Daddy! Come Home for Dinner!

Chapter 19 - 19: Everything is Open for Discussion
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Chapter 19: Chapter 19: Everything is Open for Discussion

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“Alright.” Sheldon Rowland agreed, and went out immediately. Adrian Zhekova gently pinched the first knuckle of his forefinger with his thumb.

The person they’d been searching for five years without any trace suddenly appeared before him, showing her ID and bringing a child with her.


He didn’t believe it.

Just now, he had been thinking how there couldn’t be such a stupid plan, yet a woman with a child appeared before him, and her ID showed Nork City.

Unknowingly, she revealed to Sheldon Rowland that she had left Nork City five years ago.

One or two things might be a coincidence.

But so many things happening together, could that be a coincidence?

Adrian Zhekova took out an old mobile phone from the drawer, the very one that had been left on his bed years ago.

The mobile phone was full of pictures of cuisine, as well as recipes.

Cindy Clarke was also a chef…

And it matched again.

By the time Sheldon Rowland returned, Cindy Clarke had already filled out the required information on the web page, only waiting to upload her ID.

Sheldon Rowland had brought back the scanned copy, and Cindy hurriedly uploaded it.

“By the way, can I use a pseudonym?” Cindy asked.

“Why do you want to use a pseudonym?” Adrian Zhekova’s voice suddenly appeared at the door.

Cindy was surprised, noticing that Adrian Zhekova had entered without her realizing.

Subconsciously, Cindy stood up, “Actually, I have another name, Cain Velman. I work as a private chef for deliveries, so it’s like a part-time job. My main profession is a food blogger.”

She assumed Adrian Zhekova wouldn’t pay attention to a small food blogger on the internet.

Though she had more than a million followers now.

“I make videos of cooking and share cooking methods,” Cindy explained.

Adrian Zhekova nodded, “I know.”

“You know?” Cindy was surprised.

“I’ve seen your videos,” Adrian Zhekova said, not on purpose, but because Sheldon Rowland had mentioned them to him and asked him to take a look.

However, Adrian chose not to explain the details.

Cindy was embarrassed that Adrian even knew about her.

“Someone questioned me yesterday, saying that I didn’t make the dishes in the videos, and my teaching methods are not good, resulting in bad-tasting dishes,” Cindy said. “So, I want to prove myself through the Cooking Competition.”

“Since I’ve come in person, cooking in front of so many people and having the judges evaluate me, those who doubt me shouldn’t have anything to say,” she added.

“So, I want to sign up for the competition with the name Cain Velman,” Cindy said troubled, “In fact, it’s also because I don’t want to reveal my real name and face. Otherwise, I will have trouble.”

Adrian Zhekova looked at Cindy, silently sizing her up.

Except for being beautiful and having a good figure, she seemed entirely ordinary.

What kind of trouble could she have?

Somehow, even without evidence, Adrian Zhekova couldn’t help but link Cindy to the owner of the old mobile phone.

“During the auditions, there’s no issue. But later on…” Adrian Zhekova hesitated, “That question will need to be considered only if you successfully advance.”

If she can’t progress, there’s no point in considering whether to reveal her face.

“If you’re good enough afterward, the major competition can make an exception for you,” Adrian Zhekova said realistically. If someone is skilled enough, everything is negotiable.

If not, don’t bother.

Cindy didn’t get angry. Instead, this stirred her pride, “I will definitely advance..”

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