love this bow very much."

"Wait… I'm not done…"

Sophie inclined her head and smiled with suspense, causing Fiora to narrow her eyes.

"Is there anything else…?"

She suddenly gaped, her eyes going wide, "Don't tell me I have to assassinate one of our sisters for offending you!?"

"No…!" Sophie flinched, "When did I ever even insinuate something like that? You-"

"It's just a joke…" Fiora extended her tongue out.


Sophie blinked. Sometimes, Fiora and Mingzhi were just too difficult to handle, always making jokes that they couldn't get. Even for her, who gives a lot of leeway, joking about their lives and their own actions didn't feel right.

"Sorry, I wasn't close enough to use this joke on you."

Fiora realized and apologized for her mistake after she saw Sophie staring at her.

"Elder sister Fiora, we are in a harem. Don't go joking around like that since if it falls on the wrong ears, things can get murky which can be taken advantage of. Trust among us is of the utmost importance, especially since the harem is getting bigger. I can understand your lewd or outrageous jokes, but we are not close with everyone else, and since you understand it, let's just leave it like that."

"I'm really sorry…"

Fiora pouted as he lowered her head, belatedly realizing that Sophie was sensitive to the harem as the Alstreim Family had a monogamous culture.

"I understand my wrongs. It's just… I miss him already… and I don't have Mingzhi to joke around with, as she is also busy… I don't want to disturb her..."

Sophie sighed with a lot of understanding, knowing this longing feeling that would make them commit stupid deeds. She extended her hand out as she held three arrows. The tip was of crimson emerald, just like the bow.


However, what shocked Fiora was that the arrowhead contained the might of annihilative heavenly wind.

"You… how…?"

Sophie's expression went from solemn to a smirk, "Didn't I borrow Zephya for a few days? This material from which I made the arrowhead can be tempered by wind strikes, so I had Zephya fill the ores with annihilative heavenly wind. Try shooting it…"

She handed one of the arrows and had Fiora shoot a nearby mountain.

Fiora nodded.

The moment she took up the bow and raised it, her demeanor changed. Because the mountain was no more than two kilometers away, she didn't use her ocular arts. Her gaze was unwavering as she drew the bowstring. Her fingers, coated with the energy of annihilative heavenly wind, poured into the arrow as she gracefully nocked it on the bow, pulling it in one fluid motion despite the heaviness of the bowstring.

Her breathing slowed down to a rate where the world around her faded like it was insignificant, allowing her to look at the very center of the mountain.


The arrow leaped from the bow as Fiora let the arrow go.


The mountain was gone in an instant, destroyed from the inside as numerous wind blades erupted out from the inside. The mountain was instantly carved out as numerous wind blades rushed out from the arrow that pierced inside.

One of the wind blades even made it all the way to them, but Sophie stepped forward and punched out.

A flaming force erupted from her and struck out the wind blade before she struck two more heading their way.

Only after two seconds did the wind blades cease to erupt. The dust settled, causing them to be able to see clearly. What they saw flabbergasted them as three more mountains surrounding that mountain were destroyed.

This was a mountain range where Mid-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Ores were mined, meaning the grade of the rock was at least Low-Level Immortal Emperor Grade, but the arrowhead filled with annihilative energy was enough to destroy the landscape, leaving the ores chipped and shattered everywhere.

This told Sophie and Fiora that even Mid Stage Immortal Emperors would suffer from this arrow if they were to receive it!

With this bow, Fiora felt like she was peerless in the Immortal King Stage!

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