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Chapter 2482 Good-looking Lower Face
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Chapter 2482 Good-looking Lower Face

It wasn't just familiar; it was overwhelmingly familiar!

Profound Sage Tyrannical Song had shown his divinity several times. In each 'divinity' segment, this fairy maiden outshone Tyrannical Song himself.

Her unparalleled beauty and temperament, the delicate forehead ornament, the charming beauty mark at the corner of her eye, and her commanding empress attire left an indelible impression.

Especially during the divinity segments, there was Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, whose appearance was considered average in the cultivation world, serving as a backdrop to her radiance. Like green leaves against vibrant flowers, her beauty was further accentuated.

But why would Profound Sage Tyrannical Song's virtuous empress appear behind this mysterious masked cultivator from the scholarly faction?

A dreadful hypothesis emerged in the minds of the top beings of the myriad worlds.

Instinctively, they wanted to resist this notion.

But the cruel reality forcibly pried open their eyes with its merciless fingers, compelling them to witness the upcoming, heartrending scene!

In fact, 'reality' was the most illogical, cruel, heartless, and unpredictable existence in the myriad worlds, akin to the legendary ruler of the Netherworld.


Fairy @#%× elegantly crawled out of the cocoon.

The time she spent evolving was much shorter than Song Shuhang had expected. He thought he could finally recite his lines for about a week, but to his surprise, he lost the right to recite them after just three days.

At that moment, the virtuous lamia still wore the flat imperial crown and the golden dragon robe of the empress with her wings folded in front like a waist decoration.

Her lower hem was hidden by the dragon robe. What stage had her snake tail evolved to?

Song Shuhang didn't turn to look, aware of the many powerful gazes from the myriad worlds converging on him across dimensions.

He had to remain composed and not show alarm.

Even without looking, he could sense the changes in the virtuous lamia. After all, he was now a cultivator of the Seventh Stage at his peak, and he had the basic skills.

Behind him, under Fairy @#%×'s dragon robe, there was something new.

A pair of shoes!

The virtuous lamia's feet extended from the dragon robe, displaying shoes that matched the dragon robe.

Had she evolved legs?

In this aspect, the virtuous lamia had finally outpaced Pavilion Master Chu from the 'living spring,' having grown out her legs first.

Now, it was truly complete.

Song Shuhang felt a sense of fulfillment, as if he had finally maxed out a card after spending a fortune.

After the virtuous lamia appeared, she maintained a serious expression—ready to support Song Shuhang at a critical moment. Yet sometimes, as she persisted, she seemed to lose her drive.

Currently, she stood dominantly behind Song Shuhang, the light of virtue enveloping him, secretly restoring his expended energy and bolstering his aura.

"Thank you, Fairy," Song Shuhang murmured softly.

"It's time to show my real skills!" the virtuous lamia muttered some cryptic lines, then lowered her head to look at Song Shuhang...

But she couldn't see him.

Apart from the 'real dragon' emblem on her chest, she couldn't spot Song Shuhang.

At that moment, Song Shuhang was directly below her, in her blind spot.

"Tyrannical Song!" Despite their reluctance, the top experts of the myriad worlds called out this name.

The virtuous lamia was behind, and Tyrannical Song was in front.

Under Tyrannical Song's mask, his left eye emitted a scarlet glow, with white smoke eerily emanating from it.

But if Tyrannical Song was on the scholarly faction's territory, then who was the Tyrannical Song on Mars?

The group of top beings from the myriad worlds shifted their gaze back to Mars.

There, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song stood with his arms crossed, the five Sage Names 'Tyrannical Song, Tyrannical Scholar, Tyrannical Demon, Tyrannical Dragon, and Tyrannical Annihilation' visible on his body.

"Congratulations to the main body for annihilating two enemies with one saber!" the Five-Consecutive Tyrant on Mars finally spoke.

As soon as he spoke, he revealed information that sent shivers down the spines of practitioners across the myriad worlds.

Scholar Yue Ruhuo stared in shock at the Five-Consecutive Tyrants. He had fought the other for a long time, using all?his methods, only to realize that his opponent was merely a clone!

Was Profound Sage Tyrannical Song truly this formidable?

"No." Tyrannical Song nodded slightly, gently pushing up half of the mask to reveal the handsome lower half of his face—indeed, Song Shuhang's lower half was surprisingly stylish, his overall appearance marred only by the upper half.

"I am Tyrannical Song." After a long ponder, Song Shuhang managed to squeeze out this introduction.

"Eighteen years old, please guide me," the virtuous lamia recited in the most domineering tone yet with the least imposing lines.

"If I have offended you in any way." Fairy Creation slowly appeared, standing at Song Shuhang's left side.

"C-come and hit me?" Black-skinned Soft Feather emerged from Song Shuhang's right side. Contrary to the virtuous lamia, she used the most timid tone to recite the most domineering lines.

Facing a crowd of top beings from the myriad worlds, Soft Feather felt her end was near. It was likely she wouldn't survive past tomorrow. Perhaps a curse-specialist would remotely set up an altar to hex her to death.

The top experts of the myriad worlds fell into silence.

Tyrannical Song's true self was unexpectedly humorous? Moreover, his aura felt less intimidating than that of his clone. It suggested that he might be more approachable.

"If you want to challenge my true self, you must first get past me!" declared the Five-Consecutive Tyrannical Ball Clone Shuhang on Mars.

He spread his arms and exuded a grand aura, "If you can't even defeat me, you don't deserve to challenge my true self! Come, the seven-day challenge continues. Those who wish to challenge my true self, come at me! I'll be waiting on Mars!"

Senior White, observing from afar, silently ceased his remote monitoring of Mars—he just couldn't bear to watch anymore.

Song Shuhang donned his mask once more.

The shattered defensive array of the scholarly faction began to regenerate, gradually concealing Tyrannical Song's figure and cutting off the intrusive gazes of the myriad worlds' top beings.

Song Shuhang returned the saber to its scabbard.

The next moment, the Plunder ability added by Senior Three-Eyed to his saber activated.

King Kun and the Heavenly Dao Molt Ball, already vanquished under the blade, were pressed into the void by the power of ten karmas, becoming targets of plunder.

"Ancient language, draw over the ancient language!" Song Shuhang hoped internally.

Senior Three-Eyed's plundering ability could even extract items from concepts. The ancient language was also a target of 'plundering.'

Alas... Song Shuhang's dream was not realized.

After activating the plundering ability, two spots of light, each carrying special characteristics, merged into Song Shuhang's body, akin to the end of a bet ceremony.

Subsequently, the techniques of Liquid Golden Body and True Heavenly Peng Evasion emerged in his mind.

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