Complete Martial Arts Attributes

Chapter 1975 - 1975 What Physique Is This? (4)
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1975 What Physique Is This? (4)


Even the space before him twisted.

Wang Teng’s eyes flickered with surprise, but he didn’t show any signs of backing down. In the next moment, he appeared instantly in front of Landon and thrust his spear at him.


Landon roared angrily at Wang Teng, but instead of using his spear, he retracted it. He then launched a powerful punch.


The fist imprint exploded and slammed into Wang Teng’s spear.

The spear’s icy force and freezing energy shattered instantly, sending countless shards of ice scattering in all directions.

“Interesting!” Wang Teng’s eyes sparkled with excitement.

He hadn’t expected that Landon’s transformation would bring about such a dramatic change in his strength. His physical power alone had become incredibly formidable.


Suddenly, Landon transformed into a blur, moving at an incredible speed. He appeared above Wang Teng’s head in an instant and unleashed another punch towards him.

The gray-white flames coalesced into a fist imprint, pressing down.

“Hmph!” Wang Teng snorted. He was thinking too much if he wanted to suppress him. He retracted his ice-blue spear and then threw a punch towards the sky.

Five-element fist!


The fist imprints exploded as they collided with each other.

Wang Teng was pushed back several hundred meters, showing a hint of surprise on his face.

“You managed to push me back!”

“Die!” Landon, seeing that his attack had an effect, became even more violent. He shouted at Wang Teng and punched him with murderous intent.

Why are you shouting so loudly? Do you think transforming is impressive? I can do it too. Let me show you what a true dragon physique is! Wang Teng rolled his eyes angrily and shouted in his heart. True Dragon Battle Physique!

A peculiar force spread throughout his body, and the Emerald Glazed Flame instantly engulfed him, manifesting the power of the battle form.

Green flames filled the sky, completely enveloping Wang Teng, concealing what was happening inside from view.

Landon’s fist imprint fiercely struck the flames but was like a stone sinking into the sea, swallowed without a sound.

Landon’s pupils constricted. He looked at the green fire fearfully.

After a while, the green flames slowly parted, revealing a figure that made Landon’s pupils shrink to the size of pinpricks.

Inside the flames, Wang Teng’s figure slowly emerged. At some point, he had developed a layer of dragon scales composed of green flames.

The lifelike jade-green dragon scales resembled true dragon scales.

They covered his body, but Wang Teng hadn’t undergone a massive transformation like Landon or emitted scorching heat.

Wang Teng appeared to have contained everything within him.

Yet, a subtle, indomitable dragon aura emanated from him.

Landon’s expression shifted slightly as he felt a suppression originating from Wang Teng’s bloodline. His Dragon Blood Battle Physique started to grow restless under the aura emanating from Wang Teng’s unique physique.

What kind of physique is this? Landon was flabbergasted. His eyes continuously flickered with disbelief.

“Come on, let’s have some fun now,” Wang Teng beckoned to Landon, extending his hand and curling his finger.


Landon’s transformed state made him easily irritable. Upon seeing Wang Teng’s gesture, he erupted in anger and roared. His anger overcame his sense of awe, and he continued charging toward Wang Teng.


Wang Teng sneered and vanished from his original position. His speed was astonishing, and as he moved, he created sonic booms in the air.

In the next moment, the two clashed in mid-air, without wielding weapons. Instead, they engaged in a physical brawl, throwing punches at each other.

Boom, boom, boom…

Wang Teng executed his five-element fist with the help of his powerful physical body. The Forces of the five elements exploded and turned into fist imprints that slammed onto Landon’s body.

Bang, bang, bang…

A muffled sound echoed as Landon’s body in mid-air seemed to turn into a punching bag, constantly deforming under Wang Teng’s relentless blows.

Little Qing’er, observing from below, was left in awe, her wide eyes staring in astonishment.

“So… violent!”

She was shocked as this was her first time witnessing such a brutally straightforward mode of attack.

When Wang Teng fought with the other heaven-stage martial warriors, he was like a real formidable warrior. He defeated all his opponents with his unparalleled power of domain.

However, at this moment, he seemed like a different person entirely, displaying overwhelming violence in a way that left his opponent helpless.

For a young girl, such a scene would typically not attract her attention, but as she watched Wang Teng relentlessly pounding his adversary, she inexplicably felt her adrenaline surging. She clenched her fists unconsciously, swinging them a couple of times.

Then, she suddenly realized she had gotten carried away and stuck her tongue out in embarrassment. Glancing around, she was relieved that no one had seen her.

She certainly didn’t want to be labeled as a violent enthusiast.

Meanwhile, Zagu and the other snakemen were drenched in cold sweat as they watched, their foreheads pounding with anxiety. They knew they were lucky they hadn’t provoked these extraterrestrial humans, or else they might not withstand a single punch from them.


In the sky, Landon roared in anger, resembling a wounded beast, continuously howling but ultimately impotent.

He couldn’t withstand Wang Teng’s relentless assault. Every attempt to counterattack was suppressed by Wang Teng’s offensive onslaught, leaving him powerless. Then, more punches would land on him.

Gradually, Landon lost his ability to resist. The fiery patterns on his body, formed from the flames, gradually dissipated, no longer able to sustain his use of the Dragon Blood Battle Physique.


Wang Teng, deeming it enough, delivered a punch to Landon’s face, sending his physique hurtling through the air.

Immediately after, Wang Teng dashed forward and appeared above Landon, delivering a powerful stomp.


Landon’s body contorted, and he spat blood, crashing down towards the ground like an arrow released from a bow.


Almost instantly, his physique hit the ground in Rui Snake City, creating a massive crater that shattered the stone-paved surface, leaving a spider web of cracks surrounding the impact.

A cloud of dust rose into the air.

Wang Teng gradually descended to the ground and approached the deep pit that had formed.

Landon struggled to his feet, coughing up blood continuously. His physique was covered in injuries and he stared at Wang Teng in astonishment. He couldn’t comprehend what he was seeing, particularly the blue serpent scales covering Wang Teng’s body.

“What kind of physique is this? Why are you so strong?”

Landon’s voice came out hoarse, filled with an incredulous sense of bewilderment.

He couldn’t fathom why this guy had always had such inexplicable means at his disposal.

If Wang Teng had been superior in some other aspect, he could have accepted it.

But to lose in the very domain that he took the most pride in, the Dragon Blood Battle Physique, was something he couldn’t accept.

The Dragon Blood Battle Physique was the most powerful physique in the Parkers family. His Dragon Blood Battle Physique had also reached the fourth rank, far surpassing most of the talents in the family.

Even Strachey, who participated in the League Of Talents with him, couldn’t be compared to him.

It could be stated that, at this moment, Wang Teng had completely crushed his proudest accomplishment and even trampled on it without mercy.

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