Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

Chapter 37 - 37: The Final BOSS Enters the Scene
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Chapter 37: Chapter 37: The Final BOSS Enters the Scene

Vincent Wolf was already different from yesterday.

This time, he had a winning treasure!

He took out two Level 1 Physical Strength Potions from his space bracelet.

"I've come prepared; with twenty stamina potions, you think you can defeat me in seconds?"

"That's just impossible, okay!"

Having prepared everything, Vincent activated the Beast-controlling Talent [Simulation], and quickly drank a stamina potion.

After chugging it down, Vincent felt an endless surge of strength within his body, his heart pumped violently, strengthening him to an extreme degree. He wished he could run naked around Los Angeles ten times.

[Selectable Mysterious Realm: Water Mysterious Realm]

[Simulatable Object: Slime]

[Please note that your current physical, energy, and mental strength are still abundant. Do you want to use them to increase the rarity of the clauses obtained?]


"Yes, yes, yes, let's draw it!"

Vincent felt like he was about to explode at this point and desperately needed to vent.

After answering, Vincent felt his body's physical, energy, and mental strength rapidly deplete, scaring him into grabbing the corresponding potions and chugging three bottles.

After he finished drinking, the rate of depletion slowed down, and it only stopped being absorbed by the Beast-controlling talent when his physical strength, energy, and mental strength were almost depleted.

[Randomly Acquired Clause: Weak Presence (Blue)]

[Weak Presence (Blue): Your presence is very weak, making it difficult for creatures to easily notice you.]

[Simulation Begins:]

[Entering the Water Mysterious Realm on the first day, you discover that you have become a Slime. You are already unshaken by this fact.]

[On the second day, you comprehend the low-level skill [Water Flow Armor] and continue to practice it along with [Water Cannon], [Water Vortex].]

[On the fifty-fifth day, you have trained these three skills to a proficient level in over fifty days. Your growth level has reached Awakening Level 8.]

[Unable to practice the skill [Doubling] due to its high level, you decide to give up on it.]

[On the fifty-sixth day, you start to delve deeper into the inner area.]

[While on the journey, you find that any pet beast ignores you, even if you beat them up in front of them, they have no way to detect you.]

[On the fifty-seventh day, your journey becomes increasingly unrestrained. You no longer dodge them and even find joy in running over their heads.]

[On the sixtieth day, you gradually enter the inner circle, and the surrounding pet beast species start to become higher-ranking. You decide to start hunting them.]

[On the sixty-fifth day, you find that the hunting is surprisingly easy. Due to your almost imperceptible presence, the others are killed and devoured before they can notice you.]

[You killed and devoured dozens of pet beasts, raising your Species Level to a high-Level Extraordinary and your growth level to Awakening Level 10.]

[Your Talent Skill [Devour] has reached the proficient level.]

[On the sixty-sixth day, you encounter a Transcendent-level Water Spirit.]

[It doesn't recognize you this time and can't see your presence.]

[Although you are envious of its Species Level, you still let it go as you fought alongside each other before.]

[On the sixty-seventh day, you start looking for resources to raise your growth level to the Transcendent Level.]

[On the seventieth day, you venture deeper into the Mysterious Realm.]

[During your quest for resources, you accidentally enter the territory of the Merpeople.]

[In the Merpeople's territory, you witness the entire scene of a female Mermaid shedding her skin.]

[You then stealthily steal the Mermaid Pearl and the skin that was shed.]

[On the seventy-first day, you devour the Mermaid Pearl, successfully raising your growth level to the Transcendent Level.]

[The Species Level has slightly improved with the additional skill proficiency, battle experience, etc., but it hasn't reached the Low-level Commander Species level.]

[On the same day, you are wanted by the Sharkman Tribe, and a dozen merpeople with Commander-level strength are hunting for you.]

[They don't know your information, but you heard them say that the Mermaid you stole from was their little princess.]

[On the seventy-second day, you start looking for low-level Commander pet beasts to hunt.]

[On the eightieth day, the targets you found in the past week were either too powerful for you or under the strict supervision of their parents, leaving you no chance to start.]

[On the eighty-first day, you begin to reevaluate your approach.]

[From this day on, you start stealing treasures from Commander-level pet beasts and frame nearby pet beasts for your actions.]

[On the eighty-fifth day, the Giant Claw Shrimp is killed by the High-Level Commanders due to your machinations. You feel avenged yet somewhat regretful.]

[On the eighty-seventh day, you place the little princess's Mermaid Shed Skin next to a high-ranking commander level Cracked Tooth Shark and lure the Merpeople's pursuers to discover it.]

[On the ninetieth day, under your malicious orchestration, the entire Water Mysterious Realm falls into chaos.]

[You continuously devour the treasures you have obtained during this time. Your growth level has now reached the High-Level Extraordinary, and your strength has grown significantly.]

[In the chaotic Water Mysterious Realm, pet beasts are fighting everywhere. You take advantage of the situation, devouring several pet beasts with Species Level at the Commander level, and feel a certain change occurring within your body.]

[You are delighted, stirring the Mysterious Realm's chaos further, and keep on hunting.]

[On the ninety-first day, you find that humans are getting involved. You are already bloodthirsty by this time but don't directly attack humans; you only slightly involve them as scapegoats.]

[On the ninety-fourth day, humans also join the chaotic battle.]

[On the hundredth day, as you are still indulging in causing chaos in the Mysterious Realm, an invisible ripple envelops the entire realm, and an authoritative voice appears in your mind.]

[Thy deeds are wrong.]

[An invisible force strangles you to death.]

[You died.]

[Options to keep after the simulation ends:]

[Choice 1: Retain all memories of the simulation, along with all learned knowledge, skills, and combat experience.]

[Choice 2: Keep racial levels.]

[Choice 3: Keep growth levels.]

[Choice 4: Retain Clause for seven days.]

Vincent Wolf lay on the bed with a less weakened body, but still felt empty inside.

"So, the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm is the real boss here. I was instantly killed."

"It really went too far this time; even those with higher Species Level were annihilated by me."

Vincent felt that he didn't die unjustly. After all, the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm governs the entire realm. If all the pet beasts were fighting and dying here, then it would be left with nothing.

"How come even humans are fooled by me?"

"It's understandable for pet beasts to be deceived, but humans being deceived too, that's a bit silly."

Vincent mocked it a few times in his heart and looked at the four options.

"It's tough to choose this time."

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