Beast Taming: I Can Even Breed Gods and Demons

Chapter 35 - 29: Though a Bit Silly, They Are Indeed Top-Notch Geniuses!
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Chapter 35: Chapter 29: Though a Bit Silly, They Are Indeed Top-Notch Geniuses!

Translator: 549690339

“Your gazes make me feel offended,”

Chen Qingqing patted Feicui and comforted it, “Feicui, don’t mind them.

They’re not looking down on you; they’re looking down on me.”

So, you know that too… Li Sheng and the others were speechless as they glanced at Chen Fan.

Chen Fan tilted his head, “Esteemed teachers, would you like to see my Feicui’s skills?”

All the teachers present burst out laughing.

What skills could a low-level slime possibly have?

Spit saliva?

Throw insults?


Chen Fan waved his hand, “Everyone step back, my Feicui is going to go berserk!”

The crowd around them all rolled their eyes.

Only a few people took a step or two back.

Li Sheng waved his hand and said, “Go berserk if you want. We don’t even need to channel energy to defend ourselves. If your slime can hurt us, you win!”

“Fine then.”

Chen Fan raised his right hand…

“Divine Star Judgment!”

“Hoo!” With a wide-open mouth, Feicui used the skill “Gale.”

The group of people right in front were blown away and fell into a mess!

Among them, Li Sheng and several teachers were blown straight into the hole that Chen Fan had punched out!

“What the hell…”

“How did this happen? When did slimes get such powerful skills?”

“Aren’t slimes usually associated with the water attribute? Why does it have a wind attribute skill?”

“Impressive my ass! Although it can blow us away, it’s too slow and weak… I didn’t even feel any pain.”

“Easy for you to say, standing there without any pain in the kidneys. I was the cushion when you fell on top of me, of course you didn’t feel any pain!”

“That brat didn’t even give us a warning. I thought he was just showing off his skills, so I didn’t even resist it!”

A group of teachers scrambled to their feet in confusion.

Fortunately, they were all teachers, with most being at least in the Grade 2 Realm. They were tough, so even if they fell from a three-story building, they wouldn’t have much trouble.

Feicui had only lifted them four meters high, which was nothing to them.

The only annoying thing was that they had underestimated the slime. No one had channeled their energy to resist, and everyone had forgotten about the hole behind them… Who would have known that a slime could create a gale? Everyone thought it would just spit saliva!

Chen Fan grinned, “Do you still think my Feicui is weak now?”

The teachers immediately rolled their eyes again.

It’s still weak…

Despite being able to blow everyone away with its Gale, Feicui’s attack strength was indeed not high. It’d be hard to inflict substantial damage on an enemy.

But this slime was indeed strange.

The crowd noticed Feicui’s extraordinariness, and a hint of surprise appeared in their eyes.

The long-legged woman standing on the Wild Savage Ape’s shoulder let out a soft exclamation and floated down.

A half-transparent pair of wings appeared on her back.

The wings carried her from the sky and landed her diagonally in front of Chen


“A mutated slime?”

That woman looked at the Feicui on top of Chen Fan’s head and revealed a hint of surprise, “Your slime has both water and wind attributes?”

“Yes.” Chen Fan nodded.

The teachers around them suddenly widened their eyes, “A slime with dual attributes?”

“A mutated dual-attribute monster is one in a million!”

“I feel like dying… Why is life so unfair? If this kind of dual-attribute thing had happened to my Wild Savage Ape, I could have crushed those people from the Celestial Academy into meat pies! Why did it happen to a slime?”

“Even Lin Mengfei was drawn to this slime. Indeed, all of us made the wrong judgment…”

The long-legged woman Lin Mengfei smiled and nodded, “You’re very lucky to have contracted a mutated monster in a place like Black Ant Forest.”

“The growth potential of a mutated Guardian Beast cannot be measured by ordinary standards.”

“A slime with water and wind attributes might awaken powerful dual-attribute skills after its racial evolution!”

“This little thing is quite unique.”

As she spoke, Lin Mengfei gently caressed the Feicui on Chen Fan’s head.

Chen Fan blinked, feeling as if this woman was mocking him. I’m not small at all…

Forget it, I won’t argue with you because of your long legs.

From the hole, Li Sheng and others climbed up, looking a bit embarrassed.

Upon hearing Lin Mengfei’s words, those who had climbed up also held their breath.

Dual-attribute Guardian Beasts were simply too rare.

Among the three Academies in this class, there was only one dual-attribute Guardian Beast!

That was Chu Xuan’s “Desert Wind Falcon” from the War God Academy!

“Alright, alright, let’s disperse.”

Li Sheng waved his hand, “Such a big crowd surrounding a War God Academy student’s Guardian Beast will make him anxious.”

The crowd:

Li Sheng was still as shameless as always!

The female teacher from Huanhai Academy sneered, “How did he become your

War God Academy student? Everyone heard him clearly refusing War God

Academy and saying that your Academy’s name is very low!”

The teachers from Celestial Academy nodded in agreement: “Exactly!”

Li Sheng’s expression didn’t change: “What kind of intelligence do you guys have? Didn’t you hear him say that the War God has returned, with thousands of beauties serving? He was just joking with me!”

“It’s you two who told me to scram when I jokingly invited him to the Celestial


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