Deities: Starting From Goblins

Chapter 30 - 30: Look, It’s Urgent [Please Read On!]
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Chapter 30: Chapter 30: Look, It’s Urgent [Please Read On!]

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While speaking, Cold Leaf also summoned the ancient magic statue covered in scars and asked,

“Do you still remember the past of your Uncle Demon?”

Chuck Leaf nodded.

He remembered that when he was young, the ancient magic statue was already a Third Order Tamed Spirit, and it was once praised by Great Wind as a special life form with talent not inferior to its own.

But later, for some reason, Uncle Demon became less and less noticeable…

“Your Uncle Demon is only one Holy Gem away from stepping into the sacred realm, which is just a step away…”

“But the Sage personally shattered his Gem Heart, stopping him eternally at the Third Order!”

“Do you know why?”

“They just want to control you better!”

“Whether it’s alive or dead.”

Cold Leaf said something that seemed logical but if examined closely, one would find it full of flaws.

However, Chuck Leaf couldn’t distinguish the truth. Or perhaps…

At this moment, he didn’t want to tell the truth!



The dark clouds above gathered, with thunder roaring and sad winds howling.

Logan saw this scene, and although he felt the terrifying oppression from the world, he revealed a smile, “You see, it’s anxious again.”

“World Will?”

“It’s just a collective consciousness of the world, and your limitation lies here.”

“You know that your Protector may have a problem, but you are unable to detect it. You can only follow the established procedure and continue down the path you know is wrong.”

“Use your origin, your will, to create a hero for me, an alien evil god!” “Take him down and give him a comfortable enough environment.”

Logan issued an order to the Shadow Hunter,

“He will make the right choice.”

After Chuck Leaf was taken away, Cold Leaf walked in front of many Lancaster

Spirit elites and knelt down respectfully in front of Logan,

“Spirit Person Cold Leaf, I pay my respects to my god.”

“Hmm, don’t worry.”

Logan replied indifferently,

“I promised you to spare his life and protect Chuck Leaf. I don’t break my promises. ”

Then, he asked with interest,

“What you said just now, your Tamed Spirit’s Gem Heart was shattered by the so-called Sage, is it true?”

“I dare not deceive my god; it’s not true.”

“The Sage wouldn’t be foolish enough to harm the father of the future guardian, even if it would be greatly beneficial to him now.”

Cold Leaf paused for a moment and continued,

“It was just a lie I made up, so Achen could quickly despise the Lancaster Spirit Race in his heart and no longer reject your godly race.”

Logan nodded without saying anything.

He glanced at the other Lancaster spirit elites, and they immediately shrank back like startled birds, bowing their heads and saying they dared not reveal anything.

For a moment, Logan was somewhat emotional.

In the invasion of the Dragon Taming World, he was an alien evil god, incomparably evil.

But he also needed to strengthen himself to prevent being seen as pigs and sheep by other beings.

From his perspective, he was not wrong.

The Lancaster Spirits who resisted him, fought to protect their own planet.

Fighting to the death, they were not wrong either.

The Salvation Assembly schemed to use Chuck Leaf’s death to maintain the strength of the Lancaster Spirit Race without losing a bit, which was actually not wrong either.

Cold Leaf seeking refuge with the “evil god” to protect his son was not wrong either.

When Chuck Leaf wakes up, he will definitely join Logan, which is not wrong either.

Everyone, there’s no mistake…

“The mistake is being weak.”

“Weakness is the biggest original sin!”

“In this world, perhaps it is the weak who are inherently wrong!” Logan shook his head slightly. This is the general trend.

Now, it cannot resist and can only adapt,

“Instead of thinking so much, let’s find a way to establish a civilization for the Goblin Tribe first!”

Only when the Believer Species establish a true “civilization,” can Logan advance from a Totem to a Giant Spirit.

Only then can he truly embark on the path of becoming a Deity (Transcendent)!

And establishing a civilization is quite easy for most Believer Species.

After all, whether good or bad, superior or inferior, even if the civilization will collapse tomorrow, it is still a civilization…

Goblins, who have lacked wisdom, have never possessed civilization.

This is also why Logan places such importance on Elliot Carlton’s Wise Man

Planet. If he could use the Destiny Intelligence Bone as a special drop,

He could directly elevate the Goblin civilization, transforming it into a truly wise species.

At that time, the obstacle of establishing a civilization will be solved,

“Before that, of course, it’s conquering this world first!”

Logan has enough patience for the Wise Man Planet,

“After all, the resources of Dragon Taming World are also crucial for my current situation.”

“Moreover, a world with traces of the Strange Abyss is not so simple.”

“This matter may still require the presence of a hero to accomplish.”

Logan’s hands lightly tore apart the space in front of him like tearing a curtain, intending to bring the Guardian and Tanner Marcus from nearly a hundred kilometers away.

The next moment, a movement only Deity Players could perceive is coming from the other side of the world-

A new Spatial Passage has been opened!

“This is…”

“That Deity Player!”

Logan is somewhat surprised, and he doesn’t quite understand,

“Why would they choose to arrive at this time?”

Divine, supreme, and inviolable atmospheres of “supremacy” descended upon the Dragon Taming World.

But unlike the Anchor of the Void’s creation of a Spatial Passage,

This Spatial Passage’s arrival, besides the Deity Players being able to perceive it, neither the native life of Dragon Taming World nor its powerful beings…

nor even the World Will itself could sense it!

“It turns out to be the Angel Tribe…”

In the instant when he sensed the divine meaning, Logan confirmed his thoughts, and he couldn’t help but sigh,

“Mythical species believers are really good, they come with at least one Civilization Foundation!

“Just like the Anchor of the Void’s crushing pressure on ordinary worlds, they can come and go as they please.”

“The Angel Tribe’s Divine Scepter, one of their many Civilization Foundations, is a complete crushing presence compared to the Anchor of the Void.”

“Not only is it undetectable when it plants and anchors itself in the world, but even when it invades, there is no rejection or hostility, like a ranch owner entering their own ranch!”

Logan felt the terrifying pressure on him and couldn’t help but be a little helpless.

As an “Evil God,” he is inherently repelled by the World Will, not only for himself but also for his Goblin Legion to withstand enormous pressure.

Especially after “bewitching” Chuck Leaf, this pressure has made him feel even more difficult to move.

This also made Logan feel even more that letting Ximen Qing go was the right decision,

“In this state, even if only I, a Deity Player, were to exploit this world, it would take at least a year.”

“Let alone with two competitors.”

“If I had such a Civilization Foundation, I would need at most three months to complete the plunder of the Dragon Taming World.”

“Moreover, not only would the casualty rate be significantly reduced, but it would also save countless troubles in the subsequent process of ‘capturing’ and ‘enslaving’ other worlds!”

“The first step is to establish a civilization…”

Logan no longer pays attention to the arrival of the Angel Tribe and, despite facing even more terrifying pressure, reaches his hand into the Spatial Rift- He prepared to give Chuck Leaf a gift..

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