Death… And Me

Chapter 2484 It Better Be Zero
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Chapter 2484 It Better Be Zero

Roan also heard that through the connection with Rean. 'The Universe...'

Rean nodded. 'We have always known that if we don't reunite both sides of the Universe, it will perish.'

Roan understood what Rean meant. 'We have known that, but we haven't seen any signs that it was actually happening. Could it be this was the first clue of the Universe's instability?'

'Perhaps,' Rean said. 'Sister Orb, can you tell anything?'

[No,] Sister Orb was also taken by surprise by that information. [At the very least, it doesn't seem like the system is reacting to it. We can draw two conclusions from that. The first is that this change in the Universe doesn't have anything to do with the system's objective. The second one is that it is related, but the system doesn't see it as something big enough to give a warning.]

Nonetheless, that 'shake' gave the twins a sense of worry. For it to be able to affect even an existence of the size of Hyeoumu, it definitely wasn't simple. Too bad there was nothing they could do at the moment.

"Alright, let's go back to our training. If it is truly related to the destruction of the Universe, then we need to focus even more," Roan said as he returned to his Alchemy Workshop.

Rean nodded and followed suit, entering the Blacksmith Workshop instead.

Time continued to pass and Rean's group only kept training. Now and then, they would receive news from outside through the communication system, but it looked like things didn't change much. The Living Soul Devil was still running around, destroying more cities while the powers of the Realm of Gods continued to pursue it.

Several traps and whatnot have been prepared from the thing, but it seemed to always know where the danger was and never got close to it. The powers of the Realm of Gods even started to wonder if there were some within the Divinity Realm experts who were leaking the information on purpose. Nonetheless, no one had any proof.

In the end, the war couldn't keep going, and the precious time that the Continental Barriers were down was quickly being used.

Roan was right about one thing, though. Although huge-scale battles weren't happening anymore, small skirmishes still occurred right and left. In the great scale of things, those battles made little to no change to the end result, but it wasn't like either side cared. Luan, obviously was within these groups that constantly attacked the Devils. Not only that, he was even making a name for himself, holding tight to Roan's teachings.

Just like that, another four years and something went by, completing the ten years total Rean and Roan set for themselves. Truth be told, both of them thought they were already at a high enough level to stop that session of training. Nonetheless, they didn't want to leave things to chance, so they pushed through to the very end.

That wasn't all. Just a month before they finished their training in the Blacksmith and Alchemy Workshop, Kentucky and Celis also managed to cultivate enough for the four of them. They were all at the very end of the Elemental Space Realm. All they needed was to sit down and have the breakthrough.

Finally, with the training over and the cultivation ready, the twins' group gathered for the next breakthrough into the Space-Time Realm.

[Alright, you guys are all ready. Rean, Roan, have you read the necessary steps for the breakthrough?]

"Yes." The twins nodded.

The Space-Time Realm was all about comprehending the several sub-laws of a Major Law. The same went for Kentucky and Celis. If they wanted to enter the Space-Time Realm, they would have to touch the laws of the world related to their affinities.

However, one can't perceive the laws before reaching the Space-Time Realm. That's where the breakthrough would show its advantage. During the breakthrough, Rean and Roan's group would reach a space between the Elemental Space Realm and Space-Time Realm. During that time, the laws related to their affinity would show themselves. It was the twins' group's job to feel the laws' presence and use their perception to start an initial comprehension of their future laws.

This was something that even the Soul Gem System's cultivation manual that Rean and Roan used couldn't help with. The manual still made everything else easier, and a breakthrough was absolutely guaranteed as long as they did touch their own laws. But the laws themselves were up to Rean and Roan alone... or it would be normally. However, Kentucky and Celis are also within their cultivation connection. If any of the two failed to touch their laws, then it would also cause Rean and Roan to fail their breakthrough.

Rean then looked at Kentucky as he was curious. "Kentucky, your Minokawa Race has a Dual Affinity with Light and Darkness. Which one are you going to use to enter the Space-Time Realm?"

"Both!" Kentucky answered without even thinking. "I already asked senior Jeskli about that. For Minokawas, their only choice is to comprehend both at the same time. We are a balanced existence of Yin and Yang, and we must continue like that until the end. Senior Jeskli said if I try to touch only the Laws of Light or only the Laws of Darkness, I will never reach the Space-Time Realm."

Rean and Roan looked at each other. Obviously, they had their doubts. They weren't doubting Jeskli was lying, but doubting whether Kentucky could really touch both laws. "Could it be that Minokawas need to try several times until they can grasp both at the same time?"

Kentucky was surprised to hear that from them. "Did senior Jeskli tell you that as well?"

Rean bitter smiled. "I wonder how many times we will have to fail until Kentucky gets experience enough to touch both those laws at the same time..."

Roan snorted in response. "It better be zero. Otherwise..." I cold glint passed through Roan's eyes as he looked at Kentucky. "Hehe!"

Kentucky's feather stood up out of fear. He knew Roan enough to tell that he definitely was talking seriously.

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