Dimensional Descent

Chapter 2509 Golden Force and Death Force
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Chapter 2509 Golden Force and Death Force

Given what Leonel knew about his Unnamed Lineage Factor, he also knew that his Metal Body would no longer be the exact same, and neither would his Divine Armors, for that matter.

He had an idea of where he would take his Divine Armor, but he still needed some time to refine it. He also wasn't sure if he had the skill necessary to execute it just yet either, but that wouldn't stop him from implementing his plan for his Metal Body either.

Ultimately, it was wrong to still call it his Metal Body. Leonel felt that a more accurate representation of what it was would be a Vital Body, or maybe a Nature's Body? Regardless, he definitely wasn't limited to just Ores, and it also wasn't just flames either.

If he wanted, he could be a lot like the Florer family and absorb high-level Force Herbs, or ancient trees, anything of the sort.

Honestly, this wasn't too surprising for Leonel. The reality was that his Metal Body had already been quite flexible already if he thought about it.

Ores were the foundation for all sorts of elements. Ultimately, Earth Force was just the foundation that allowed them to flourish, but there were Wind Type Ores, Fire Type Ores, Lightning Type Ores, all sorts of elements and variables existed.

When Leonel thought about this, he felt a bit silly that he didn't recognize just how special Earth Force was in the past. It was the foundation that allowed everything to exist. There was a reason that in the depths of space, there was Force at all. While Stars, they could only produce Star Force. This was a fuel that allowed for life, but it wasn't life itself.

Earth Force couldn't be said to be life either, but it was special nonetheless.

That was why Leonel chose to look at it a different way.

It wasn't that he had suddenly gained the ability to absorb all sorts of new elements; he had always been able to. It could even be said that his Metal Body was never really a Metal Body at all; it was just a vessel that could accept any and all things.

If there were any changes, it would be that he had gained the ability to incorporate Organic materials as well. He had blurred the line between Organic and Inorganic, not just in terms of exterior items, but also his body itself.

Just this comprehension alone made his body easily twice as powerful as it had been in the past, and that was without him even absorbing a single ore.

The Earth Force aspect didn't represent that he could absorb Ores; it represented his foundation.

The Fire Force aspect didn't represent that he could absorb fires; it represented how he could mold and forge his own potential.

Together, they gave him a flexibility that they didn't have alone, not to mention an endless amount of potential that he could take advantage of.

That was why, looking at this map of Mine Cores, Leonel stood in silence for a long while, his mind calculating several potential outcomes.

In a way, his body had now become no less flexible than his Divine Armor. In fact, it might even be difficult to draw a line between them as their existences had become much more fluid.

So the question was... What route should he take?

He already had so many affinities. He didn't really feel the need to boost any one of them. Again and again, his mind drifted to the very same matter.

'The Northern Star Lineage Factors. I can't forget them, but using them in public is also highly dangerous considering how much hatred the Human Race has brought upon itself.

'Following a new path is also not smart for me. I need to be more like Aina, doing my best to bring everything down a single, powerful road, well-trodden by my feet. That's the way to becoming a true powerhouse.'

In that case, there was really only one path for Leonel to take, and that was to focus on using his Metal Body to amplify, bolster and strengthen his Northern Star Lineage Factor. Both halves of them.

Right now, he had the second highest state of both halves, that being the Golden Tiger, for the Light Side, and the Death Pulse Deer, for the Dark Side.

Leonel already had an advantage others didn't have. Because he had both halves, when he activated them at the same time, they were already hard to recognize. He didn't know if there were any other Envoys that had ever managed to fuse the two in the past, because the side of Creation and the side of Destruction should have been at loggerheads.

However, there was no harm in being a little extra cautious, especially when he was on his own in this world.

The Death Pulse Deer used Death Force, Dark Force and Star Force.

The Golden Tiger used Golden Force, Light Force and Star Force.

If Leonel had been there when a certain Spirituals Prince stole his father's Innate Node, he would have recognized it to be the very same Golden Force that the Golden Tiger used.

It was known as the strongest piercing force in the world, a fusion of Light Force, Spatial Force, Star Force and Variant Earth Force. This Variant Earth Force was the purest form of metal there was.

Death Force had a lot of overlap with his Destruction Sovereignty and the abilities of his father's technique [Final Destruction].

Likewise, Golden Force had a lot of overlap with his weapon Forces.

The question was how to use them both in a way where they didn't clash or become redundant, but rather amplified one another and played to one another's strengths.

And then, he had to take those ideas and distill them down into a form that could be used to amplify his body.

He looked through the map again and again. Although this was a weak world, all things told. When it came to the selection of Fourth Dimensional materials, it shouldn't be much weaker than any other world.

'I think I've got it...' Leonel thought.

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