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538 The End (Part 3)

“Ladies and gentlemen, the plan that we have executed since ancient times, has gotten to its critical point. Let’s not wait any further and get it started!” With a wave of his hand, Jiang Ming changed the position of the stars and led them to the Hongmeng Land.

Jiang Ming used to come over once. It was the Hongmeng Primordial Land, but he only managed to stay in a corner to cultivate. It was now a great piece of land. It was horrifyingly heavy, but traces of Dao were everywhere. The traces left in the past remained unrestore even after a lapse of time.

“Let’s start!” World Dao Lord nodded. He only kept a clone of himself and took out his true body.

Jun Sanqian took out the Supreme Pagoda, which was formed with his true body.

Monarch Dao Lord threw over his Human Path Record while an enormous Daoist Body walked out from the back of Linglong.

As for the power of Chaos Dao Lord and Heavenly Demon Dao Lord, Jiang Ming had already absorbed most of them.

Jiang Ming just put the true bodies of World Dao Lord, Jun Sanqian, Monarch Dao Lord and Linglong Dao Lord into his inner world. Following that, he sat cross-legged, closed his eyes and began refining and absorbing them to accumulate all their powers on him.

Because of the thousands of years of adaptation in addition to the Inner World Dao, it wasn’t difficult for Jiang Ming to absorb their powers.

Meanwhile, Three Thousands Dao Lord and the other Dao Lords watched silently. Although they had lost their true self, their cloned Daoist Body still had the power of the pinnacle stage Chaos Realm and even the stronger realm. This was more than enough for them, and it was the same for Linglong too.

Time flowed as they remained silent. Jiang Ming aura was getting stronger and more horrifying. It was so terrific that even Linglong and the rest couldn’t go near him.

On this day, Jiang Ming abruptly opened his eyes. Without saying a word, the World Projection appeared, shrouded the entire Hongmeng Land and forcibly pulled it into his inner world.

Jun Sanqian and the rest, who had been watching Jiang Ming, were greatly astonished at the scene, and then they got ecstatic. Linglong almost couldn’t help cheering.

The Hongmeng Land disappeared, and they fell into the land of nothingness. However, none of them was concerned about it.

No one knew how long time had passed, a terrifying sound of explosion rang out. Jiang Ming was seen covered with violet qi flowing around him, and the Dao luminance permeated the air. He had also risen to his feet.

“Senior brother, how’re you doing?” Linglong was the first to approach Jiang Ming, and her face filled with worries.

“No worries!” Jiang Ming’s icy-cold look seemed to have been exposed to the blazing sun and rapidly melted. He revealed a smile as he said, “My inner world had undergone another transformation and had become a Hongmeng World. Even my physique and soul had been transformed into the utmost limit stage!”

As Jiang Ming raised his head to look into the void, he said, “The current me is capable of seeing the outline of the great Dao!”

“Gentlemen, please hold on. Let me break the shackles of great Dao and scatter the confinement of great Dao so that we can witness the real face of the great Dao!”

“Hongmeng, 3,000 sources of Daos.”

“A Tianyuan strike of Tianyuan!”

As Jiang Ming said, he lifted his hand and pointed with his finger. This finger contained the extreme prowess of all imaginable powers, penetrated through the sun and moon, time and space, Sea of Chaos, land of nothingness and boundless Daos.

In Jiang Ming’s mind, there was a soft thuck that shook his soul.

Pfft... The shackles of the great Dao cracked and the confinement disappeared. A portal appeared before them.

“It’s the portal of the great Dao!” Jun Sanqian exclaimed. His eyes were blazing but he didn’t move. Instead, he shifted his gaze to Jiang Ming.

“It’s indeed the portal of the great Dao. Gentlemen, let’s check it out!” Jiang Ming hugged his junior sister while the other nine clones went around towards Jiang Ming and paced towards the portal.

Seeing that they were about to reach the portal, Jiang Ming suddenly paused. Following that, he reached out and pulled over a figure from Tianyuan Realm. The figure was Riyue Changfeng, who was born from the remnant wisp of soul of the Riyue Dao Lord.

Although Riyue Dao Lord had a brand new body, he was still a good friend of Jiang Ming. Therefore, Jiang Ming had to take Riyue Changfeng along with him while transcending the great Dao.

Following that, Jiang Ming took a glance at his master and the others in Tianyuan Realm. He smiled and left endless fortunes and protection behind for them before he plunged into the portal of great Dao.

The rest followed. After all of them had entered, the portal of the great Dao collapsed and vanished.


On a beach of the Earth Star.

Jiang Ming was lying on a beach chair while his junior sister was cuddling beside him. The nine clones of Linglong were frolicing in the sea.

“Who would have thought that the real face of the great Dao is this?” Linglong still had an indescribable sense of weirdness.

They had been here for more than a year.

“Who would have thought that!” Jiang Ming chuckled.

This was ‘his’ original world, the Primordial Land of the great Dao, where the ultimate area of the great Dao was.

After Jiang Ming had broken the shackles and the confinement of the great Dao, they got here.

Following that, they discovered that all their powers had been sealed in their bodies, and they had lost all their special abilities. However, all their desires had recovered and their smell and taste buds returned to the ordinary. Everything was the same as the ordinary people.

Of course, they had eternal life and immortal bodies. They were capable of returning to the Sea of Chaos at their wish.

After Jun Sanqian and the others had learned about their situation, they were ecstatic. Following that, they scattered all over the place to enjoy the extraordinary life of the ordinary.

“This is miraculous!” Linglong leaned on Jiang Ming’s shoulder and said with a brightened eyes, “In the past, although we could easily break the Sea of Chaos and peer into the essence of time, all scrumptious dishes in the world were tasteless even if we tried to seal the flavors. Other than cultivating and fighting with your avatars, there wasn’t any other fun.”

“Unlike now! We have scrumptious food to taste! We can enjoy all flavors, including the taste of sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty! We can also feel the sensitive touch when our palm caresses the skin. This is too wonderful! Senior brother, this is the life that I love! Perhaps this is the essence of the great Dao, to return to the ordinary and enjoy the ordinary!” Linglong was ecstatic.

“Perhaps we can have our own kids!” Jiang Ming also smiled.

“Let’s try now!”


The two rose to their feet, wanting to return to the hotel. At this moment, however, they saw Riyue Changfeng paced towards them. Riyue Changfeng’s eyes were filled with confusion.

“Brother Riyue, what happened?”

“Brother Jiang, I seemed to have sensed the other me.”

“The other you?” Jiang Ming suddenly laughed. “Perhaps that’s another miracle.”

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